Border Collie Mixed Breeds: Brave, Charismatic & Charming Collie Combos!

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A workaholic in heart and soul, the Border Collie was specifically bred and used to herd livestock. And she does it with so much zeal!

But be warned – without sheep to herd, she’ll round up and assemble any living creature, including your kids.

The Border Collie is highly intelligent and loyal. There boisterous spirit and lovely coloring makes them quite popular, and as a result, there are many awesome cross-bred pups created by combining the best of the Border Collie with other loveable dog breeds.

Have a look at our list of the top 17 choices of Border Collie mixed breeds!

1. Border Aussie: Border Collie x Australian Shepherd

The union between a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd delivers this stunningly tri-colored Border Aussie. 

2. Border Jack: Border Collie x Jack Russell Terrier

Mixing the Collie with a Jack Russell produces the little fox-lookalike – the Border Jack.

3. Border Collie Pit: Border Collie x Pit Bull

This general on duty is a Border Collie Pit – a hybrid of the Border Collie and Pitbull.

4. Borderdoodle: Border Collie x Poodle

Can we hear an “Awwww….?” This little fur-ball is the result of merging a Border Collie and Poodle, giving us a Borderdoodle.

5. Borador: Border Collie x Labrador

The exquisite Borador is a cross between a Border Collie and Labrador.

6. Border Point: Border Collie x Pointer

“I can hear you whispering over there!” The Border Point is a stunning mix of the Border Collie and Pointer.

7. Border Heeler: Border Collie x Blue Heeler

These adorable bat-ears belong to the Border Heeler – a blend of Border Collie and Blue Heeler.

8. Bodacion: Border Collie x Dalamation

This little irresistible mug belongs to the Bodacion:  a Border Collie and Dalmatian union.

9. Border Pyrenees: Border Collie x Great Pyrenees

Our Border Pyrenees is begging for only one more biscuit. This golden girl is a mix of Great Pyrenees and Border Collie.

10. Bordernese: Border Collie x Bernese Mountain Dog

The hypnotizing stare belongs to the Bordernese – a Collie and Bernese Mountain Dog cross. 

11. Border Beagle: Border Collie x Beagle

This floppy-eared Border Beagle calls the Border Collie “Mom” and the Beagle “Dad”.

12. Border Newfie: Border Collie x Newfoundland

This Border Newfie will cover you in sloppy kisses with every opportunity. He’s the beautiful combo between a Border Collie and Newfoundland.

13. Borderland: Border Collie x Shetland Sheepdog

This long-haired lass is an exquisite and dainty mix of Border Collie and Shetland Sheepdog.

14. Border Schnollie: Border Collie x Schnauzer

“I hear the cookie jar!” says our Border Schnollie, a crossbreed between the Border Collie and Schnauzer (be sure to check out our full guide to Schnauzer mixes for more Schnaz-tastic mixes). 

15. Borgie: Border Collie x Corgi

Borgi down below is a Border Collie and Corgi combination.

16. Great Collie: Border Collie x Great Dane

“Whatchoo mean I have to sleep on the floor?” The Border Collie and Great Dane mix prefers your bed to his own. 

17. Dobie: Border Collie x Doberman

Our whiskery friend over here is called a Dobie, who sports both Border Collie and Doberman genes. 


We hope you’ve had a bucket load of fun reading about all the Border Collie mixed breeds out there. Please let us know which Collie combo is your favorite, and don’t forget to post a photo of your fur-baby down below!

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  1. David Sloan Avatar
    David Sloan

    Border Collie/Blue Healer. Happiest smartest most loving dog I have ever had. Ball crazy. In water chasing sticks. Not a retriever, herds it near and drops it, waiting for it to move again.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      He or she sounds great, David!

  2. Courtney Reid Avatar
    Courtney Reid

    I was told my dog was a border collie and spitz mix but idk how to find which spitz

  3. Destiny Avatar

    You guys have forgotten one breed which is becoming pretty common now . The collie mixed with a golden retriever, some call them Gollies or Golden Collies. I have one .&. he’s awesome

  4. George kane Avatar

    How much in #13 the Shetland sheepdog?

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, George. These guys and gals aren’t for sale — they’re just photos from proud owners.

  5. Judith Branch Avatar
    Judith Branch

    We have a 6 month old rescue BC mix. We were told she is Border Collie Beagle. Our vet agrees that is likely. She has lots of BC traits but definitely has the scent teacking skills of a Beagle. And some of the stubbornness! But she looks nothing like your example of a BC-Beagle cross…(Of course I think our Mia is a beauty!)
    However, your picture of a BC -Pit mix looks EXACTLY like a one yr old Pit mix I walk regularly. The owner who adopted him said she was told he was Pit-Hound mix. But I suspected Border Collie because he is a very sensitive dog, very gentle, not much of a barker, likes to stick close and follow my lead. He is a sweetheart and a complete ringer for the picture on your site!

  6. Charlie Avatar

    The Jindo Collie is my favorite!

  7. Cheryl Feiling Avatar
    Cheryl Feiling

    Hello we are looking for a Border Collie pointer mix or Border Collie sheltie mix female at least 2 years old if anyone knows of mixed breed please let us know and post a picture

  8. Erica Avatar

    I bought what was supposed to be a border collie “bought” he is nothing like one and every one who sees him says he isn’t. I am really unhappy and he is about 3months old. I would like to find him a good home, can you help

  9. Erica Avatar

    I bought what was supposed to be a border collie “bought” he is nothing like one and every one who sees him says he isn’t. I am really unhappy and he is about 3months old. I would like to find him a good home, can you help

    1. Cheryl Feiling Avatar
      Cheryl Feiling

      Erica post a picture to my email. [email protected]


    Where can we find a Collie/Border collie mix to adapt or buy?

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      We have a great guide here on how to find a good dog breeder!

    2. Lillian Robbins Avatar
      Lillian Robbins

      I have a collie who is pregnant and will have collie/border collie mixed pups, if you are still looking. I’m not a breeder, though. I am from Maine.

  11. Lanie Avatar

    I’m lookng for a Border Collie / Bernese Mountain Dog mix. Please tell me if anyone knows where I can find one.

  12. Apryl Agin Avatar
    Apryl Agin

    Loved reading about the many Border Collie mixes but alas none were a match for my sweet girl and I’m dying to know lol. I want to post a photo of her but don’t know how here. So could you tell me how to find out what her other half is?

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Hi Apryl – visual identification of breeds is basically always unreliable, even from vets! Your dog’s looks really don’t offer an accurate assessment of your dog’s genetic background. If you’re really curious about her breeds, I’d say get a dog DNA test! The photos we showed here are shared and reported by owners, so we can’t help you identify your dog, even if visual identification was an accurate method.

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