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Ben Team


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best dogs for single guys

best dogs for single guysPeople tend to think of dogs as family pets, but dogs make wonderful pets for unattached folks as well, providing constant companionship!

I’m a happily married fella, but I still remember my single days, when the only one waiting for me at home was my lovable lab.

No matter what kind of day I’d had at work, or how my love life was, I knew she’d be waiting at the front door, wiggling her tail and looking up at me with that beautiful smile.

You know you want that kind of unconditional (if slobbery) love in your life. Who wouldn’t? So this one is for the single guys – let’s find you a great dog (who knows, your dog might even help land you a date)!

Just be sure to pick the right dog for your circumstances, personality and living situation, so you end up with a beloved companion instead of a challenging canine.

What Makes a Good Dog for a Single Guy?

We’ll get to the breed-specific recommendations in a moment, but it is important to realize that single-guy-friendly dogs are best identified by their characteristics.

You want to look for a dog with as many of the following traits as possible:

  • Respectable Size. Although there are exceptions, and this is a broad overgeneralization, most guys prefer dogs on the big side. Your girlfriend may want a 4 lb yap-factory that she carries around in a matching dog purse carrier, but you’ll probably enjoy a big, rough-and-tumble dog that will wrestle on the floor with you much more.
  • A Low-Maintenance Coat. Let’s be real, between work, school, chasing girls and hanging out with the guys, you barely have enough time to brush your own hair. You certainly won’t find the time to keep a poodle’s coat looking its best, so pick a low-maintenance breed. And remember that for some breeds, grooming isn’t just an aesthetic consideration, it can also have implications for their health due to the skin irritation and fur mats that can result from poor grooming maintenance.
  • Minimal Shedding. All dogs shed their hair, but some breeds produce more than others. Unless you are the kind of dude that likes sweeping and vacuuming up an archeological layer of hair every few days, you may want to select a breed that sheds relatively little.
  • A Matching Personality. Just like when looking for a lady, you have to pick a dog with a personality compatible with your own. If you are a metro-type dude that doesn’t like a lot of mess or nonsense, a lab that likes to roll around in the dirt is probably not the best dog for you. On the flip side, guys with mud on their truck and grit under their nails are unlikely to mesh with a petite and proper little toy breed.
  • Energy Level. Guys who love all things outdoors will want an energetic, action-oriented breed who is happy to go on hikes and camping trips with you!
  • Maturity. Caring for a dog requires plenty of love, work and sacrifice, and puppies require even more dedication. In addition to house-breaking the puppy, you’ll need to teach him basic obedience commands to ensure he is ready to greet visitors. Most single guys will find this kind of work draining, so it often makes better sense to select a mature dog who has already been trained in the basics, rather than a puppy.
  • Wing-Man Suitability. Despite our suggestion earlier about avoiding puppies, the truth is that there is no better pick-up prop than a cute puppy. There is just something about puppies that attracts the attention of otherwise-out-of-your-league women.

The best wing-dogs are low key, drool-free, and adorable cuddle monsters. This rules out high-energy dogs like border collies and breeds notorious for drooling, like mastiffs. However really any semi-decent looking doggy is sure to garner you some attention from the opposite sex because – let’s just say it – dogs are the best!

Sex Matters (Who Knew)?

Don’t forget to consider the sex of the dog you will be bringing home.

For some breeds, like Huskies or Boxers, the differences between the sexes are relatively minor. However, males are often much larger than females for certain breeds, like Rottweilers. Keep this in mind if the breed you are seeking is on the big side. You’d be surprised how much more dog you are saddled with by adding another 10 to 20 pounds of weight!

It’s also important to consider the biological differences between the sexes. Unaltered females, for example, will have a cycle and require diaper-like feminine products for a few weeks about twice a year (although the vast majority of owners will have their female dogs spayed, eliminating this issue).

8 Best Dog Breeds for Single Guys

Below we list the eight best dog breeds for single guys. Of course these aren’t the only breeds that would be suitable for men on the prowl, but we think these are 8 great breeds to start with!

