33 Super Sweet Sheltie Mixes That’ll Make Your Heart Melt

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Sheltie Mixes

Shelties — aka Shetland sheepdogs — are fun-loving four-footers who hail from the craggy Shetland Islands of Scotland. And while purebred shelties make pawfect pets for the right families, sheltie mixes can be just as lovable! 

We’ll share some of our all-time favorite sheltie mixes and give you an idea of what to expect from them below. 

Getting to Know the Shetland Sheepdog 

Planning on welcoming an adorable sheltie mix into your home? Then you’ll first want to familiarize yourself with what Shetland sheepdogs are like by themselves. It’ll give you a much better idea of what you’re signing up for!


sheltie history

Shetland sheepdogs are small, athletic herding dogs that hail from the Shetland islands of Scotland. While today we know them as lovable family companions, in the past they spent most of their time helping Scottish farmers.

Among other things, they were developed to herd livestock, ward off potential threats, and alert their owners to strangers, all while thriving in the harsh, perilous conditions of the islands.


what do shelties look like

Often mistakenly called “toy collies,” Shetland sheepdogs bear a striking resemblance to rough collies, with bi-colored double coats, sturdy, athletic builds, and alert expressions.

The main physical difference is that Shetland sheepdogs are smaller — they stand 13 to 16 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 25 pounds.


shetland sheepdog info

Shetland sheepdogs are playful, energetic dogs that love nothing more than spending time with their families. Bright and eager to please, they’re also incredibly easy to train. They can pick up most tricks easily (even ones that would stump other doggos), and excel at obedience trials. These woofers have even secured a top spot on the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) most trainable dog breeds list!

Shetland sheepdogs are pretty vocal doggos. In fact, they often love the sound of their own voices a bit too much. This does, however, make them excellent watch dogs with proper training.

Exercise Needs 

exercise for shelties

Raised for farm work, Shetland sheepdogs are lively canines who need a lot of exercise to help them expel their boundless energy! They thrive with at least one to two hours of exercise per day, with a good range of engaging activities like fetch, hikes, agility, and scent games.

However, keep in mind that the exact amount of exercise a doggo needs can vary.

Great Sheltie Mixes! 

We’ve rounded up some of the best sheltie mixes around! These dogs are sure to win your heart over with their cuteness, and with over 40 unique mixed breeds featured, you’ll definitely find a pup that fits right in with your family. 

1. Sheltie x Border Collie (Border Sheepdog) 

Border Sheepdog

This mixed breed is a loving, loyal companion with brains that could rival even the great Sherlock Holmes. After all, the pupper is a combo of the two smartest dog breeds in the world: the border collie and the Shetland sheepdog! Aside from being smart dogs — which means they can pick up commands quickly — border sheepdogs are alert, even-tempered, and love to play. 

Border sheepdogs are sure to liven up any family home, though they do need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day.  

2. Sheltie x Cocker Spaniel (Cocker Sheltie)

The cocker sheltie is a charming, adaptable pooch who never stops wagging his tail! And while cocker shelties make wonderful lapdogs, they’re not couch potatoes pups. They’re very active and love to play with their family, whether fetch, agility, or learning new tricks.  

Cocker shelties are famous for their sweet natures, but they are sensitive pups, who’re rarely fans of rowdy children. They also thrive best with lots of reassurance and affection. 

3. Sheltie x Poodle (Sheltiedoodle)

Just look at those adorable eyes — who can resist sheltiedoodles! Aside from being the epitome of cute, these four-footers are smart, affectionate dogs, who love to cuddle and play with their loved ones. Most sheltiedoodles inherit their coat type from their poodle parent, so they tend to shed less than other mixed shelties.

Sheltiedoodles get along well with kids and do well in households where they always have someone around to snuggle up with.

4. Sheltie x Golden Retriever (Golden Sheltie)

This medium-sized woofer has an incredibly playful, joyful personality. And if he inherits more traits from his golden retriever side? He’ll be wagging at everyone he meets! The golden sheltie is also eager to please, even-tempered, and an incredibly gentle dog with children.

Golden shelties make wonderful family companions as long as their needs are met, and they’re sure to brighten your days with their goofy antics and endearing smiles.

