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Greek Dog Names

If it’s all Greek to you, then your dog most certainly needs a name inspired by a beautiful country with an ancient history! 

The effects of Greek history and innovation are felt across the globe today — from literary allusions to brand names on billboards. Surely some of the ideas on the list will provide inspiration for the perfect name for your pooch!

Read on to see some of our favorite Greek-inspired names for your pup!

Male Greek Dog Names

Here’s a list of Greek names for your handsome male hound!

  • Abacus (table)
  • Aegeus (protection)
  • Akakios (innocent)
  • Andreas (strong)
  • Argyros (silver)
  • Bion (life)
  • Callias (beauty)
  • Cleon (glorious and famous)
  • Cleitus (famous)
  • Cosmas (order)
  • Diocles (glory of God)
  • Dion (short for Dionysus)
  • Euclid (glory)
  • Heron (hero)
  • Karpos (fruit)
  • Kyros (lord)
  • Leon (lion)
  • Markos (Greek version of Mark)
  • Myron (myrrh)
  • Nikon (victory)
  • Philo (friend)
  • Phocas (seal)
  • Solon (wisdom)
  • Theron (hunter)

Female Greek Dog Names

Find the perfect name for your four-legged Greek girl from this list below:

  • Agape (love)
  • Agatha (good)
  • Agnes (pure)
  • Ambrosia (immortal)
  • Aspasia (welcome)
  • Berenice (bringing victory)
  • Charmion (delight)
  • Elpis (hope)
  • Eirene (peace)
  • Euanthe (blooming)
  • Eudoxia (reputable)
  • Eulalia (well-spoken)
  • Eunike (good victory)
  • Eumelia (melody)
  • Euphrasia (good cheer)
  • Kallisto (beautiful)
  • Melitta (bee)
  • Menodora (gift)
  • Myrrine (myrrh)
  • Sappho (sapphire)
  • Thais (beloved)
  • Xanthe (yellow)
  • Xenia (welcoming)

Dog Names from Greek Landmarks and Cities

Greece is home to some of the world’s most iconic architecture and glorious landscapes — give your pup a name as memorable as this magical place!

  • Corfu – A paradisaical island in the Ionian Sea. 
  • Delos – An island in the Mediterranean Sea that is the site of much archaeological interest.
  • Delphi – The site of an ancient oracle that Ancient Greeks thought was the center of the Earth.
  • Dodona – Another oracle in Greece dating back to the Bronze Age.  
  • Kavala – A port city on the northern coast of Greece, as well as a major site of Christian heritage.
  • Larissa – One of the more populated cities in Greece, with traces back to prehistoric times. 
  • Olympia – As the name implies, it’s the home of the original Olympic Games almost three thousand years ago. 
  • Parthenon – One of the world’s most iconic and recognizable structures — it’s instantly recognizable by its columns. 
  • Rhodes – Another Greek island, it was originally home to the Colossus.

Dog Names from Greek Foods

From food trucks to fancy restaurants, Greek cuisine is becoming a staple around the world. Here are some delicious favorites that would also make perfect canine names:

  • Baklava – A tasty Greek dessert consisting of a flaky dough and layers of sweet flavors.
  • Feta – A salty cheese common in Greek cuisine.
  • Gyro – The commonly mispronounced dish (it should be pronounced  /YEE-roh/ or /ZHIHR-oh/ according to Merriam-Webster) commonly highlighting lamb meat.
  • Saganaki – A fried cheese dish, frequently served flaming as an appetizer.
  • Tzatziki – A yogurt-based, multi-functional dish common in Greek foods. Ziki would be a cute nickname!

Dog Names from Greek Literature and Mythology

No doubt, Greek literature and mythology is a part of our everyday life and culture. Pick your pup’s name from this list of some of the most famous characters in history!

  • Achilles – Featured prominently in the Iliad, he’s best known for being the namesake of the Achilles Heel. 
  • Ajax – A Greek tragedy by Sophocles.
  • Antigone – A character in the Oedipus Rex tragedy by Sophocles.
  • Aphrodite – The goddess of love.
  • Apollo – The god of the Sun.
  • Ares – The god of war.
  • Artemis – The goddess of the hunt.
  • Athena – The goddess of wisdom and war.
  • Chronos – The god of time.
  • Demeter – The goddess of the harvest.
  • Dionysus – The god of wine.
  • Hades – The god of the underworld.
  • Helen – The notorious owner of “the face that launched a thousand ships.”
  • Hera – The goddess of marriage.
  • Hermes – The Greek gods’ messenger, and the god of travel.
  • Medea – The titular character in a play by Euripides. 
  • Poseidon – The god of the sea.
  • Zeus – The king of the gods, as well as the sky. 

If you loved these names, be sure to also check out our collection of mythological dog names!

Dog Names from Famous Greeks

Philosophers from Ancient Greece are still a staple in classrooms today. One of these great thinkers might just be the perfect naming inspiration for your smart new pup!

  • Aesop – Best known for his Fables, he is responsible for gifting the world such stories as “The Tortoise and the Hare”.
  • Aristotle – The famed philosopher whose lessons in logic and science are still taught today.
  • Homer – The author of the globally influential Odyssey — the basic structure and heroic character has inspired literary and artistic works across the world.
  • Plato – The teacher of Aristotle and the student of Socrates, he is another philosopher whose teaching reaches classrooms even today. 
  • Socrates – The teacher and mentor of Plato and Aristotle.
  • Sophocles – A famed Greek playwright known for surviving works such as Oedipus Rex and Antigone

Did we cover your favorite Greek God, food, or philosopher? Let us know your favorite Greek-inspired dog names in the comments below!

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