1. Labrador Retrievers

labradors for single guys

I’m a little biased, as I’ve been fond of labs and other hunting breeds my whole life, but they are just great dogs. There’s a reason they are consistently rated as one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Playful, loving and friendly, labs view strangers as friends they haven’t met yet. Friends that may even throw a ball for them. They’re smart and easy to train, although they often overwhelm visitors during the greeting period. Labs do need quite a bit of exercise, so they are great for joggers, hikers and other active types.

2. Boxers

boxers for single guys

Few dogs boast the spunk and ready-to-rock attitude that boxers do. Handsome, friendly and playful, boxers are the not only manly (they have broad shoulders and blocky heads), but they are female-friendly too (they are pretty clean and tidy).

Boxers need a good bit of exercise, so they aren’t ideal for couch potatoes; but they’ll be happy to curl up on the couch with you after a long day of play. Additionally, their short, worry-free coats are a dream for an active single guy, who lacks the time to deal with such things.

3. Pit Bulls / American Staffordshire Terriers

pit bulls for single guys

Forget most of what you think you know about pits and Am staffs (note that both names essentially apply to the same breed – cue pedantic fight in the comment section). The only frightening thing about pit bulls is their reputation.

Pits aren’t the vicious monsters pop culture would have you believe; most are nothing more than bundles of love, licking and loyalty. Sure, there are bad apples in any bunch, and pits sometimes attract the worst kinds of owners, but trainers often consider the breed too friendly for guard dog work.

As a pet, you can expect your pit to bark at anything unusual, follow you around like a shadow and solicit attention from anything with hands

4. English Bulldog

bulldog for single guys

The exercise requirements of many breeds represent a hurdle that is often difficult to clear, especially for those who prefer patrolling the couch to playing outside.

But all is not lost for the activity-adverse; English bulldogs are one of those lazy dog breeds even less interested in running than you are!

But English bulldogs aren’t only beloved for their couch-potato ways, they are also adorable little buggers, with hearts of gold. They are susceptible to a variety of health ailments; so, they’ll never want to accompany you on a run, but they make up for both with their companionship and cartoonish ways.

5. French Bulldog

french bulldog for single guys

The French bulldog is a great choice for you guys that like smaller dogs. They are crazy cute, without being very feminine or obnoxiously tiny. In fact, they’ve got pretty confident personalities! They can be somewhat challenging to train, but if you tap into their desire to play, good results are attainable.

Like their English counterparts, French Bulldogs suffer from a variety of ailments. But on the plus side, the do not require a great deal of exercise, and they are usually comfortable living in apartments. They make friends pretty quickly, and will usually turn into social butterflies when you have company over.

6. Golden Retriever

golden retriever for single guys

Golden Retrievers are often described as being great family dogs, but that doesn’t mean they need a big family. As long as you give them plenty of attention and love, golden retrievers are just as happy being in a family of only two.

Personality wise, golden retrievers are about as good as it gets. They just want to hang out, play and get some love from their person. But although they greet most humans with a wagging tail and curious nose, they still have a protective side, and are always alert for dangers like car horns, geese, squirrels, and mailmen.

Goldens and Golden mixes do have a long coat and their tendency to shed will wear out that old vacuum you bought at a garage sale, so be sure to step up your carpet cleaning game if you go with a golden retriever.

7. Great Dane

great dane for single guys

Great Danes are the quintessential gentle giant. These are loving, calm and thoughtful dogs, who need less exercise than you’d think. Their sheer size and handsome looks are sure to garner plenty of attention while you are cruising through the park, and they are usually polite, if not downright friendly, to most strangers they meet.

However, Great Danes do have one drawback: They produce copious amounts of drool. Unsurprisingly, many ladies find this incredibly off-putting. However, on balance, they still make great, low-key pets for single guys.

8. Siberian Husky

huskies for single guys

Like boxers, huskies represent a great mixture of masculine and feminine qualities. On the one hand, huskies are tough, athletic dogs who were bred to drag heavy stuff across fields of ice and snow – it’s hard to get burlier than that. But on the other hand, huskies are gorgeous, regal-looking dogs, with piercing eyes and an almost luxurious coat.

Huskies are usually friendly, if a bit shy. But once they warm up to someone, they’ve made a new lifelong friend. The only challenges they present are their need for a good bit of exercise and their fur, which will slowly but surely cover everything you own.