5. Sheltie x German Shepherd (Sheltie Shepherd)

No other mixed breed can quite match the loyalty of the sheltie shepherd. These doggos love nothing more than spending time with their families and will go to great measures to protect them from harm. Plus, they love playing and training in equal amounts! 

Sheltie shepherds are incredibly smart and learn quickly as long as training is consistent, firm, and regular. They can be wary around strangers, so they’ll also need lots of positive, early socialization as puppies.

6. Sheltie x Australian Shepherd (Shel-Aussie)

The Shel-Aussie is a work-driven, lively Australian shepherd mix who loves spending quality time with his family. They have boundless energy — so need plenty of exercise to thrive — and sport gorgeous double coats that come in various, striking colors. 

Because of their Australian shepherd parent, Shel-Aussies can sometimes be stubborn. They do best with a firm, experienced owner that can properly rein them in and ensure their needs are met.

7. Sheltie x Bichon Frisé (Shelchon)

The sheltie and bichon frisé cross, aka the shelchon, is a small doggo that’s beloved for his peppy, larger-than-life personality and adorable looks. 

The shelchon usually inherits his coat from his bichon frisé parent. If you’re not familiar with this breed, bichons are widely considered to be “hypoallergenic” dogs since their coats shed minimally and they also don’t produce much dander. This can make the shelchon a great option for people with allergies, though remember that not all mixes inherit this coat type!

8. Sheltie x Dachshund (Shethund)

Shethunds are spunky, lively dogs with huge hearts. They can vary in appearance, though most are small and inherit the dachshund’s long body and short legs. Shethunds also often require less exercise than other sheltie mixes, making them well-suited to apartment-living

Shethunds are playful and generally easy to train. However, thanks to their dachshund parent they can be stubborn and… “forget” commands when there’s something more interesting in sight. Because of this, shethunds need a strong-willed owner who can commit to regular training. 

9. Sheltie x Shih Tzu (Sheltie Tzu)

The sheltie tzu is a mixed breed known for his endearing features, small size, and happy-go-lucky attitude. Naturally playful and affectionate, this doggo also makes an excellent playmate for kids.

Like most shih tzu mixes, sheltie tzus are generally adaptable and eager to please. However, they do struggle with being left alone for long periods and need a family that can be with them for most of the day. 

10. Sheltie x American Eskimo (Eskland)

The sheltie and American Eskimo cross, aka the eskland, is a unique mix that possesses charm and brains in equal measures. They’re loyal and eager to please, and while they can be reserved around strangers, they’re incredibly affectionate with family members. 

Despite his small, compact size, this isn’t a pupper that’s content with being a couch potato; he has a whole lot of energy and needs plenty of exercise every day. You may want to consider having your eskland run with you if you live in a cool enough climate.  

11. Sheltie x Beagle (Beagle Sheltie)

The beagle sheltie is a merry, lively cross that loves hanging out with anyone, whether adults, kids, or other doggos. These pups are also adaptable and happy to live in apartments, as long as they get plenty of attention and exercise throughout the day. 

While intelligent, many beagle shelties (and beagle mixes in general) can be rather willful and march to the beat of their own drum. They need firm yet patient owners who can train them regularly and consistently. 

12. Sheltie x Keeshond (Sheltie-Kee)

Bright, friendly, outgoing — these are just a few of the words the AKC uses to describe the keeshond breed. Combine that with the sheltie’s playfulness and energetic nature, and you get a loveable companion who’s easy to train and always down for a game of fetch! 

Sheltie-kees make great family companions, but do note that these dogs are vocal and often express themselves through yaps and barks. 

13. Sheltie x Cavalier Spaniel (Cava-Shell)

The cava-shell is a cross that has an endless amount of love to give. When this doggo isn’t demanding cuddles (or following you wherever you go), he’s sure to be playing with his favorite toys, racing around the yard, or exploring interesting scents and sights. 

While cava-shells are incredibly doting, they’re sensitive and struggle with being left alone for long periods. They can be prone to separation anxiety, so they do best with families who can be by their side for most of the day.

