27 Shih Tzu Mixes: Marvelous Cuties!

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Shih tzus are small, playful pups packed with personality! These glamorous doggos were once bred to be the lap companions of royalty and remain treasured cuddle buddies worldwide. Know affectionately as the “lion dog,” owners of shih tzus can’t get enough of the breed’s wild hair and affectionate nature.

Still, there are countless shih tzu mixes out there waiting for homes, ranging from pint-sized terrier crosses to larger surprise picks.

Below, we’ll take a look at several shih tzu mixes and see which might mesh with your family!

1. Shorkie (Shih Tzu x Yorkshire Terrier)


Terrier tenacity meets the shih tzu’s legendary lapdog status in this cute combo canine. Coming in a wide variety of coat types, predicting the look of this pup isn’t easy, but one thing’s for sure: Regular grooming is a must! Clipping this critter’s coat helps cut down on daily maintenance, but you’ll still need to brush longer portions often to avoid tangles.

Activity levels in this mix may also vary significantly, with some pups inheriting the laidback nature of the shih tzu while others get the off-the-walls bursts of energy from the Yorkie. Like any mixed-breed dog, you’ll need to keep your expectations flexible. What’s most important is providing him with a loving, stable home offering lots of daily attention. This love bug will demand it!

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2. Shichi (Shih Tzu x Chihuahua)

This sweet little mix is likely to be one affectionate floof, with both parenting breeds well-known for loving nothing more than curling up next to their favorite humans. He’ll probably need special care working on his social skills with strangers, however, as his Chihuahua side can be standoffish.

With a petite frame and exercise needs easy to meet with a daily walk and indoor play, the Shichi meshes well with apartment dwellers. That said, this pup makes a poor choice for families with small children, as he’s just too fragile.

3. Malshi (Shih Tzu x Maltese)

Also known as the Maltzu, the Malshi combines two sweet, fluffy breeds that thrive with human attention. This isn’t a canine you can leave alone for all hours, as this pooch demands your love and affection on a daily basis. Work from home and need a friend? He’s potentially the pup for you!

Like many other shih mixes, the Malshi must be groomed daily if his coat is long, with particular care paid to his ears, legs, and tail. More often than not, pawrents opt for the convenience of a shorter clip, which cuts down on daily brushing time.

4. Shichon (Shih Tzu x Bichon)

Bichon shih tzu mix

Love a cute, cuddly teddy bear dog? Say no more, and see the Shichon! With curly hair and a charming personality, this darling doggo has the looks of a living, breathing stuffed animal and a sweet side usually down for cuddling.

Your Shichon will need daily grooming if his coat is on the longer side. Give him a quick comb-through to remove any mats, with special care paid around his ears and the top of his head. A sanitary trim is a great idea, too, to prevent any backdoor messes.

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5. Shih Pom (Shih Tzu x Pomeranian)

The parent breeds of this adorable doggo both love one-on-one time on your lap, so this pup is likely to be much the same. He probably won’t mind being the center of attention, either, making him a great match for work-from-home pawrents or retirees. Daily walks and indoor play are musts for exercise, as some potential joint issues in this mix make maintaining a healthy weight essential. If he’s on the sportier side, consider a pupper sport like agility for physical and mental stimulation.

Training this pooch is a tossup, with the Pom well-known for his biddable nature and the shih infamously stubborn. Either way, employ training treats and humor when working on basic obedience training.

6. Jack Tzu (Shih Tzu x Jack Russell)

Terrier meets the shih ‘tude in this precious pupperino, who comes in a variety of colors and coat textures. Either way, you’ll want to work on basic obedience early, focusing on positive reinforcement training methods that keep him on track. Molding these manners ASAP helps your dog develop into his best self.

The Jack Russell terrier is one of the more active small breed dogs, so anticipate this pooch loving daily walks and plenty of play. If the terrier side of him rules, your pup may have an adventurous streak that rivals that of larger breeds. In that event, he can make an excellent (and compact) hiking companion.

7. Cock-a-Tzu (Shih Tzu x Cocker Spaniel)

Holy hair, Batman! This gorgeous mashup mutt is bound to have fur for days thanks to the cocker’s dense coat and shih tzu’s equally impressive mane. Daily grooming is vital in keeping it tangle-free if kept long; otherwise, you may want to consider a short clip for easy upkeep. This is especially helpful if your pooch loves outdoor adventures.

