70+ Australian Dog Names For Your Aussie Pup!

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Do you have a dog with roots down under? Then consider Australian-inspired names for your pooch!

From the Outback to the Sydney Opera House, the continent and country have a unique landscape and story that serve as the perfect inspiration for naming your dog.

In fact, Australia has gifted the world with two of the most popular breeds—the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Shepherd. Consider going back to his roots when naming your Aussie!

Fun Australian Dog Name Ideas

From famous Aussies to animals, Australia is home to a host of characters that could be the perfect namesake for your pooch!

  • Aussie: Just like it sounds, this is a term that describes someone from Australia.
  • Bindi: A relatively common Australian name, it’s lately been popularized by Bindi Irwin, daughter of “The Crocodile Hunter” and a television and movie star.
  • Bradbury: Steven Bradbury is a legendary Australian Olympic speed skater who, in the 1,000M final at the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, won the gold medal against all odds after big names like Apolo Ohno crashed.
  • Cate: Cate Blanchett is an Oscar-winning actress hailing from Australia, known for her roles in films like Blue Jasmine, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and Cinderella.
  • Coral: The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world, home to colorful coral and sea life. It is located in the Coral Sea, which surrounds Australia’s northeastern coast.
  • Didgeridoo: The popular woodwind instrument is deeply rooted in the Aboriginal culture of Australia.
  • Dingo: A wild dog exclusive to Australia—though they roam the Outback, some are kept as pets in certain parts of the country.
  • Emu: The national bird of Australia, it is second in size only to the ostrich.
  • Hugh: The multi-talented Hugh Jackman hails from Sydney, and has starred in a variety of genres of film, from X-Men to Les Miserables.
  • Kangaroo: An icon of Australia, the kangaroo is commonly seen throughout most of the country.
  • “Taz” / Tasmanian Devil: A small endangered dog-like animal—it lives exclusively on the island of Tasmania, an island southeast of Australia.
  • Yellowtail: A fish popular across the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps in the United States it’s more popularly the name of a popular brand of wine from Australia.

Food and Delicacy Australian Dog Names

Australian cuisine has many outside influences—these iconic foods might just make the perfect nickname for your canine!

  • Barramundi: A delicious fish popular in Australia.
  • Chiko: An Australian brand known for creating an egg roll-like snack that has become a staple of snack foods in the country.
  • Jaffa: A popular candy in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Lamington: A traditional cake popular across the country of Australia.
  • Pavlova: Despite its Russian name, this Australian original dessert is meringue mixed with fruit.
  • TimTam: An Australian-exclusive cookie, coated in chocolate and sold in individual packaging.
  • Vegemite: One of Australia’s best known foods—it’s a spread used on food like toast, made from yeast.

Australian Dog Name Locations

From Sydney to the Outback, Australia is filled to the brim with beautiful and unique locations that might be the perfect inspiration for your new canine’s name!

  • Adelaide: Located along the southern coast of Australia, this is the capital city of the country.
  • Brindabella: Mountains located to the southwest of Sydney—it is home to several popular ski slopes.
  • Byron: A bay located along the eastern coast of the continent—it’s a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful beaches.
  • Darwin: A city located on the northern coast of the continent, named after Charles Darwin.
  • Fraser: An island off the eastern coast of Australia, rich in Australian history.
  • Hobart: The capital of Tasmania, it is rich in arts and culture and it’s a major tourist destination.
  • Kakadu: A national park in northern Australia, home to a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals.
  • Sydney: The largest and most famous city in Australia, it’s home to the Sydney Opera House, an architectural phenomenon.
  • Toowoomba: A large city inland of the eastern coast of Australia, it’s a center of shopping and Australian culture.
  • Victoria: One of Australia’s states, located along the southeastern coast of the continent. It is home to the major city of Melbourne.
  • Wagga Wagga: Located on the eastern side of the continent—the “Wagga Effect” describes the legions of successful athletes that call the city home.
  • Bendigo: A city in the southeastern region of Australia, it is known for being a center of the Australian Gold Rush.

Australian Slang Dog Names

While Australians speak English, they have quite a few shortened or altered versions of words that might sound unique to the American ear—maybe one will be the perfect title for your pooch!