14. Sheltie x Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Pembroke Sheltie)

The Pembroke sheltie isn’t just an affectionate companion — he makes a great watchdog, with strong protective instincts. When he’s not on the prowl for potential threats to bork at, he spends his time chilling on the couch or playing with his family.

Pembroke shelties are intelligent, though they can sometimes be stubborn thanks to their corgi parent. They thrive with firm owners who can be persistent and patient while using positive reinforcement training.

15. Sheltie x Pomeranian (Poshies)

Poshies are affectionate, energetic pups with a whole lot of attitude. They’re always down for a play session, love to be the center of attention, and generally get along well with other dogs.

Poshies often forget just how small they are, so they should always be supervised around big dogs or rambunctious children (and don’t forget to check out some tiny dog names suitable for these pint-sized pooches). 

16. Sheltie x Miniature Pinscher (Sheltie Pin)

This unique mix combination results in a doggo who is super playful, high-spirited, and fearless. Many sheltie pins also inherit the adorable, high-stepping “hackney” gait of their miniature pinscher parent.  

Sheltie pins are incredibly loyal to their families. However, they’re bursting with energy and need plenty of exercise and canine enrichment activities to thrive. 

17. Sheltie x Pug (Sheltie Pug)

The sheltie pug is a small, compact canine that’s sure to be attached directly to your hip. They’re generally more laidback than other sheltie mixes, and are particularly well-known for their gentleness, eagerness to please, and charming disposition.

Many sheltie pugs are brachycephalic dogs thanks to their pug parent. Make sure you don’t over exercise them, especially in hot weather, and take them for regular vet checkups. 

18. Sheltie x Shiba Inu (Sheltie Inu)

The sheltie Inu is famous for his charming, perky smile! And while the sheltie Inu isn’t the cuddliest dog out there, he’s incredibly loyal to his family. 

Sheltie Inus are highly intelligent. However, they’re often independent-minded and can be difficult to train. They learn best with patience, consistency, and plenty of positive reinforcement (especially in the form of high-value training treats). 

19. Sheltie x Collie (Cosheltie)

This sheltie pup is a sheltie mixed with a collie – one of the world’s most recognized and popular breeds. Most coshelties take on the collie’s proud and dignified nature, as well as the sheltie’s playfulness and high energy level. 

Coshelties do have strong herding instincts. So, they’ll need lots of training and socialization to ensure their natural instincts don’t overwhelm them. 

20. Sheltie x Siberian Husky (Sheltsky)

The sheltsky is a playful, lively canine that’s sure to spend a lot of his time goofing around. And when he’s not getting up to antics? He’ll be exploring the great outdoors (they usually love hiking), demanding belly rubs, or showering his favorite human in love and affection. 

Sheltskys are athletic, energetic dogs that need plenty of exercise to burn off their energy. Many sheltskys are strong-willed, thanks to their Siberian husky parent. So, they benefit from gentle but firm owners who can train them regularly.

21. Sheltie x Blue Heeler (Sheltie Heeler)

The sheltie and blue heeler cross is prized for his unrivaled loyalty, tenacity, and intelligence.

These dogs do, however, have very strong herding instincts and high energy levels. They need at least two hours of exercise per day, and ideally they should be introduced to activities that engage their natural herding instincts in a healthy manner.

22. Sheltie x Papillon (Shelillon)

This small four-footer is the definition of cute! Super affectionate and endearing, Shelillons make excellent lapdogs. However, they also have plenty of energy and will never turn down a game of fetch (some could actually be described as fetch obsessed!). 

Shelillons are focused, eager to please, and can pick up commands quickly, but do note that they need regular training and a consistent schedule. 

23. Sheltie x Pekingese (Sheltinese)

The sheltinese is a small, compact mix who often inherits the iconic “lion mane” from his Pekingese parent. Aside from his regal looks (which will certainly deserve a regal dog name), this doggo is even-tempered, laidback, and affectionate with family members. Many sheltineses form an extra close bond with one individual in particular. 

While these canines love to play, they’re fragile and shouldn’t be left unsupervised around small children.  

24. Sheltie x Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkeltie)

This adorable mix is known for his feistiness, liveliness, and loyalty. And while his attitude is big, he is incredibly gentle with family members and absolutely adores kids. 

