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best dog cooling pads

Best Cooling Dog Beds: Let Your Canine Chill Out

It can be very unsettling to watch your dog panting like crazy on a hot day. Dogs don’t sweat very much, and they wear a fur-coat everywhere they go, so it can be difficult for them to stay comfortable

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best dog bike basket

7 Best Dog Bike Baskets: Safe Bicycle Riding With Dogs

Dog Bike Baskets: Why Get One? A dog bike basket lets you take your canine on the road, no matter what the terrain. Dogs love the wind in their face just as much as you do, so giving your canine their

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Best Dog Booties: Top Footwear For Your Furry Four-Footer!

There’s no doubt that dogs have tough feet – much tougher than your ours, for sure. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t wise (and occasionally necessary) to give your dog’s paws some protection. The

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Best Dog Beds for Summer: Comfy Lounging in the Sun!

Flipping your pillow to the cool side during a hot summer night is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But humans aren’t the only species to appreciate a cool place to lie down – your dog surely loves

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best heated dog beds

7 Best Heated Dog Beds + Shopping Guide: What to Know Before Buying

Does your dog have aching joints? Perhaps your dog loses body heat easily? A heated dog bed may be just what your canine friend needs and deserves! Heated dog beds warm your dog’s body, keeping them

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Best Dog Vests for Hunting: Keeping Fido Safe on the Hunt!

Dogs are fantastic hunting companions. They not only provide a bit of company, they can help you achieve success in the field. Most hunting dogs are tasked with finding or retrieving birds, but some breeds

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best dog crates for car travel

Best Dog Crates & Carriers For Car Travel: Staying Safe & Secure

Dogs love the open road as much as we do! While humans always remember to buckle up before leaving the driveway, dogs don’t really have a say in the matter. Many owners let their dog roam free in

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Best Dog Crates for Truck Beds: Keeping Your Buddy Safe in the Back

Let’s be clear at the outset: It is not safe to allow your dog to ride in the back of a truck. Lots of people do it – I’ve been guilty of this in my younger and dumber years – but that doesn’t

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wooden dog bed

Best Wooden Dog Beds: Solid Sleeping For Your Four-Legger

It is easy to understand the appeal of wood: It is often quite attractive, and it’s a fantastic material for furniture construction. Wood is also quite durable, which helps you get the most value for

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Best Dog Pooper Scooper

Dogs bring us joy. Picking up dog poop does not. But, hey, we gotta do it. In response to this not so fun chore, we humans invented a surprisingly large number of devices to make picking up poop as easy,

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