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5 Best Dog Beds For Pit Bulls: Supportive, Comfy, and Chew Proof!

Although they sometimes seem like they’ll never run out of energy, even the rowdiest pit bulls eventually get tired and start looking for a comfortable place to sleep.

And as a loving pit parent, you want to make sure you provide your pup with the best bed you can. This means choosing a bed that exhibits all of the best features and addresses the specific needs of pit bulls. Fortunately, we’ve found five that do a pretty good job on both counts.

What to Look for in Any Dog Bed

Before discussing your pit’s breed-specific needs, it’s important to understand the things you want in a bed for any dog. Some of the most important characteristics to seek out in a dog bed include:

  • Select a bed that matches your dog’s preferred sleeping style. If your dog likes to sleep on her side or back, or she rolls around a lot when she sleeps, you’ll want a large, flat, spacious bed that is either roundish or square. On the other hand, “nesters” will generally prefer slightly smaller oval or round beds with bolsters to help them feel secure.
  • Purchase a bed of the proper size. Always consider the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines when selecting a bed, but because these guidelines are generally based on weight, rather than length or height, they aren’t always correct. Instead, measure your dog while she’s sleeping and buy a bed that has the appropriate length and width to accommodate her entire body (with a few inches to spare).
  • Choose a bed that provides sufficient cushion. The entire point of giving your dog a bed is to provide her with a comfortable place to sleep, so you want to make sure the bed cushions her from the hard floor below. This usually means purchasing beds made from memory foam (or a similar material) that is at least 4 inches thick.
  • Avoid beds with attached covers. No matter how clean you think your dog is, you’ll need to wash her mattress cover regularly to remove the dander, dirt and saliva coating it. You can’t do this unless the cover is removable. Additionally, for the sake of your time and effort, stick to beds with machine-washable covers.


Special Concerns for Pit Bull Beds

While you should keep the traits mentioned above in mind while purchasing a bed for any dog, you must use care to select a bed that is perfect for your pit.

Pit bulls possess a number of unique traits and predispositions, which should factor into your decision-making process.

Some of the most common pit bull health conditions and personality traits that should influence your selection include:

Destructive Chewing

Though they are wonderful dogs, pit bulls often develop destructive chewing habits. And when a pit bull decides to chew on something, that something usually ends up ripped into a million pieces and strewn across your floor.

Many owners opt for supplies and dog toys designed specifically for pit bulls for this very reason – most chewy bullies can make quick work of standard dog toys, chews, and harnesses.

Your dog’s bed is not immune to this kind of treatment, and given the cost of some high-quality dog beds, it is definitely not a desirable outcome.

You’ll need to address the root of your dog’s problematic chewing behavior by increasing the exercise she gets, providing her with good chew toys and consulting with a professional trainer, if need be. However, you’ll also want to make sure that you use a dog bed that is tough enough to survive while you fix your pooch’s chewing problem.

In addition, you may need to opt for a heavy duty dog crate – as pit bulls can make quick work of many standard dog crates when they’re determined to escape!

There are a number of dog beds designed to withstand the worst your dog can dish out. Some feature rip-stop nylon, Kevlar or other super-durable materials, while others replace the chewable bed sides with aluminum or plastic supports.

You’ll also want to make sure you select a bed with heavy-duty zippers or Velcro closures to stand up to your pup’s teeth.

 Joint Problems

According to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), 23.8% of pit bulls suffer from hip dysplasia (26.4% of American Staffordshire terriers suffer from the ailment).

Elbow dysplasia is also quite common, with 15.6%of pit bulls and 16.8% of Am Staffs displaying the condition. Additionally, like most medium to large breeds, pit bulls can suffer from osteoarthritis.

Each of these joint problems will require its own treatment strategy, which your vet will lay out for you. However, a high-quality dog mattress (preferably an “orthopedic” bed) will help provide extra comfort and support for your dog’s aching joints.

This can help reduce some of the pain and inflammation she experiences, which will improve her quality of life.