Yorkelties are smart and always up for a challenge, whether that’s learning a new trick, engaging in nosework games, or taking part in an agility course. They can sometimes be stubborn, but they respond extremely well to positive reinforcement. 

25. Sheltie x Gordon Setter (Gordon Sheltie)

Gordon Setter

This majestic-looking floof is a sheltie and Gordon setter mix. While every mix is different, you can expect these puppers to be loyal, affectionate, and fearless. Plus, they make excellent watchdogs thanks to their alert nature. 

Gordon shelties do shed a lot and need regular grooming. You can invest in a dematting comb to make the job easier. 

26. Sheltie x Chihuahua (Sheltie-Chi)

This spritely, small mix has a larger-than-life personality and is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. He loves being a lapdog and playmate in equal measures, and while he can be feisty, he forms strong bonds with his family members. 

While sheltie-chis are small dogs, they aren’t the best choice for apartments — they’re often very vocal dogs which will likely annoy your next door neighbors, especially if your apartment has thin walls.

27. Sheltie x Samoyed (Samosheltie)

These canines are incredibly loyal and love spending time with kids, adults, and seniors alike. Many samoshelties also inherit the Samoyed’s famous, endearing smile.

Samoshelties have high energy levels and need plenty of exercise to prevent them from engaging in mischief. So, they aren’t an ideal choice if you’re after a couch potato. 

28. Sheltie x Labrador Retriever (Sheltie-Lab)

Sheltiedors are people pleasers who bond closely with their family members. While they can sometimes be reserved around strangers, they’re generally outgoing, sweet-tempered, and always happy to learn new tricks as long as there are treats involved.

Sheltiedors need plenty of exercise and enjoy mentally-stimulating activities like fetch, agility, and scent work. They love adventures and get along great with kids and other dogs.

29. Sheltie x Basset Hound (Basset Sheltie)

The basset sheltie is a popular mix prized for his charming personality, loyalty, and unique but endearing looks. When he’s not putting his sniffer to good use, you’ll find this basset hound mix lounging around or enjoying a play session with his family. 

Some basset shelties are more active than others, though most are generally laidback and don’t require as much exercise as your typical sheltie.

30. Sheltie x Maltese (Sheltese)

This adorable mix is beloved for his fluffy coat, puppy-eyed stare, and sweet-tempered nature. While he can sometimes be aloof around strangers, you can expect this pup to shower his family members with plenty of affection. 

Shelteses do have pretty high-maintenance coats, so they’ll need an owner who’s happy to brush and groom them regularly. 

31. Sheltie x Jack Russell (Jack-A-Sheltie)

This mix is a bundle of lovable energy, making him perfect for a family seeking an active companion. He’s also clownish, affectionate, and super devoted.

Jack-a-shelties are generally well-behaved and responsive to their owners, though they do tend to get up to mischief when bored. Keep them entertained with a puzzle game or two, and make sure to exercise them regularly. 

32. Sheltie x Brittany (Brittany Sheltie)

How could you not fall for this adorable pup? The Brittany sheltie is an energetic, attentive dog who’s known for his happy-go-lucky attitude. He’s incredibly patient with kids and can often tolerate some roughhousing during play.

Brittany shelties (and most Brittany mixes, if we’re being honest) tend to be sensitive, so they benefit from consistency in their daily schedules. They also struggle with being left alone for more than a few hours at a time. 

33. Boxer x Sheltie (Shelxer)

Cross the boxer and sheltie together, and you get a dog that’s super devoted, gentle, and protective of his family. It’s hard not to fall in love with these mixes, especially since they’re sure to bless you with plenty of hilarious and endearing moments. 

Most shelxers are medium-sized and love to play with their favorite humans. They can be a bit too rambunctious during play though, so they’re not ideal companions for young children despite how sweet they are.


As our list above shows, there are plenty of adorable, lovable sheltie mixes out there! Each is unique in their own way, though sheltie mixes are generally affectionate, lively, and loyal to their families.

Do you own a sheltie mix? What kind of antics have you gotten up to together? Let us know in the comments below!

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