50+ Egyptian Dog Names For Your New Pyramid-Loving Pooch!

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Are you obsessed with Egyptian culture? Did you just get a new pooch? If so, this is a prime opportunity to outfit your new canine with an Egyptian-inspired dog name!

Egyptians are known for their admiration of cats, but don’t forget that the revered Egyptian god Anubis is depicted as a human body with a dog (well, a jackal, anyway…) head. Dogs are a big deal too!

There are tons of great Egyptian dog name ideas to choose from – here are a few of our favorites!

Female Egyptian Dog Names

  • Cleopatra: Famous female ruler in Egypt
  • Tia: Princess during the 18th dynasty
  • Shani: A wonderful woman
  • Nubia: Golden Treasure
  • Nefret: Beautiful and stunning
  • Nanu: Cute girl
  • Midge: A darling girl
  • Ebony: A person who is beautiful inside and out
  • Feme: Love
  • Lapis: Like lapis lazuli, a precious stone
  • Masika: A girl of rain
  • Gamile: Beautiful
  • Kamilah: Perfection
  • Anippe: Daughter of The Nile

Male Egyptian Dog Names

  • Kosey: Lion
  • Tut: King Tut
  • Ra: The Sun
  • Sabra: Patient
  • Skylar: Sky
  • Menna: scribe in the 18th dynasty
  • Hu: A God of nature
  • Akil: Wise, smart, bright
  • Ata: Twin
  • Chike: Power of God
  • Dakarai: Happiness

Egyptian God and Goddess Dog Name Ideas

  • Sobek: A God with the body of a human and the head of a crocodile
  • Amun: One of the most powerful Egyptian gods
  • Ra: God of the sun
  • Bisu: God of goodness
  • Amun: One of the most powerful gods of Egypt
  • Montu: A God that looks like a falcon
  • Seth/Set: God of the storm and violence
  • Osiris: God of resurrection
  • Anubis: (jackal-like dog/God)
  • Toth: God of wisdom, music, writing, and magic
  • Bastet: The goddess of cats and fertility
  • Sekhmet: Goddess of anger and war
  • Neit: Goddess of war and hunting
  • Hathor: Goddess of love, music, dance, and joy
  • Anukis: Goddess of water and protector of the Nile
  • Mut: Mother goddess, creator of everything
  • Maat: Goddess of cosmic harmony
  • Bast: God of fire and heat
  • Horus: God of light

Egyptian Pharaoh Dog Name Ideas

  • Pepi: Pharaoh of the 6th dynasty
  • Kaba: Pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty
  • Narmer: Pharaoh of the 1st dynasty
  • Merikara: Pharaoh of the 9th and 10th dynasties
  • Unas: Pharaoh of the 5th dynasty
  • Thutmose: Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty

Egyptian Location-Based Dog Names

  • Karnak: Temple on the Nile
  • Luxor: Temple on the Nile
  • Memphis: City that served as a capital for Egypt
  • Nile: The iconic river that flows through Egypt

Any awesome Egyptian dog name ideas we missed? Share your top picks for Egyptian dog name ideas in the comments!

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