Mixed Breeds Are Great For Single Guys Too

Purebred dogs aren’t the only good canines for single dudes. You can get a fantastic companion at your local shelter, and it will set you back a lot less money than by buying a purebred dog from a breeder will.

The only problem is, you won’t know what the dog’s ancestry is. Sure, you’ll hear plenty of guesses (although most will be presented as fact), but you’ll never be certain if you dog’s dad was a yellow lab or a golden retriever, for example. Fortunately, that really doesn’t matter. And if you’re really curious, you dog DNA tests are an option.

So, forget about breeds and labels when you are considering a rescue dog, and concentrate on the traits of the specific pup in front of you.

Is his hair long or especially curly? Has he already coated you in a thick layer of fur?

He may demand a little more grooming than you are prepared to provide.

Is he so timid he pees when you approach? Does he avoid eye-contact?

That one may be a little too sensitive for the time, patience and effort you have to offer. Plus, he’d probably faint the first time he saw you and your friends play fireball in the living room.

Does he trot toward you when you kneel? Does he love having his short-hair scratched? Does he watch your body language without being hyper-needy? Do you feel powerless when looking into his big, soulful eyes?

Yeah, that sounds like your new buddy.


Let’s hear it, gentlemen. Share your single-dude-and-a-dog experiences with us in the comments below!

What did I get wrong? Have you wooed a lovely lady with the help of a canine wingman? Have you determined that boxers are a little too energetic for your lifestyle, or English bulldogs are a bit too boring?

The floor is yours, let us know what you think.

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Written by

Ben Team

Ben is the managing editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as a wildlife educator and animal-care professional. Ben’s had the chance to work with hundreds of different species, but his favorite animals have always been dogs. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his spoiled-rotten Rottweiler named J.B. Chances are, she’s currently giving him the eyes and begging to go to the park.

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  1. Marc Miller Avatar
    Marc Miller

    So many great dog choices! I’m almost shocked German Shepherds are not on the list, especially for single or older men. They crave love from an alpha, are protective and affectionate to family but intensely so to their alpha. They can keep up with the most skilled athlete but as chill as your grandfather. Easily trained, wicked smart, curious, active and perceptive. They DO SHED a lot for sure and can be alpha types, so a calm, confident leader is their best match, and easel socialization with other dogs is important. Whatever your choice, ENJOY your best friend!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Marc.

      GSDs may certainly work for some single dudes, but they do require a ton of care, so they aren’t for everyone.
      On another note, just because you mentioned the term several times, I thought I’d share a relevant article: Debunking the “Alpha” Dog Myth.

      Thanks for checking out the site!

  2. codejester Avatar

    Another consideration is which breeds will prohibit you from renting, traveling, getting insurance or worse, get you sued in court. Statistics from law offices that specialize in dog attack cases are your friend.

    I personally own a Tervuren, and he is a majestic, beautiful animal that gets all the attention. So clearly I don’t listen to my own advice. 😉

  3. Helen Hefter Avatar
    Helen Hefter

    I’m really interested in getting a labrador retriever. It seems like a great all around dog: friendly, easy to train, beautiful, and athletic. I’ve always wanted one! Could you tell me about your experience with grooming this dog? And, is the shedding really bad with this breed as I have heard? That’s my main concern. Thanks for your help!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Helen.

      Well, for starters, there’s a reason Labs consistently rank as the #1 breed — they are just awesome for the right owners/families!
      They’re so sweet it’s ridiculous, they’re crazy smart, and they usually love their people (and, to be honest, anyone they meet) in a way that’s hard to explain!

      But, as with all breeds, it’s important to make sure a Lab would be a good fit for you. And that means considering their not-so-awesome traits too.

      For example, Labs can be susceptible to separation anxiety (I experienced this first-hand several years ago — pupper removed all of the linoleum from my kitchen floor). They also require quite a bit of activity and exercise. Maybe not as much as a cattle dog or malinois, but they aren’t “hang out on the couch all day” dogs, either.

