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Ollie Nom Nom Comparison

Providing your pooch with fresh food that’s custom-blended for your canine is one of the best ways to keep your pet happy and healthy. However, every fresh food is different, so it’s important to find the right one for your dog’s individual needs. 

Ollie, Nom Nom, and Farmer’s Dog are three of the leading companies in the fresh, human-grade dog food category. Below, we’ll try to break down the offerings of all three brands and compare them so that you can pick the best one for your pooch. 

Ollie vs Farmer’s Dog vs Nom Nom: Key Takeaways

  • Most dogs would love any of these three fresh food brands. There’s a reason Ollie, The Farmer’s Dog, and Nom Nom are all popular among pooches and pet parents: They deliver custom-crafted premium foods to your doorstep. That said, we’d give Nom Nom the nod if you’re trying to pick the best one.
  • There are, however, a few key differences between the three brands. The biggest differences between Ollie, The Farmer’s Dog, and Nom Nom relate to price point, level of customization available, and recipe options. 
  • Despite slight differences in pricing, all three of these fresh foods are expensive. There’s no sugar coating it, these are premium foods that come at a premium price. But that’s to be expected of foods that are prepared from fresh ingredients and formulated to suit your pup’s needs. 
farmers dog vs ollie vs nom nom

Head to Head: Ollie vs Farmer’s Dog vs Nom Nom

Ollie Fresh Food
Farmer's Dog Dog Food
The Farmer’s Dog
Nom Nom Dog Food
Nom Nom

Each of these premium foods make a nutritious and delicious choice for most four-footers. We explore them all in-depth further down in the article. But for now, let’s look at some of the most important differences between each brand in the table below. 

CharacteristicOllie Farmer’s DogNom Nom
Made in USDA kitchens?Yes — Ollie’s recipes are made in USDA kitchens. Yes — the Farmer’s Dog recipes are made in USDA kitchens. No — while Nom Nom’s ingredients are certified USDA Grade A, their recipes are not made in USDA kitchens. 
Who creates or approves the recipes?Ollie recipes are designed by veterinariansFarmer’s dog recipes are approved by board-certified veterinary nutritionistsNom Nom’s recipes are designed by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist.
Where are the ingredients obtained?Ollie’s proteins are sourced in the USA, but they source other ingredients globally. Though Farmer’s Dog is made in the US, not all of their ingredients are sourced from the United States. All Nom Nom ingredients are sourced in the United States. 
Do they offer lot tracing numbers? (See description below.)No No No
Customized for your dog?Yes — Ollie takes your dog’s age, weight, neuter/spay status, breed, activity level and food allergies into account when formulating your pet’s food. Yes — The Farmer’s Dog takes your dog’s age, weight, ideal weight, neuter/spay status, breed, activity level, and food allergies into account when formulating your pet’s food.Yes — Nom Nom takes your dog’s asks for your dog’s weight, spay/neuter status, breed, activity level, and food allergies into account when formulating your pet’s food.
Discount available?Yes – get 50% off your first orderYes, you can get 50% off your first orderYes, you can get 50% off a trial order
How easy is it to portion/serve?Very easy. Ollie gives you a reusable leftover container, scooper and has well-designed, convenient-to-use packages. Moderately easy. The Farmer’s Dog meals are packaged in squeezable, pre-portioned bags which makes them fairly simple to serve. Can be tricky. Nom Nom foods are packaged in pre-portioned bags, but they’re somewhat easy to spill, making meal-time a little tougher.  
How easy is it to store?Ollie is the easiest fresh food to store with an included leftover container. The Farmer’s Dog foods can be stored in the fridge, but you’ll need to use your own containers.   Nom Nom foods can be stored in the fridge, but you’ll need to use your own containers. 
Subscription required?Yes. You have to enroll in a subscription program to buy Ollie foods.Yes. You have to enroll in a subscription program to buy The Farmer’s Dog foods.No! You can purchase single meals from the sampler variety pack on the website, though keep in mind that these aren’t personalized for your furry friend. 
Nutritional bonuses? Ollie recipes are packed with whole meat, plenty of veggies, and natural antioxidants like blueberries. The Farmer’s Dog prioritizes simple recipes with plenty of protein and vitamins to sustain your furry friend. Nom Nom utilizes minimally processed ingredients and gives you the option to buy a probiotic add-on to include with your shipment of food.
Lot Tracing

“Lot tracing” refers to the practice of sharing an ID number for a given batch of food with owners. This allows you to trace the origin of every ingredient in your pet’s food.

None of the three brands above provide lot tracing capabilities, but owners interested in this feature may want to check out Open Farms Dog Food, as a lot tracing number is included with each bag of kibble.

