100+ Hawaiian Dog Names: Island Inspiration For Your Canine!

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The Hawaiian Islands are the definition of paradise—from the scenery to the culture, it’s the perfect place to take in the beauty of the tropics!

The unique Hawaiian language provides a plethora of beautiful and interesting words to dub your dog. Many Hawaiians are named after words in the language that serve as symbolic representation for objects or adjectives—this is also an excellent way to represent your pooch’s personality in his moniker!

Hawaii boasts a rich heritage, including a fascinating religion and culture, deeply rooted in tradition. From the interesting language to the beautiful landscape, people, animals, and culture, Hawaii is a rich land full of inspiring places—the perfect place to draw inspiration for naming your furry friend!

Today we’re detailing some of the latest and greatest Hawaiin-inspired dog names. Let’s dig in!

Hawaiian Male Dog Names

  • Akamu (the red Earth)
  • Aouli (blue sky)
  • Bane (long-awaited child)
  • Etana (strong)
  • Hanale (lord of the manor)
  • Hilo (the first night after the new moon)
  • Kai (ocean or sea)
  • Kaipo (sweetheart)
  • Kale (free man)
  • Kaliko (bud of a leaf)
  • Kanoa (the free one)
  • Kapena (captain)
  • Kapono (righteous and moral)
  • Keanu (a cool breeze over mountains)
  • Keo (Hawaiian version of Joe)
  • Keoki (Hawaiian version of George)
  • Keoni (Hawaiian version of John)
  • Kilo (star watcher or daydreamer)
  • Kimo (Hawaiian version of James)
  • Koa (fighter or warrior)
  • Liko (bud of a plant)
  • Loke (Hawaiian version of Rose)
  • Lui (well-known warrior)
  • Malo (winner, or victorious man)
  • Mano (shark, or lover)
  • Pika (rock, also the Hawaiian version of Peter)
  • Tua (behind)

Hawaiin Girl Dog Names

  • Akela (lucky)
  • Anela (angel)
  • Iune (Hawaiian version of June)
  • Kailani (sea and sky)
  • Kala (princess)
  • Kalia (beloved)
  • Kamea (the one and only)
  • Keala (path)
  • Keola (the life)
  • Kina (China)
  • Lana (floating)
  • Lilo (generous one, title character of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch)
  • Loni (sky)
  • Luana (happy)
  • Malana (light)
  • Mei (Hawaiian version of May)
  • Meka (eyes)
  • Milani (gentle touch)
  • Moana (ocean, also a Disney princess)
  • Momi (Pearl)
  • Nalani (the heavens)
  • Naia (dolphin)
  • Nana (a month in Spring)
  • Noe (mist or rain)
  • Olina (joyous)
  • Ona (sweetness)
  • Waiola (Hawaiian version of Violet)

Hawaain Islands for Dog Names

Why not name your four-footer after one of the islands that make up Hawaii? Here are the main Hawaain islands:

  • Hawaii: Commonly known as the “Big Island.” Hawaii is home to a number of National Parks and wildlife areas, as well as the Kona area.
  • Kahoolawe: The smallest of Hawaii’s islands, with a diameter of just 11 miles across. As a former Naval testing site, visiting the island is heavily restricted.
  • Kauai: Home to many geographical marvels and a host of historical and cultural points of interest. The site of many sugar plantations in the past, farming remains a large source of income on the island, as does tourism.
  • Lanai: The site of past pineapple plantations, now a site for tourism and agriculture. It is famed for several historical events, including the death of Captain Cook in the late 18th century, and the site of James Dole’s plantations.
  • Maui: One of Hawaii’s larger islands, populated by majestic volcanoes and stunning tropical scenes. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the state.
  • Molokai: Located in the center of the Hawaiian archipelago, it is the least touristy of its neighbors. It is home to beautiful Hawaiian landscapes such as Halawa Bay and Kamakou point.
  • Niihau: One of the smallest islands in both size and populations, with less than 200 people. It is home to a small navy base and a wealth of Hawaiian culture.  
  • Oahu: The most populated Hawaiian island, and home to the city of Honolulu. Oahu is also home to Pearl Harbor and its memorials, as well as Diamond Head Volcano and Waikiki Beach.
hawaii turtle

Hawaiin Dog Name Based Off Cities and Sites in Hawaii

Consider naming your pooch after one of these Hawaain cities or landmark sites.