In fact, Aussies are big fans of nicknames. From “John-o” to “Dog-o,” adding an “o” to any dog name could be considered Australia-izing it!

  • Arvo (afternoon)
  • Barbie (barbeque)
  • Choccy (chocolate)
  • Grommet (young surfer)
  • Joey (baby kangaroo)
  • Mate (friend)
  • Oz (shortened version of Australia)
  • Postie (postman)
  • Sheila (woman)

Aboriginal Australian Dog Names

There are hundreds of Aboriginal Australian names from across the continent—here are just a few of the beautiful words that would make great names for a pet!

  • Alinta (flame)
  • Bambam (different meanings in different languages, from ‘yellow’ to ‘bruise’)
  • Cardinia (dawn)
  • Daku (sand hill)
  • Jarli (barn owl)
  • Kareela (south wind)
  • Lowanna (woman)
  • Lutana (moon)
  • Maroochy (black swan)
  • Tarni (wave, salt water)

Australian Dog Names: Aussie Breed Characteristics

Australian Cattle Dogs and Australian Sheep Dogs are born herders, known for their speed, agility, intelligence, and quick reflexes—you might consider one of these traits while picking out a name!

  • Bolt
  • Bovine
  • Bunny
  • Chaser
  • Chipper
  • Dart
  • Dasher
  • Daytona
  • Drover
  • Dynamo
  • Gunner
  • Hopper
  • Indy
  • Leopard
  • Lightning
  • Nipper
  • Roadrunner
  • Shep
  • Skippy
  • Snapper
  • Speedy
  • Zippy

Australian Dog Breeds

There are three breeds that bear the name of Australia—the Cattle Dog, the Australian Kelpie, and the Australian Shepherd. Although only two of these breeds are true Aussie natives!

While today their herding instincts are usually only used for sport, they make excellent pets for families!

  • Australian Cattle Dog: Known for their signature blue or red coats, decked out with speckles and multiple colors, the Australian Cattle Dog is an athletic and smart breed hailing from the Australian Outback. With the Dingo as a close ancestor, this quintessentially Australian dog was bred for the specific purpose of herding cattle across the middle of the continent.
  • Australian Kelpie: The Australian Kelpie is an Aussie sheep dog. Similar to the Australian Cattle Dog, the Australian Kelpie shares some Dingo DNA, with 3-4% of their genes originating from the Dingo. This is no surprise, as Kelpies look quite Dingo-like! They can come in black, tan, red, and blue coloring.

What About “Aussies” (AKA Australian Shepherds)?

The handsome and colorful Shepherd, despite getting its namesake from the land down under, doesn’t have any connection to Australia!

The Australian Shepherd as know it today was actually developed in the 19th century on ranches in Western United States. While the bred likely has distant relatives from across the globe, there’s no direct connection to Australia, and no one really knows how this breed earned its “Aussie” nomenclature.


Any great Aussie dog names we forgot? Share your favorites in the comments!

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Wrong Margaret the American Aussie is a contender and much better looking.


Wrong Margaret the American Aussie is a contender and much better looking.


You also forgot another Australian breed it goes by several names
Koolie, Australian Koolie, Coolie, German Coolie.
One of Australia’s oldest breeds, it’s classed as a Heritage Breed.

Mike Lawlor

Great site! From Washington State, USA. Recommend names to honor two little Australian Silky Terrier heroes: ‘Driver’ who survived WW1; and, ‘Fizo’ who was honored for saving a child from a dangerous snake.

Meg Marrs

Nice suggestions!

Chris Kudrna

The Australian Terrier is terrific small working dog, sorry Margaret. They are a fearless sentinel, ratter and even herder and will be disappointed to learn neither of you know about this wonderful breed.


You need to correct your info..the Australian Shepherd is an American maufactured dog containing some Australian breeds. The only two Australian working dogs are the Cattle dog and the Australian Kelpie..
I know. Because I grew up there working with these dogs .the Australian Shepherd is not even a contender. Look it up…sincerely Margaret grey from down under.
breeding Australian working Kelpies from true blue Australian original working dog lines

Meg Marrs

Thanks for the correction Margaret – this flew under my editing radar. We made some updates based on your suggestions. Thank you!


What about the Australian Terrier?


What about the Australian Terrier?


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