An Overview: The Basics of Ollie, Farmer’s Dog, and Nom Nom

We’ve personally tested Nom Nom, The Farmer’s Dog, and Ollie with our own pups, so be sure to check out our in-depth reviews of each. 

However, we’ll explain the basics of each below, to help you get a better idea of which dog food is the best pick for you and your pup. Here’s what you can expect from each fresh food service: 

Nom Nom 

Best All-Around Fresh Dog Food
Nom Nom
One of the few dog foods made with only US-sourced ingredients, Nom Nom is tasty, nutritious, and safe for your pooch.
Special Discount: New customers can get 50% off!
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Nom Nom’s fresh dog food recipes are crafted by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist with ingredients sourced from and cooked in the USA — something few other dog food brands can boast.

The pre-portioned foods are gently cooked and formulated for your pet, taking into account your dog’s breed, age, and activity level. Each recipe is packed with whole protein along with vegetables and vitamins your furry friend needs to thrive. We also love that Nom Nom foods are sustainably sourced and delivered in fully recyclable packaging.

Recipe Options:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Turkey
nom nom pack

Ingredients (Based on Chicken Recipe):

Ingredients List

Diced chicken, sweet potatoes, squash, spinach, sunflower oil...,

canola oil, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, fish oil, natural flavor, vinegar, citric acid, taurine, choline bitartrate, zinc gluconate, ferrous sulfate, vitamin E supplement, copper gluconate, niacin (vitamin B3), manganese gluconate, vitamin A supplement, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), selenium yeast, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B12 supplement, cholecalciferol (source of vitamin D3), potassium iodide 

Delivery and Subscription Information:

The cost of standard shipping is included with your order. Like Ollie and Farmer’s Dog, Nom Nom foods are shipped frozen with dry ice directly to your doorstep and should be thawed before serving. You can select your shipping frequency based on your dog’s needs. Nom Nom defaults to a biweekly delivery and billing cycle. 

Price (Based on a Spayed 10-Pound Shih-Tzu Mix): 

Nom Nom recipes would cost about $23.47 a week or $3.35 a day for Spicy.


  • Nom Nom is likely the best overall fresh dog food option available.
  • The are all made from U.S.-sourced ingredients, in U.S. kitchens.
  • Easy to try and no subscription is required to order.
  • You can add an optional probiotic supplement to your pup’s food.


  • Like most other fresh foods, Nom Nom is pricey.
  • Foods are made in U.S. kitchens, but they’re not USDA certified.

The Farmer’s Dog

Best-Tasting Fresh Dog Food
The Farmer’s Dog
The Farmer's Dog crafts simple recipes in USDA-certified kitchens while using premium ingredients to create lip-smackin' meals.
Special Discount: With K9 of Mine, you can get 50% off your first order!
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The Farmer’s Dog is a popular human-grade dog food brand that delivers fresh-frozen meals within days of their creation. These recipes feature minimally processed foods, which are approved by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and crafted in USDA kitchens. These recipes are customized based on your furry friend’s needs and shipped with environmentally friendly packaging, including a recyclable box and biodegradable insulation materials. 

Many owners have noted positive differences in their dog’s overall health and coat condition after switching to this fresh food option. 

Recipe Options:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Pork
farmers dog turkey

Ingredients (Based on Chicken Recipe):

Ingredients List

USDA Chicken, Brussels Sprout, USDA Chicken Liver, Bok Choy, Broccoli...,

Fish Oil, TFD Nutrient Pack [tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, vitamin B12 supplement, taurine, zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, vitamin E supplement, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid. 

Delivery and Subscription Information:

The food is automatically set to bill and ship every eight weeks, though you can make adjustments according to personal preferences. You can also rush, delay or edit the amount of food shipped via their website. The Farmer’s Dog ships their food frozen, and it should be served thawed, though it can be kept in the freezer when not in use. The cost of standard shipping is included in your order. 

Price (Based on a Spayed 10-Pound Shih-Tzu Mix): 

The Farmer’s Dog recipes would cost about $28.54 a week or $4.08 a day for Spicy.


  • These are very simple and nutritious recipes that appeal to many owners.
  • The Farmer’s Dog uses environmentally friendly product packaging.
  • These foods are made mere days before being shipped for maximum freshness.
  • Appears to be the tastiest fresh food option for dogs.


  • This is the most expensive of the three fresh food options discussed here.
  • A subscription is required to place your order.


Most Affordable Fresh Dog Food
Ollie Human-Grade Dog Food
Ollie meals are made with ingredients that are similar in quality to most other fresh food brands, yet they're often more affordable.
Special Discount: We've cut a deal with Ollie -- new customers can get 50% off!
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Ollie provides pre-portioned fresh food using plenty of whole animal proteins and minimally processed ingredients. This includes things like fresh chicken, whole grains, tasty fruits, and vitamin-packed vegetables, while leaving out things like corn, soy, or wheat. 