  • Diamond: Diamond Head is an impressive volcano that looms over Honolulu. It is one of the most recognizable scenes of Hawaii’s landscape, and is a designated National Natural Landmark.
  • Koloa: A historical town located on the island of Kauai. It was the site of an early sugar plantation in the early 19th century. An old town still stands today, and is a quaint place to step back into the history of the island.
  • Kona: A large town located on the Big Island. It’s well known for its beautiful beaches, along with its world-famous coffee exports.  
  • Manele: One of Hawaii’s smallest towns with a population of less than 30. It’s the picturesque site of a resort and a white sand beach on Manele Bay.  
  • Pearl: The sobering history of Pearl Harbor is memorialized today near Honolulu and Pearl City. One of America’s darkest moments in history, the 1941 attacks, is not forgotten by the people of Hawaii.  
  • Manoa: A suburb of the major city of Honolulu. It is known for the common appearance of rainbows, as well as the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
  • Waikiki: A neighborhood in Honolulu, known best for the world-famous Waikiki Beach. It’s a collection of hotels, shops, and restaurants within walking distance from the water.

Hawaiian Foods That Could Be Great Hawaiin Dog Names

These Hawaiian food-inspired dog names are perfect for pups that can’t stop thinking about treats!

  • Ahi: A common name for types of delicious Tuna that frequent the waters around Hawaii.
  • Coco / Coconut: The delicious commodity of Hawaii’s farming, with many uses and products!  
  • Macadamia: A delicious type of nut grown and exported from Hawaii. The rich flavor of Macadamia nuts is common in desserts, and adds a crunchy element to any dish!
  • Opah: Another name for Moonfish, commonly exported from the islands.
  • Pineapple: This fruit needs no introduction. This delicious golden goodness is one of Hawaii’s top exports, and a staple of the state’s diet!
  • Poke: A common appetizer in Hawaiian meals, consisting of raw tuna, vegetables, and seasonings. The word “poke” rhymes with “okay”.
  • Poi: A staple food in Hawaiian diet. Poi is made from a vegetable called taro root, which has been cooked and mashed. It can be made to different thicknesses and different flavors, too!

Figures from Hawaiian Religion

Looking for a more spiritual name for your canine? Try one of these names of Hawaiian gods and goddesses.

  • Haikili (god of Thunder)
  • Hina (goddess of the Moon)
  • Kane (major Hawaiian God)
  • Kapo (goddess of fertility)
  • Kapu (ancient Hawaiian laws)
  • Ku (god of War)
  • Laka (legendary hero, closely associated with the Hula)
  • Namaka: (goddess of the Sea)
  • Pele (God of the elements, and credited with forming the Islands)

Hawaiin Flowers, Birds, and Animals as Dog Names

  • Hibiscus: The official state flower of Hawaii. They are easily recognizable across the islands, characterized by their bright colors and large flowering petals.
  • Honu: The Hawaiian word for turtle. The gentle sea turtles are a common sight in the waters around the islands.
  • Io: A hawk native to the island of Hawaii. Its name, which rhymes with “Rio”, is derived from the distinct sound of its call.
  • Kukui: The state tree of Hawaii. The flowers are frequently used in leis, and this tree also produces the candlenut.
  • Milo: A tree frequently found in Hawaii. It produces beautiful flowers that look similar to the Hibiscus.
  • Naupaka: These plants with delicate white flowers are generally found oceanside. These plants are deeply rooted in Hawaiian tradition—in fact, a popular legend features them prominently!
  • Nene: The state bird of Hawaii. It’s only found in the Hawaiian islands, and boasts a majestic goose-like appearance.
  • Pikake: One of the common sources for the creation of leis. These beautiful flowers are typically pearly white and dense petals.
  • Seabean: A vine that produces smooth seeds that are used for decoration. The plants are typically green and the flowers grow in tight bunches.
sea turtle

Dog Names Associated With Hawaiian Culture and History

  • Aloha: Translated to English, it means “love”. This is the word that Hawaiians use for both hello and goodbye.  
  • Hula: The state dance of Hawaii. It dates back to ancient Hawaiian legends, and utilizes many symbolic and intricate moves to represent Hawaiian culture and religion.
  • Kamehameha: The royal family of Hawaii from the late 18th century to the late 19th century.
  • Lei: The traditional necklace or wreath of flowers traditionally worn around the neck. There are many techniques to create a lei, and it is essentially a symbol of Hawaiian culture to the rest of the world.
  • Liliuokalani: The last queen of the Hawaiian Islands before the annexation of the islands to the United States. Despite the eventual overthrow of her reign, she fought in controversial disputes for the Hawaiian kingdom.
  • Luau: The long-standing tradition of food and fun, also known as a Hawaiian party. This typically consists of traditional Hawaiian food, a pig roast, as well as dancing and singing.
  • Mele: Songs or poems of the traditional Hawaiian language.  
  • Ukulele: A Hawaiian musical instrument shaped like a small guitar. The distinct sound of the ukulele is frequently used in the music at a luau or accompanying a hula dance.  

Are there any other Hawaiian dog names or Hawaiian phrases you think would make great dog names? Share your own ideas in the comments!

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