Alternatively, you can also provide your pup with an elevated, cot-style bed, which will also prevent her from putting pressure on her hips and knees.


 Skin Conditions

Although pit bulls have short, relatively care-free coats, they are unfortunately susceptible to a number of skin conditions.

Atopic dermatitis – an allergic reaction to environmental triggers – is one of the most common. You’ll need your vet’s help to treat the condition, but a large part of the treatment plan will be based around protecting your dog from the allergens that affect her.

For example, if your pooch is allergic to tree pollen, you’ll want to limit her exposure to this. While you won’t be able to completely eliminate her contact with pollen (she’ll collect some pollen on her coat when she goes outside), but you want to make sure her bed doesn’t become covered in the offending substance.

This means you’ll want to wash your dog’s bed cover frequently, so you’ll want to be sure to not only select a bed that has a washable cover, but one that has a cover that can withstand frequent washings. Ideally, you want to purchase a bed that comes with two covers, so you can wash one while the other is in use.

Separation Anxiety

Contrary to their terrible reputations for being aggressive, most pit bulls are bundles love and affection – especially with the members of their pack.

Unlike chows or some other loner breeds, pit bulls want to be with their family whenever possible. This means that you will want to place their bed wherever the family tends to hang out (likely the den, living room or family room).

As a result, you’ll want to be sure to select a dog bed that matches your décor, if such things are important to you.

It also means you’ll want to think carefully about the size of the bed you purchase. You can’t change the amount of space your dog needs to be comfortable, but you may, for example, have a better space for a square bed than a rectangular bed with the same amount of sleeping space.


Hypothyroidism isn’t terribly common in pit bulls, but it is not exactly rare either (they’re ranked as the 24th most susceptible breed of 114 sampled by the OFA).

Hypothyroidism occurs when a dog’s thyroid fails to produce enough hormones to keep your dog’s metabolism humming along at the proper speed. This can cause a number of different symptoms, but the most common is lethargy.

Don’t misunderstand: Even the best possible pet bed won’t treat your dog’s hypothyroidism (your vet can prescribe medicines to treat the hormone deficiency).

But, because dogs suffering from this condition often sleep and lounge about more than most, it makes sense to prioritize your pup’s sleeping accommodations.


Pit bulls often become overweight with age, particularly if they are not provided with sufficient exercise.

You should obviously make every effort keep your dog at a healthy body weight, but note that if your dog does become obese, she’ll be placing extra stress on her joints, which can exacerbate the problems associated with dysplasia or osteoarthritis.

Accordingly, you’ll want to be sure to select a bed that provides plenty of support. Not only will this help accommodate your portly pup and keep her off the floor, it will help better support her already over-taxed joints.


5 Best Dog Best Beds for Pit Bulls

There are a number of dog beds on the market that will work well for pit bulls, but the following five are among the best.

All of these beds are made from very durable materials and most are either elevated or padded with orthopedic foams to help cushion your pit’s joints.

1. K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Dog Bed

About: The K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed is designed specifically to withstand the chewing punishment dogs dish out.

The Original TUFF Bed isn’t just a super-durable mattress; it is also an incredibly comfortable bed that will cradle your dog and let her get a great night’s sleep.

Price: $$$
Our Rating:


  • Small (18” x 24” x 5”)
  • Medium (27” x 33” x 5”)
  • Large (34” x 40” x 5”)
  • X-Large (38” x x54” x 5”)
  • XX-Large (40” x 68” 5”)


  • Channeled polyester design prevents the fill material from clumping
  • 1680 denier Ripstop Ballistic Nylon will stand up to your dog’s claws and teeth
  • Comes with the manufacturer’s 90-day chew-proof guarantee – if your dog chews through the cover in the first 90 days, they’ll replace it for free
  • Available in 10 different colors, including: Black, Blue, Gray Camo, Green, Green Camo, Lattice, Marine Blue Stripe, Red, Sunny Red Stripe and Tan

PROS: The most impressive aspects of the K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed are the chew-proof cover, which will withstand the chewing behavior of most dogs, and the 90-day chew-proof guarantee. The majority of owners who tried the bed were pleased with the way it held up to their dog’s teeth, and most found it to represent a good value for the cost.