These meals are delivered fresh-frozen to your doorstep along with a handy “leftovers” container so that you can keep your mutt’s meals safely stored in the fridge. The company itself is pretty awesome, too, as Ollie donates 1% of the brand’s proceeds to rescue organizations and shelters.

Recipe Options:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lamb
Ollie 2

Ingredients (Based on Chicken Recipe):

Ingredients List

Chicken, carrots, peas, rice, chicken liver...,

potatoes, spinach, dicalcium phosphate, whole dried eggs, fish oil, blueberries, chia seeds, calcium carbonate, iodized salt, cod liver oil, zinc gluconate, rosemary, copper gluconate, choline bitartrate, vitamin E supplement, manganese gluconate, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2). 

Delivery and Subscription Information:

Ollie usually delivers a two-week supply of food at a time, frozen in rectangular containers that can be stored (and stacked) in your freezer. The packets should be thawed before serving.

You can order your food for your pooch up to six weeks in advance and delivery times are fairly flexible, based on your preferred set schedule. Ollie defaults to ship and bill on a biweekly basis. 

Price (Based on a Spayed, 10-Pound Shih-Tzu Mix): 

Ollie’s recipes would cost about $23.00 a week or $3.29 a day for my pint-sized pooch, Spicy.


  • Ollie is likely the most affordable fresh dog food brand on the market.
  • These foods are easy to portion and store, thanks to their rectangular package shape.
  • A cute little “leftover” container included to make it easy to store uneaten portions.
  • Ollie donates 1% of their proceeds to dog-related charities.


  • A subscription is required to place your order.
  • These recipes are not quite as customized as some others.

Fresh Food Basics: What Are the Benefits of Fresh Foods?

benefits of fresh dog foods

Fresh foods can be a great choice for many furry friends, but they’re not the only balanced good dog food options you can choose — there are plenty of high-quality kibbles and canned options that are tasty, nutritious, and more affordable than fresh options. 

That being said, fresh dog foods are certainly great for most four-footers. We’ll share a few reasons why below:

Fresh Foods Are Tasty and Made from Fresh, Premium Ingredients 

For starters, fresh foods use — wait for it — fresh ingredients, and the leading fresh food brands (such as all three discussed here) use higher quality ingredients than many kibble manufacturers do.

This not only makes many owners feel better about their companion’s chow, it gets tails wagging and lips smacking, as these foods undoubtedly taste better than mass-produced alternatives.  

Fresh Dog Foods Are Convenient


It’s hard to beat online dog food ordering and doorstop delivery when you’re talking about convenience!

All three of these fresh foods will arrive frozen to prevent spoiling, and you’ll simply need to thaw them before feeding (you can also heat them gently in the microwave after thawing, for maximum pooch appeal). Additionally, these foods can all be stored in the freezer, thereby eliminating the need to have a giant bag of kibble on your kitchen floor.

Fresh Foods Are Customized for Your Canine

The vast majority of fresh foods are custom-crafted for your specific dog. So, whether you’re trying to feed your Great Dane or give your Maltese something to munch on, fresh foods are a great choice.

To arrive at your canine’s custom chow, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire when making your order. This will typically include questions about your dog’s age, breed, energy level, and body weight, and many brands (such as all three mentioned above) even include questions about health ailments and any food allergies your dog has.

Most pet parents find this far more appealing than feeding their four-footer a standard-issue kibble or canned food, which is designed to be broadly suitable for all dogs.

Most Fresh Foods Are US-Made

Most popular fresh dog food brands (and all three we’re discussing here) are cooked in U.S. kitchens. This means that they’re typically safer than some kibbles and canned foods, which are made overseas.

Additionally, at least one fresh food brand — Nom Nom — sources all of their ingredients from inside the U.S., thereby providing an additional level of safety and pet-parent peace of mind.

Other Fresh Food Brands to Consider

Puppy dog eating

While these are some of the most popular fresh food options for dogs, there are also a number of other brands worth considering.

Just check out the following brands if none of the three discussed above fit the bill:

  • JustFoodForDogs crafts foods that are broadly comparable to the three discussed here, and the brand offers the option to try their personalized foods on a one-off basis, unlike many others, which require a subscription.
  • If funds are really tight, you may want to consider using a fresh dog food topper — like the ones available from Pet Plate — for your pet’s standard kibble. This will make your pup’s food taste better, while still allowing you to stick to a reasonable budget.
  • Not all dogs love fresh food (though most do). In these cases, you may want to try something like Spot & Tango, who offers freeze-dried fresh options, for dogs and owners who prefer dried-out dog food.  