This mix is primed to inherit a friendly side from each parent breed and tolerance to other animals, making them wonderful family pets. As with all doggos, children should be taught to respect this pup’s space and autonomy, however. He’s a companion, not a toy or jungle gym!

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8. Havashu (Shih Tzu x Havanese)

Havashu? More like Hava-a-lotta-hair. By combining two long-haired legends, you’re left with one fluffy four-footer with luscious locks that’ll leave Fabio envious. While handsome, all that hair demands frequent upkeep, from daily brushing to trimming longer wisps. If you’re not ready to play hound hairdresser, this isn’t the mix for you.

Hair aside, this cute critter may be an excellent choice for households with children due to his potential gentle nature and affectionate ways. His Havanese side can also leave him a little clingy, where he’s happiest with his human family. Owners that work outside for long stretches may not be the best fit.

9. Shorgi (Shih Tzu x Corgi)

What a unique-looking pooch! The corgi’s lowrider looks may pass down to this pooch, leaving his spine at risk of injury during rough play. He may also run into back and joint issues if he’s carrying around extra pounds, so you’ll want to watch his weight. Daily walks and a balanced diet help your mutt maintain a healthy woofer waistline. If he has the corgi’s love of play, hitting that step goal shouldn’t be an issue.

Training sessions are hard to predict with this pooch since the corgi is famously eager to please, while the shih tzu often sees commands as suggestions. Patience and praise go a long way when training this canine, particularly if the praise comes with high-value treats like hotdog bits.

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10. Bea Tzu (Shih Tzu x Beagle)

Also known as the Sheagle, the Bea Tzu combines the boundless curiosity of the beagle with the cuddly charm of a shih tzu, so his personality can be a real treat and a great match for families with kiddos. He may also be on the stubborn side, particularly when it comes to basic training, as both parent breeds are notoriously difficult to housetrain. A set routine, praise, and patience can move mountains when tackling the task.

With the beagle being one of the most vocal dog breeds, apartment living may not be the best choice for the Sheagle. While his baying, barking, and “singing” earn rave reviews with you, your neighbors may not be big fans.

11. Shih Tzu x Fox Terrier

A less common find, this cute-as-a-button barker may be more active than the average shih tzu thanks to his terrier roots. A well-stocked toy basket can help burn off some of this energy, but be sure he gets plenty of walks, too, to put his brain and body to work. Keep him leashed, though, as this terrier twist may chase small animals.

A lovey-dovey nature is more than likely with this foxy floof, as both parent breeds are frequent flyers on human laps. His love of attention may fit in great with families with older children eager to toss a ball for him and shower on the lovins.

12. Shih Poo (Shih Tzu x Poodle)

shih tzu poodle mix

Also referred to as the Shihpoo, this mix is among the most popular designer breeds. This barker blends the poodle’s famous fur with the shih tzu’s adorable smoosh-face looks, often creating some of the cutest critters around! Definitely a winning mashup, don’t you think? Just be sure you’re ready to brush your pup regularly and have room in your budget for grooming costs since that coat is no easy keeper!

This mix typically has a pawesome personality, too, especially if he inherits the intelligence and eager-to-please ways of the poodle that work well for first-time dog owners. Stick to positive training methods that build his confidence and mix up sessions to prevent boredom. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with one well-behaved woofer.

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13. Shepherd Tzu (Shih Tzu x German Shepherd)

What a whacky combination! This unexpected pupper combines the athleticism and loyalty of the GSD with the charm and lap-dog qualities of the shih tzu, so ultimately, his personality and looks are a royal tossup. Either way, with proper training, he has the potential to be a great choice for families, as he’s far sturdier than other shih tzu mixes on our list and more inclined to be playful.

If this pooch is even half as active as a shepherd, you can expect daily walks at a minimum to satisfy his exercise needs. Ideally, you can incorporate dog walking games to put his mind to work, too. These amplify your run-of-the-mill strolls and offer valuable enrichment.