CONS: The Original TUFF Bed is filled with polyester, rather than memory foam or a similar material, so it is not ideal for cushioning your dog’s joints. Accordingly, it is a better option for young, healthy dogs than it is for older pups with ailing hips or knees.

2. K9 Ballistics Bolstered TUFF Orthopedic Bed

About: The K9 Ballistics Bolstered Tuff Bed is similar to the Original TUFF Bed, but it features an orthopedic foam center, which provides additional support.

This bed features bolsters around the back and each side, which provide a great place for your pup to rest her head.

Price: $$$$$
Our Rating:


  • Small (18” x 24” x 5”)
  • Medium (27” x 33” x 5”)
  • Large (34” x 40” x 5”)
  • X-Large (38” x x54” x 5”)
  • XX-Large (40” x 68” 5”)


  • 5-inch-thick mattress is comprised of a 1.5-inch memory foam top and a 3.5-inch structural foam base
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s 90-day chew-proof guarantee and a 10-year guarantee against flattening
  • Available in 10 different colors, including: Black, Blue, Gray Camo, Green, Green Camo, Lattice, Marine Blue Stripe, Red, Sunny Red Stripe and Tan
  • Cover is made from super-durable Ripstop Ballistic Nylon

PROS: Most dogs and their owners loved the Orthopedic TUFF Bed. It appears to provide very generous support and cushion to help coddle your pit’s joints, and many dogs love using the bolster as a head or foot rest. While this bed is not as durable as some others, it withstood the abuse dished out by most dogs who tried it.

CONS: Not many owners expressed any displeasure with this bed, although a few noted that their dog was able to rip through the cover with their teeth. Some owners also reported that their dog did not like the nylon cover material, which made it necessary to cover the bed with a blanket.

3. Kuranda Dog Bed

About: If your dog is a super-destructive chewer, the Kuranda Dog Bed may be just what you need.

Based on an elevated design, this bed features an aluminum frame and a vinyl sleeping surface, which are better able to withstand your dog’s teeth than most pillow-style beds are.

Price: $$$$
Our Rating:


  • Small (30” x 20”)
  • Medium (35” x 23”)
  • Large (40” x 25”)
  • Extra Large (44” x 27”)
  • Extra-Extra Large (50” x 36”)


  • Elevated design is joint-friendly and will keep your dog’s hips and knees up off the floor
  • Heavy-duty, 40-ounce solid vinyl sleeping surface is supremely durable
  • Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame will resist your dog’s teeth and can support pets weighing up to 250lbs
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty

PROS: The reviews for the Kuranda Bed were overwhelmingly positive. Most owners found that the bed was not only durable and resistant to their dog’s teeth, but it also provided a comfortable place for their dog to sleep. Additionally, the elevated design provides great airflow under the bed, which can be helpful for keeping your dog cool during the summer.

CONS: Owners offered few complaints about the Kuranda Dog Bed, as most were very pleased with their purchase. However, several owners wished the bed was a bit easier to assemble and disassemble.

4. Spot & Bella Heavy Duty Elevated Pet Bed

About: The Spot & Bella Heavy Duty Pet Bed is designed to be as chew-resistant as possible, while still being very affordable. Based on an elevated, cot-style design, the Spot & Bella Pet Bed is both extremely durable and comfortable for your pet.

Price: $
Our Rating:


  • Small (18.5″ X 25″)
  • Medium (24″ X 37″)
  • Large (30″ X 40″)

All beds are 6-inches-high.