It’s clear that Ollie, Farmer’s Dog, or Nom Nom would all make amazing food options for the right pooch. Hopefully, this side by side review makes it easy to see what makes the most sense for your special furry friend. 

Have you tried any of these fresh food services for your dog? What’s his review? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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Kate Brunotts

Kate is a dog-loving content specialist with over a decade of canine-care experience. She is currently a professional dog walker and pet sitter, with previous experience working at the Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital in Manhattan. When not spending time with four-footers, she can usually be found crafting top-notch dog-care articles that pet parents can trust. Kate loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, but Bernese Mountain Dogs hold a special place in her heart.

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  1. Diane Ellis Avatar
    Diane Ellis

    We have used Pet Plate and Farmer’s Dog. My dog didn’t seem to be crazy about Pet Plate although she would eventually eat it. She seemed to really enjoy the Farmer’s Dog but the packaging was just a mess. I really wish they would reengineer the packaging and they would have a winner. For the price, customers should have simpler and neater packaging options.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      That’s great feedback, Diane. We wish you’d found a perfect fit, but we appreciate you sharing your experiences.

  2. Bonnie Jacobs Avatar
    Bonnie Jacobs

    We did try the Farmer’s dog and I am happy to report that my boy loved it. He was a bit chunky before we started and he lost some weight while enjoying each meal (they actually ask what your goal is for your pet). The food did smell good, and you could pick your protein so if your friend is allergic to or doesn’t enjoy a certain protein, you could weed it out.

    They also developed a do it yourself and provided a “nutrient mix” packet and recipes for you to do it yourself and we did switch to this. The packet wasn’t expensive for the amount given. You still have to buy the food though.

    Farmers dog/doing it yourself is much more expensive than buying kibble but our buddy was worth the effort. I really enjoyed cooking his weekly meals and knowing exactly what was going into his body because we prepared it in our kitchen and the nutrient mix gave him all the vitamins that we may missed with our recipes.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Thanks for sharing, Bonnie! We’re stoked that it’s worked out well for you and your pooch.

  3. AW Avatar

    I did try Farmer’s Dog for my extremely picky best buddy and possibly the most human dog I have ever met. (I have also tried raw freeze-dried, veterinarian powder for the top of kibble, toppers, refrigerated fresh food (from petsmart in the refrigerated food section and probably more I can’t think of). I was very impressed with Farmer’s Dog by the way I got to pick his flavor of meats – you pick 3 flavors and then certain other ingredients are already included in those flavor profiles. They came packaged with dry ice and eco-friendly packaging which was great (some come with dry ice packs you can reuse, unfortunately mine did not) and they are of course labeled chicken, beef, etc… with your doggies name on them which is a nice little touch. Very easy to sign-up and order – yes, I was enrolled in recurring subscription (honestly can’t remember if that was mandatory or I did it myself cause I was so sure my pooch would love the food), and yes, quite expensive-but well worth it if my dog liked the food and it made him healthy and happy. UNFORTUNATELY, and I say that with real feelings of sadness and deflated hopes, my Picky Pooch did not like the food. Which also was amazing to me because I remember when I opened the turkey and broccoli packet, I thought it smelled delicious – but my pooch did not think so I guess. Now this fresh-frozen dog food comes frozen and compressed like in flat rectangle bars – you have to keep frozen (and there is a time limit on that) and thaw in fridge (took 2 days to thaw in my fridge per bar) and you can only have in your fridge for up to so many days in a baggy or sealed container if you don’t use the whole package because it is cut-open packaging (can’t remember how many days but I think it’s on the lower side, not sure though). A couple things I did not care for is that it is cold (just thawed) when you serve it to your pooch and since it comes compressed like, it is quite mushy and like it’s blended (so watery like because it’s frozen and thawed) – I also think that’s what my doggy did not like about it. I think if there was a way they could keep it in chunks and vacuum sealed (which would def be less watery) it would have been a big hit for my dog. Now don’t get me wrong, I know people who get Farmer’s Dog for their pooch and it is a big hit – it just wasn’t for mine. And I also want to state that I had to call customer service because the recurring had charged my card for the next shipment and of course I was not going to be needing anymore since my dog did not like – but I am here to tell you that this sweet female that I talked to was so nice and sweet and understanding and asked me if maybe I tried certain things, and I had except for a few. She also immediately canceled the next shipment and refunded my card and I could have sent back the unused portions from my first shipment for a refund with no problems, but I told her that I would just donate to local shelter or someone else I knew with a picky pooch. It was probably one of the nicest experiences I have ever had with a company and its customer service – so bravo to Farmer’s Dog for that. Really wish my dog would have loved the food – but that doesn’t mean your dog won’t.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Sorry it didn’t work out for you, AW, but we appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

      You may want to check out this article: The Best Dog Foods for Picky Eaters — we have some great tips there, which may help.