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irish dog names

Fun Irish Dog Name Ideas

  • Patrick: After St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.
  • Clover: The four leaf clover is thought to bring good luck!
  • Shamrock. A three-leaf clover that serves as Ireland’s national emblem.
  • Guinness: A famous brand of beer composed of a dark stout – one of the best-selling and most well-known alcoholic drinks in Ireland.
  • Shandy: A popular Irish drink that involves mixing beer with a sweet soda.
  • Bailey. After the popular Irish cream liquor.
  • Blarney. A small town known for Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone, a famous landmark in Ireland.
  • Puca. A create of Irish folklore, believed to bring both good and bad luck.
  • Dagda. Another character from Irish folklore, said to have power over life, death, weather, and agriculture. He is said to resemble a large man with a black hood.
  • Gael. Gaelic is a language and culture that comes out of Ireland.

Irish Cities & Locations for Dog Names

  • Burren. A region of County Clare with karst landscape featuring bedrock with a vast cracked pavement of glacial-era limestone, cliffs, caves, and fossils. 
  • Cashel. From the Rock of Cashel, a set of rocky ruins that were once referred to as Fairy Hill by the pagans. This was the seat of the Kings of Munster. It’s said that this was the location where St. Patrick was baptized as the Third King of Munster.
  • Cork. Cork is a large city situated in the South.
  • Donegal. A historic and beautiful city in north Ireland.
  • Dublin. The largest city and the capital of Ireland well-known as a birthplace to many artists and musicians.
  • Ennis. A county town of Clare.
  • Galway. A small Irish town in the west of Ireland. Galway means “Stoney River.”
  • Kerry. County Kerry is a region of Ireland in the west. Kerry takes it’s name from a word meaning “people of Ciar.” These individuals were known to have dark completion, and thought to be the original dark Irish.
  • Kilkenny. A small town in the Southeast region of Ireland.
  • Killarney. An Irish city home to a beautiful national park.
  • Limerick. A charming city in southern region of Ireland with a medieval style design.
  • Moher. The Cliffs of Moher are a popular natural attraction in Ireland.
  • Wexford. A town located in Southeast Ireland.

Female Irish Dog Names

  • Alma (All Good)
  • Aideen
  • Bree (Strong)
  • Bowden (English – Messenger)
  • Dorren (Sullen)
  • Darby (Liberty)
  • Deirdre (Sad One)
  • Eileen
  • Enya (Variation of Ena, Meaning Kernel)
  • Ethne (Fire)
  • Eveleen (Little Eve)
  • Eve (Life)
  • Fiona (White / Fair)
  • Gillian (Feminine form of Julian)
  • Iona (Scottish – Dove)
  • Keelin (Slender / Fair)
  • Keely (Beautiful)
  • Keira (Black-Haired)
  • Kerry (Dark Princess)
  • Maeve (Goddess of Song)
  • Maire (Irish Form of Mary)
  • Maureen (Gaelic Form of Mary)
  • Meara (Happy)
  • Moira (Bitter)
  • Nainsi (Gaelic Form of Nancy, Meaning Gracious)
  • Neala (Champion)
  • Noreen (Form of Nora)
  • Peggy (Pet Form of Margaret, Meaning Pearl)
  • Quinn (Wise)
  • Riona (Queenly)
  • Rosin (Little Rose)
  • Siobhan (Gaelic Version of Joan)
  • Tara
  • Winnie (Whales – Blessed Reconciliation)

Male Irish Dog Names

  • Aghy (Friend of Horses)
  • Aidan (Little Fiery One)
  • Angus (Scottish – Exceptional)
  • Anlon (Champion)
  • Brady (Spirited)​
  • Brendan (Prince)
  • Brody (From Muddy Place)
  • Carbry (Charioteer)
  • Carrick (Rock)
  • Cedric (English – Chief)
  • Clancy (Ruddy Warrior)
  • Conall / Connell (Mighty)
  • Covey (Hound of the Plains)
  • Cowan (Dweller at a Hollow)
  • Cullen (Holly)
  • Declan (Full of Goodness)
  • Dermot (Free Man)
  • Donnelly
  • Eamon (Guardian)
  • Eloy (Red-Haired Youth)
  • Evan (Little Swift One)
  • Fergus (Superior)
  • Finley (Fair-Haired Hero)
  • Finn (Clear / White)
  • Finnegan (White / Fair)
  • Finnian (Little Fair One)
  • Galen (Calm)
  • Gerard (Spear Carrier)
  • Grady
  • Griffin (Wales – Strong in Faith)
  • Ian (Gaelic Form of John)
  • Keiran (Little Black-Haired One)
  • Kelly (Intelligent)
  • Leary (Keeper of Calves)
  • Liam (Strong Willed)
  • Lorcan (Little Wild One)
  • Maguire
  • Mannix (Monk)
  • Nolan (Little Proud One)
  • Norris (Scottish – From the North)
  • Paddy (Pet Name of Patrick)
  • Quinn (Wisdom)
  • Riley (Small Stream)
  • Rogan (Red-Haired)
  • Ronan (Sea)
  • Sean (God is Gracious)
  • Sorley (Viking / Summer Traveler)
  • Tiernan (Little Lord)

Do you have any other ideas for good Irish dog names? Share your ideas in the comments!

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