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130 Incredible Italian Dog Names

Is your canine "La Bella"? Or is he a strapping "Toro?" Today we're offering a great collection of Italian dog names perfect your European pooch!

Fun Italian Dog Names

  • Lupo. Italian for wolf.
  • Pelo. Means "fur" - great for a very hairy or thick-furred dog!
  • Alto. Means "tall" - ideal for a towering dog like a Great Dane.
  • Leona. "Lion" for a thick or especially brave canine.
  • Tino. Means "small." We like this one for an extra petite pooch (or for a big dog if you want to be ironic).
  • Bella. Translates to "beautiful" -  great for a primadona pup whose gorgeous to behold!
  • Toro. Toro means "bull," so it's a good name for a large or boisterous dog. 
  • Matador. A matador is a bull tamer. A "Toro" and a "Matador" would be a fun duo! 
  • Bianca. Bianca means "white," so it's perfect for fair-furred four-footers.
  • Baffi. Means "mustache." This could be a good name for dogs with facial marks or features.
  • Zitto. Zitto means "quiet," so it's ideal for the solemn, silent type of canine.
  • Dolce. Dolce means "sweet," so give this name to an especially sweet and cuddly canine.
  • Bacio. Bacio means "kiss" in Italian - a cute name for a little lover! 
  • Nero. The Italian word for "black," this is a nice name for a dark dog. 
  • Vespa. A popular brand of scooter / moped in Italy! We love this name for a zippy, speedy dog who loves to run.
  • Bruno. Traditionally a name for someone with brown hair.
  • Cesare. A famous Italian name.

Italian Boy Dog Names

  • Colombo
  • Aldo (Rich)
  • Ambrosi (Immortal)
  • Angelo (Angel)
  • Antonio (Beyond Praise)
  • Arturo (Bear)
  • Aria (Melody)
  • Carlo (Manly)
  • Corrado (Bold)
  • Dante (Lasting)
  • Donatello (Gift)
  • Egidio (Squire)
  • Elmo (Worth of Love)
  • Enrico (Rules the Home)
  • Enzo (Same as Enrico)
  • Ernesto (Serious)
  • Ettore (Loyal)
  • Fabio (Bean Grower)
  • Faust (Lucky)
  • Flavio (Blond)
  • Giuliano (Youthful)
  • Giuseppe (He Shall Add)
  • Ignazio (Fiery)
  • Ilario (Cheerful)
  • Leone (Bold Lion)
  • Lorenz (Laurel)
  • Lorenzo (Variant of Lorenz)
  • Lucio (Light)
  • Pasquale (Born of Passover)
  • Pascal (Born of Passover)
  • Piero (Rock)
  • Pippino(He Adds)
  • Primo (First Born)
  • Renzo (Laurel)
  • Ricardo (Firm Ruler)
  • Rinaldo (Wise / Power)
  • Roberto (Wide Fame)
  • Rocco (Battle Cry)
  • Romano (From Rome)
  • Romeo (Pilgrim From Rome)
  • Ruggero (Spear)
  • Tito (Giant)
  • Tommaso (Twin)
  • Ugo (Intelligent)

Italian Girl Dog Names

  • Allegra (Joyful)
  • Alonza (Battle Ready)
  • Amalea (Hard Working)
  • Anita (Grace)
  • Bambi (Child)
  • Baptiste (After John the Baptist)
  • Belinda (Serpentine)
  • Benedetta (Blessed)
  • Cira (Sun)
  • Cadenza (Rhythmic)
  • Carmela (Garden)
  • Catarina (Pure)
  • Clarice (Clear)
  • Constanza (Constant)
  • Dona (Lady)
  • Elda (Warrior)
  • Elena (Light)
  • Fausta (Lucky)
  • Flavia (Blond)
  • Gemma (Jewel)
  • Giulia(Youthful)
  • Grazia (Grace)
  • Lunetta (Little Moon)
  • Mona (Lady)
  • Olympia (From Olympus)
  • Pia (Pious)
  • Pietra (Rock)
  • Pippa (Lover of Horses)
  • Rachele(Lamb)
  • Regina (Queen)
  • Renata (Rebirth)
  • Rosalie (Rose)
  • Rosalia (Rose)
  • Rosa (Rose)
  • Rosetta (Little Rose)
  • Rufina (Red-Haired)
  • Serena (Serene)
  • Trista (Sad)
  • Viviana (Alive)​
  • Volante (Flying)

Dog Names Based Off Locations & Landmarks in Italy

  • Rome. Italy's capital featuring world-renowned ancient ruins such as the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, as well as religious sites like the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica. 
  • Tuscany. A beloved region of Italy known for art, culture, wine, and picturesque landscapes.
  • Venice. The famous city full of enchanting, weaving canals.
  • Amalfi. Italy's Amalfi coast is famous for its breathtaking cliff-side vistas along the country's southwest coast.
  • Florence. Another famous Italian city that was once home to many of the Renaissance's greatest artists. The Duomo cathedral is an especially well-known landmark in Florence. 
  • Genoa. A lovely port city in Italy's northwest Liguria region.
  • Lucca. Lucca is a city that rests on the Serchio river in Italy’s Tuscany region. The city is known for its Renaissance walls that protect the city center and charming cobblestone streets.

Dog Names Based Off Italian Cuisine

  • Gelato. A tasty treat similar to ice cream with tons of tasty flavors!
  • Caramello. The word for caramel - a sweet candy.
  • Nutella. The beloved hazelnut spread.
  • Cannoli. The Italian treat formed by a fried dough tube filled with sweet ricotta cream.
  • Mozzarella. The creamy soft cheese often used in Italian cooking, made from buffalo's milk.
  • Pesto. A favorite Pasta sauce featuring basil, oil, garlic, pine nuts, and cheese.
  • Linguine. A type of thick pasta often used in Italian dishes.
  • Farfalle. A type of pasta (better known as bow-tie pasta).
  • Espresso. A concentrated coffee drink.
  • Ghirardelli. A popular chocolate brand originally from Italy.

Dog Names Inspired By Famous Italians

  • Pavarotti. Famous Italian opera singer - this is a great name for a howler!
  • Mario and Luigi. The famous Mario brothers are known the world over! Whip out the Nintendo and let's get jumping!
  • Valentino. A famous designer, but also means "brave."
  • Gabbana. Of course another famous designer and brand. Gabbana translates to "creative man." While we're at it - consider "Dolce" and "Versace" as well!

Any Italian dog names we missed? Share your favorites in the comments!

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