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best dog beds for great danes

3 Best Dog Beds For Great Danes: Choosing Beds for Giants

We all know that Great Danes are sweet-natured dogs, despite their gargantuan size. Often referred to as “gentle giants,” these extra-large canines often suffer from joint damage, hip dysplasia,

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Best Portable Dog Beds for Travel: Sleeping On the Move!

Most dogs love to accompany their owners on overnight trips (it’s much better than spending the night in a kennel), but you’ll need to keep your dog comfortable during your travels. One of the best

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5 Best Dog Beds For Pit Bulls: Supportive, Comfy, and Chew Proof!

Although they sometimes seem like they’ll never run out of energy, even the rowdiest pit bulls eventually get tired and start looking for a comfortable place to sleep. And as a loving pit parent, you

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best canopy dog bed

Best Canopy Dog Beds For Snoozin’ In Style

When you get down to it, there are two, and only two, reasons you want a canopy bed for your dog. You either want an outdoor dog bed that provides some shelter from the elements, or you are simply interested

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Best Wicker Dog Beds: Wooden, Woven Beds for Your Pooch!

Although most people are probably most familiar with wicker in the context of patio furniture, but a number of other items are also made from woven wooden fibers – including dog beds. In many respects,

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best memory foam dog beds

7 Best Memory Foam Dog Beds: The Comfiest Bed For Your Canine!

Given that most humans spend about 1/3 of their life sleeping, the importance of a good mattress is hard to overstate. It can make all the difference between waking refreshed each morning and watching

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best cave dog beds

5 Best Cave Dog Beds: Beds for Nesting, Cuddling, & Staying Cozy!

What’s The Deal With Cave Dog Beds? Hooded dog beds, also known as cave dog beds or nesting dog beds, feature a covered design that replicates the feeling of being in a cave. The tight, enclosed

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big barker review

Big Barker Dog Bed Review: How Does It Measure Up?

Let’s face it, dog’s sleep – a lot! For many humans, a mattress is one of the biggest purchases of an individual’s lifetime. The argument behind this? You spend half of your life

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best dog beds for puppies

5 Best Dog Beds for Puppies + Puppy Bed Buying Guide

When adopting a new puppy for your family, you’ll need to acquire a good number of accessories for your pup – from food and water dishes to leashes, and of course, a fantastic puppy dog bed! Dog

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chew proof dog bed

The Best Chew Proof Dog Beds: Tough Beds for Rough Dogs!

Even though beds are meant to be for resting, dog beds end up being a common chew toy for our rougher pets. The issue is that some dogs are quite strong, and in many cases the fabric material that dog beds

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