  • Sleeping surface is made from PVC-coated, high-strength, polyester yarn to withstand your dog’s teeth and claws
  • Frame is made from rectangular steel tubing for maximum strength and durability
  • Bed can be hand-washed with soap and warm water
  • Plastic covers prevent the metal feet from scratching your floors

PROS: Most owners loved the Spot & Bella Bed and rated it very highly. If you have a problem chewer and a limited budget, there is simply no better choice than the Spot & Bella Elevated Pet Bed. It offers all of the benefits of an elevated pet bed, but it is only a fraction of the price of most similar models.

CONS: A few owners noted that their dog was able to access some of the fabric tucked into the corners, and a few owners reported that their dog did not find the bed comfortable. However, such complaints were very rare – most owners who tried this bed loved it.

5. The Dog’s Balls Premium Waterproof Dog Bed

About: The Dog’s Balls Bed is a comfy and durable mattress that works great for pit bulls. It is not the most chew-resistant bed available, nor does it provide the best support of any bed on the market. However, it provides a very attractive combination of orthopedic value, durability, and affordability.

Price: $$
Our Rating


  • Medium (31.5” x 23.5”)
  • Large (39.5” x 27.5”)


  • Includes a 360-degree bolster, so your pooch can prop her head up anywhere she likes
  • Available in Black, Brown, Green and Gray and your choice of three different text options
  • Dense foam base provides support for your pooch’s hips, knees and back
  • Cover made from coated Oxford fabric, which is both tough waterproof

PROS: The majority of owners who tried the Dog’s Balls Premium Bed were happy with the bed. Most noted that it appeared to provide their dog with a great sleeping surface, and many noted that their dog loved using the encircling bolster. Several owners of problem chewers reported that the mattress held up to their dog’s teeth.

CONS: Despite the positive reports of most, several owners explained that their dog quickly destroyed the bed, so this is probably not the best choice for owners of extra serious chewers. Additionally, several owners were disappointed in the feel of the cover, noting that it was not terribly comfortable.

Our Recommendation: The Kuranda Dog Bed

The Kuranda Dog Bed provides just about everything you’d want in a good bed for your pit bull, making it our top pick!

It uses an elevated design to provide great comfort and support, as well as protection from the hard floor. It is also one of the most chew-resistant beds of the five detailed above.

However, if you cannot fit the Kuranda into your budget, you may have success with the similar-yet-cheaper Spot & Bella Elevated Pet Bed. Both K9 Ballistics beds are also great alternative options.

General Pet Bed Care Tips

No matter which of the five beds detailed above you choose, you’ll want to take good care of it so that it will last for years to come. Some of the best things you can do include the following:

 Ensure Your Dog Gets Plenty of Exercise

As has been repeated countless times by countless people (including yours truly), a tired dog is a happy and well-behaved dog. Proper exercise can help not only tire your pit out, but it can help reduce your pup’s desire to chew, which will help your bed last longer.

 Ensure Your Dog Has Plenty of Chew Toys

Remember that chewing behavior in and of itself is not a problem – it’s perfectly natural. It only becomes a problem when your dog chews on things she’s not supposed to, like her bed. So, give your dog a pit-bull-proof dog toy or two to help give her a suitable outlet for her gnawing instinct.

Dental chews are another way to make great use of your dog’s chomping instincts – you might as well get those teeth clean!

 Wash the Cover Regularly

Every time your dog lays down on her bed, she ends up covering it in dirt, saliva, hair and dander. These substances will slowly compromise the integrity and cleanliness of the cover, so you’ll want to wash it regularly.

This will not only help your cover last longer (and smell better), but it will help keep your dog healthier too.

 Consider Using a Waterproof Inner Cover

If the foam or filling of your dog’s bed gets wet, you are probably going to have problems with odors. Wet filling or foam may even encourage bacterial growth. Most high-quality mattresses feature covers that are water-resistant to some degree, but it is often wise to use a truly waterproof inner cover for an extra level of protection.


bed-for-pit-bullbed-for-pit-bullHave you found a dog bed that works well for your pit? We’d love to hear all about it. Has it held up to your pup’s claws and teeth? Does it give her a comfortable place to sleep?

Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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