14. Pug-Zu (Shih Tzu x Pug)

The Pug-Zu is one of the more popular shih tzu mixes, and is it really any surprise? This canine combines the adorable wrinkles and squishy sweetness of the pug with the longer locks of the shih tzu, creating one uniquely precious pupperoni. Likely to have a docile demeanor, the Pug-Zu also fits in various households, from adults-only homes to families with older children. All he asks is that he gets daily attention, preferably showing off his clownish skills.

Health issues are a concern with this pup, including hip dysplasia, eye disease, and dental woes. As a combination of two brachycephalic dog breeds, you’ll also want to watch this woofer in warm weather since he doesn’t tolerate the heat well.

15. Bully-Tzu (Shih Tzu x Bulldog)

Who doesn’t love the idea of combining the stout stability of a bulldog with the petite size of a shih tzu? Sure, the results may equal a plumper, gassier potato on your lap than you’re used to, but that doesn’t make him any less adorable. He’s likely to be on the calmer side, too, appreciating couch cuddles and naps more than a few other pups on our list.

Health hiccups like hip dysplasia and skin issues can bother this barker, as both parent dogs have a fair share of inherited diseases. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and veterinary checkups are crucial in keeping your Bully-Tzu happy and healthy.

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16. Coton Tzu (Shih Tzu x Coton de Tulear)

An out-of-this-world cloud of hair is likely with the Coton Tzu, as this breed is more likely to resemble a floating cotton ball than a canine. Daily combing can keep knots at bay, though many pawrents choose a short clip over a flowing coat for easier day-to-day maintenance. Just don’t forget about tending to his teeth and nails, as regular toothbrushing and nail clipping are key components of dog grooming and overall health.

Sensitivity can be a concern in this pooch, so be sure you socialize your Coton Tzu early on and build his confidence through basic obedience training. Opt for reward-based methods and never raise your voice or use harsh corrections, as this delicate doggo’s spirit will likely be easily broken.

17. Boshih (Shih Tzu x Boston Terrier)

With the Boston’s famous silly side and the shih tzu’s sociable ways, this unique combo critter can make a fabulous family dog in households with older children. Frequent visitors or changes of scenery aren’t likely to faze him with proper socialization and training, as these help mold this mutt into a confident, well-mannered canine.

Positives aside, health issues can pop up in this pooch, including joint issues and eye disease, making regular vet checkups a must. Like other brachycephalic barkers, special care is needed in warm weather with this woofer, too. Limit outdoor time and be sure indoor areas are air-conditioned to prevent overheating.

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18. Silky Tzu (Shih Tzu x Silky Terrier)

Love a shaggy coat? The Silky Tzu might be your perfect match. His hairy look comes with responsibilities, though, so you’ll need to set aside time every few days to comb away tangles. If your Silky Tzu loves outdoor romps, you may want to do it after every adventure to remove any trapped brambles or other mat-developing debris.

This small fry’s exercise needs aren’t through the roof but expect to walk this woofer daily and provide plenty of play and enrichment to work him out from head to toe. Offer ample training and socialization as well to keep small dog syndrome at bay.

19. Papastzu (Shih Tzu x Papillon)

Quirky ears and charisma are real possibilities with this blended barker whose name sounds more like a sneeze than a moniker. This pup may inherit the papillon’s natural curiosity and need for mental stimulation, so he’s not recommended for pawrents seeking a lazy lapdog. Puzzle toys and one-on-one play are likely to be crucial in keeping him content.

Like other shih tzu mixes, the Papastzu needs regular grooming, from brushing away tangles to trimming his nails. The latter is especially important if you plan on your pupper partaking in sports like agility.

20. Care Tzu (Shih Tzu x Cairn Terrier)

With scruff for days and puppy dog eyes, the Care Tzu is one heartwarming woofer in the looks department, but don’t let that fool you: He can be a real handful. Despite his name and adorableness, his terrier side has ratting roots that can spell disaster. Keep him leashed outside fenced areas, and never leave him alone with small pets.

This pup needs daily physical and mental exercise. A long walk in a new place with lots of interesting scents is ideal, along with enrichment activities that let his instincts run free, such as digging in the sand or sniffing out treats in a snuffle mat.

