How to Identify A Service Dog: Service, Support, or Therapy?

Dog Data By Meg Marrs 1 min read July 12, 2023

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how to identify therapy dog

From seeing eye dogs to anxiety therapy dogs, there are numerous ways in which canines help humans navigate and cope with the world.

While some service dogs must be invited into community spaces and stores by law, other may be barred. However, with so many different types of aid dogs, it’s hard to know the rules.

Orvis has created this awesome (and handy) infographic explaining different types of service dogs and how they function. Enjoy!

is that a service dog

As you can see, not all service dogs wear vests consistently (therapy dogs in particular), so it’s good to understand and recognize the work various may be involved in, badges or not!

Want to learn more about dogs helping people?

Check out our new article detailing 33 facts about therapy dogs and animal-assisted therapy in general. 

We appreciate the help of service dogs of all shapes, sizes, and roles. Have you ever thought about training your dog to be a therapy dog or training service dogs yourself?

It could be a very rewarding experience. A good first step is to teach your dog how to be a canine good citizen, and then move on from there.

What’s your experience with service dogs? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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