      And, as you mentioned, they do shed quite a bit. There are other breeds that shed more (looking at you, huskies), but they probably aren’t ideal for would-be owners who aren’t prepared to deal with a lot of doggo fur clinging to everything in the house. Of course, there are ways to mitigate the shedding issue (buy a good vacuum cleaner for dog hair, brush the pooch regularly, etc.), but you’ll have to accept some level of shed fur.

      If this is a deal breaker, you may want to consider a Labradoodle — their poodle parents help drastically reduce the amount of fur they shed.

      Best of luck with your choice!

  4. Dave Edwards Avatar
    Dave Edwards

    A greyhound x cross breed. Mike’s a rescue dog. She’s gentle, calm, treats every stranger as her new best friend.
    Good house dog but no aggression, she let’s me know if anyone is around. The only fault, she curls up on my knee in an evening and at 40lbs she ain’t really a suitable lap dog.

  5. Todd Oberg Avatar
    Todd Oberg

    I loved your list but one thing you should also be aware of with the Great Dane unfortunately their lifespan is not very long between eight and ten years usually you will get really attached and they will be gone way too soon just saying

    1. Jeremy H Avatar
      Jeremy H

      I was reading recently that Great Dane life expectancy closer to 6.5 years.

  6. Steven Frew Avatar
    Steven Frew

    Don’t forget about Schnauzers

  7. Stephen Wilson Avatar
    Stephen Wilson

    My last dog was a female Rottweiler and she was the most perfect animal ever. Loyal, playful, funny, friendly. Loved other animals too, especially cats and foxes. Loved going out, but also happy on the sofa next to me watching the tv. Best breed of dog and I am going to get another one when I am ready

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Stephen. As the proud papa of a 5-year-old female Rottie, I could not agree more.
      They’re certainly not ideal for all owners and situations, but they’re amazing when paired with the right person.
      Thanks for sharing!

  8. Mark S Cole Avatar
    Mark S Cole

    Sugar coated bullshit about Pitbulls. They were bred to be vicious. It’s in their genes. Quit spreading lies.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      One of the great things about the internet is that it gives everyone an equal opportunity to show the world how crass and ignorant they are — like you’ve just done, Mark.
      Thanks for reading.

    2. Simone Avatar

      Really? Just had 2, didn’t ya.
      Like ure a dog geneoligist,ha!
      Meet and hang wth fam pits n stop lookn & readng gangsta crap!
      Oh, or mayb go do that dog gene study.
      Just saw Ben Team reply, politely said 4 the rubbish u knew ppl would start

    3. Christopher Sekely Avatar
      Christopher Sekely

      It seems that there is quite a lot of evidence that the breeding you speak of either doesn’t effect all pit-bulls or was quite ineffective for many of them. I owned a pit-bull for a while when I was a lot younger. He was bullheaded and strong, bur super friendly.

  9. Brian mirson Avatar
    Brian mirson

    Once you check out the silken windhound your choice will be clear. You cant step out of your house without being stopped everywhere so they can pet this dog.

    1. Sunny Marconi Avatar
      Sunny Marconi

      Silken windhound? With a name like that I’ve got to see this dog! What country are they from?

  10. Sarabjit Avatar

    Hv woolly husky name veer its regarding bathing him , as pug till 2 years I hv been bathing twice a week my kids are not happy about that and wants me bath him once a week, Pls guide me, am I doing wrong.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Sarabjit. Twice a week is probably too often. Most dogs only need a bath once a month or so, plus anytime they get dirty.
      Check out our article on the subject to learn more.
      Thanks for reading!

  11. John Brierton Avatar
    John Brierton

    You guys totally forget the Weimaraner! Moses is my wingman, though he gets all the ladies and necer gives me a chance!

    1. Mark Avatar

      They also forgot Rhodesian Ridgebacks (I have a 6 month old and he’s a lady magnet) and Vizlas. All three breeds great single guy dogs.

    2. Marc Miller Avatar
      Marc Miller

      Love the breed! Beautiful, smart and hard working. Like many hunting dogs they can be extremely high energy and need to release it. Similar to Irish Setters in that way. My cousins adore Weimaraner’s and will own no other breed!

  12. RICKAZ Avatar

    How do you leave out the Road Warrior’s dog, the Australian Cattle Dog?