21. Shih Tzusky (Shih Tzu x Siberian Husky)

The Shih Tzusky may inherit the wolfish good looks of a husky, but you may also get the dense double coats of the breed, leading to fur galore around your home. Keep a good brush around for regular grooming to cut down on shedding.

With the husky’s working roots, your Shih Tzusky isn’t likely to be a couch potato, so expect daily walks and play sessions to keep him busy. This ample energy may suit households with older children, especially those willing to pitch in on playing and walks.

22. Pitshih (Shih Tzu x American Pit Bull Terrier)

A rare combo canine, the Pitshih might just be the most muscular mutt on our list. All that power doesn’t always mean he’ll be the most active, but it’s safe to assume you’ll be exercising this floof daily through walks and play to help him maintain a healthy weight, especially if he inherits the house hippo ways of some pit bulls who love raiding the treat bin. Be sure you focus on socialization and training early, too, so this cutie grows into the best doggo possible.

Health problems sometimes seen in this hybrid breed include allergies, joint issues, and eye disease. A balanced diet with joint-pleasing compounds like glucosamine, omega-3s, and a focused ingredient list can help your mixed man-dog feel his best.

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23. Weshi (Shih Tzu x West Highland White Terrier)

The Weshi is poised to be playful and peppy thanks to his parent breeds. This delightful disposition is a good match for most households, but families with small kiddos may want to consider another mix on our list, as terriers are often less patient than other pups. Have older children who know how to treat dogs with patience and respect? This mutt might be your perfect choice!

The wiry coats potentially seen in this pupper may be left long or clipped, with the best option for your dog depending on his coat texture and your comfort level with regular upkeep. Regular nail trims are musts, too, with the Weshi’s rough-and-tumble ways risking a broken nail if left too long.

24. Shih Tzu x Labrador Retriever

Combining one of America’s most popular breeds with the shih tzu sure is a surprise! Like many mixed breed dogs, predicting his ultimate look is a challenge, particularly with how different his pawrents look. With that in mind, he’s most likely going to be larger than most pups on this list, and he may be a heavier shedder, so keep that in mind before bringing this mix home.

Since both parent breeds are love bugs, this pooch may not tolerate long periods alone and can be prone to separation anxiety. He’s best paired with a family ready to give him the attention and exercise he needs, which may include daily rounds of fetch and plenty of walks.

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25. Shih-Mo (Shih Tzu x American Eskimo)

Also styled as the Shih Mo, this fluffball Fido has one heck of a ‘do. All that fuzz must be brushed regularly, especially during shedding periods where he’ll transform your home into a hairnado in no time. Clipping his coat isn’t ideal if he inherits the double coat of the Eskie, but a sanitary trim isn’t a bad idea to make bathroom breaks mess-free.

This pup’s parent breeds are polar opposites in many ways, so everything from this floof’s activity levels to trainability is a guess at best. For that reason, he’s best matched with experienced pawrents prepared to handle whatever comes their way.

26. Ratshi (Shih Tzu x Rat Terrier)

Likely packing as much (if not more!) personality than larger breeds, the Ratshi is quite the companion. Both his parent breeds are known to be affectionate, but his terrier side can be more than a handful with scrappiness and a hunger for adventure. Daily exercise is a must, though it should be in a fully fenced area since he can have a higher prey drive than other mixes on our list, giving chase to everything from squirrels to neighborhood cats.

Both parent breeds tend to be long-lived and healthy, but you’ll want to watch for a few health concerns in this canine, including patellar luxation and heart issues. Keeping these concerns at bay starts with maintaining a healthy mutt weight, which means minding how many treats this pooch charms out of you!

27. Shih Apso (Shih Tzu x Lhasa Apso)

This designer dog breed is a match made in heaven with apartment living, as his relatively low exercise needs and quiet, independent ways are perfect for close quarters. Just walk him daily and offer some indoor play to burn off calories, and this cutie will be content.

Grooming the Shih Apso can be a challenge, with the pairing of wavy coats sometimes leading to hair-raising tangles. Clipping this canine’s coat short is a must if you can’t commit to daily combing. With a shorter ‘do, you can reduce your brushing schedule to tending to longer areas every few days.

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That concludes our collection of fabulous shih tzu mix breeds! Which shih tzu mix was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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