  13. Travis Avatar

    Ever since I was a boy my dreams were to study vet which I am doing now, only one thing is left and that us having one special breed of a dog among those big ones. I have mixed breeds at my home

  14. Don Avatar

    Golden retriever. Absolutely the best breed IMO. Had two pure bred as family dogs, now have a “mostly Golden Retriever”. Got him as a puppy, when the ex filed for divorce. He absolutely saved my life. Plus he was a rescue.

    1. Trey Avatar

      English Mastiff! Best dog I have ever had. Lost her in July but still miss her terribly. I have never had a dog like Bella. Smart, protective, loyal, 165lb. Lap dog. RIP Bella.

  15. James Marshall Avatar
    James Marshall

    English Shepherds!
    I’ve had one…my soulmate…
    These dogs are everything…Smarter than a 10 year old kid…or for that matter…most adults I know! Athletic, beautiful, playful, highly trainable…and at 50lbs for male, 40 lbs female..perfectly sized! They are great family dogs, only want to please and be with you…

    Rotties-(I’ve had a pack of 3)
    AWESOME! But hardheaded..strong, powerful dogs with a willing temperment, great family dogs. Loyal, gentle…but not for the novice dog owner.

    Tibetan Terrier
    Rare. I’ve had one…great 30 lb dog. Perfect for apartment or hiking. Athletic, hypoallergenic, long haired, but little shedding. Needs regular grooming…moderate eater…high energy if needed…low in the house. Very smart, a chick magnet!

  16. Joe Wheeler Avatar
    Joe Wheeler

    My favorite dog is the Irish wolfe hound, gigantic breed with great personality, rugged looks. But be warned, they are also known as the heartbreak dog. The larger breeds, like the Wolfe hound and Great Dane, have shorter lifespans.

  17. J Avatar

    Border collie or Australian shepards are amazingly smart, don’t shed as much as you expect and are loyal as well as adventrous. One of the best breeds for any dude. It will need daily excerise but nothing crazy. Had my first for 15 years. Loved that’s dog. Truly was my best friend. Pro tip: if you find a border collie mix at a shelter they are perfect, they tend to lose some if their herding instinct. Mine was a husky mix and the best ever. My German Shepard is a close second! Though they shed quite a bit more

  18. Daniel Adams Avatar
    Daniel Adams

    I am the proud, confirmed-bachelor owner of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Black Lab mix. She is a very manageable 40 lbs, and I adore her. PROS: Faithful, friendly to me, snugly, very watchful, easily house-trained, and short haired. CONS: Slobbers and begs when I’m eating….. but most dogs will do that. She is also a rescue-dog, and I couldn’t ask for better. Please go to the shelters first……. Dogs are truly a MAN’S best friend.

  19. Michael J Zivanovich Avatar
    Michael J Zivanovich

    Looks like these are breeds for those who feel the need to compensate..my Morkie worked great..too bad he passed last July…guess I should purchase a big diesel truck…and a large dog as well….?

  20. John Mitchell Avatar
    John Mitchell

    Well guys, it’s like this..I had a poodle..a Royale poodle,he was right at 90 PDS. He was my best friend for 13 years. He was always happy and waiting for me. As u lnow,grooming is a must. Every six weeks..groomed..and a million brushes from me. We traveled the world,he saved my life three times and I did everything I could to save his when he came up with cancer. I spent over 10,000 to help him. And to know that he was comfortable right to the end. Soo..u forgot to add poodle..gandolf..has hunted pig,bears and people..I will miss him till the day I am gone. He truly was a man’s best friend. Because I was his…rip

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your story. Gandolf sounds like he was awesome and had an amazing life.

    2. Marc Miller Avatar
      Marc Miller

      What an awesome tribute to a wonderful friend! Thank you for sharing. The hardest part for any dog lover… our friends’ short lives.

      I am living with family that doesn’t want the large breed that I love, and wants a small-medium dog. I’m seriously looking at a Standard Poodle, but my daughter is in love with French Bulldogs (too expensive and too physically compromised) and Boston Terriers—a breed I’d be delighted to own. Sometimes it’s a family consensus, isn’t it?


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