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calm dog names

Whether your dog is a zenned-out pooch or he just gives you some tranquility, calm dog names are great for many four-footers!

We’ll share some of the best dog names meaning “calm” for your peaceful pup and share some low-key dog breeds that may make the perfect fit for your family. 

Most Popular Dog Names Meaning Calm

Some of your favorite mutt monikers from the dog park have totally chill meanings. Check out these girl and boy dog names meaning calm or with similar meanings.

  • Amani (Name of African and Arabic origin meaning “peace”)
  • Anna (Name of Hebrew origin meaning “gracious, calm”)
  • Axel (German name meaning “father of peace”) 
  • Delilah (Hebrew origin name meaning “delicate”)
  • Freddy (Name of German origins meaning “peaceful ruler”)
  • Fritz (From German origins, meaning “peace ruler”)
  • Galen (Greek origin name meaning “calm”)
  • Grace (English origin word name)
  • Hannah (Hebrew origin name meaning “grace”)
  • Kona (Hawaiian name associated with relaxing beaches)
  • Levi (Name meaning “joined in harmony” of Hebrew origin)
  • Maya (Calm name of Indian origin meaning “dream”)
  • Noah (Name of Hebrew origin meaning “rest”) 
  • Oliver (Boy name of Latin origin that means “olive tree”)
  • Olivia (Name of Latin origin meaning “olive tree”)
  • Ping (“Peaceful” name of Chinese origin)
  • Poppy (The white poppy flower is a symbol of peace)
  • Rami (Arabic name meaning “calm, loving”)
  • Salem (Hebrew origin name meaning “peaceful”)
  • Shanti (Baby girl name meaning “peace” of African origin) 
  • Shiloh (Name of Hebrew origin meaning “tranquility”)
  • Tate (English origin name meaning “happy, calm”)
  • Zen (Name of Japanese origins meaning “peaceful and calm”)
  • Zuma (Arabic origin name meaning “peace”)

Male Dog Names Meaning Calm 

male dog names meaning calm

If your best buddy is as cool as a cucumber, why not pick out a name that suits his distinct doggie demeanor? Here are some of our favorite male dog names meaning calm.

  • Aarav (“Peaceful”)
  • Absalom (“Father of peace”)
  • Aram (Turkish name meaning “calm”)
  • Callum (“Dove”) 
  • Damian (Greek origin name meaning “to tame”) 
  • Dhin (“Calm, reliable”) 
  • Eiji (“Peace, healing”
  • Fadri (“Peace ruler”)
  • Fredrick (“Peaceful ruler”) 
  • Friedel (“Man of peace”)
  • Friedrich (“Peaceful ruler”)
  • Gareth (Welsh name meaning “gentle”
  • Garvey (Irish origin name meaning “rough peace”) 
  • Giedrius (“Clear, serene”)
  • Godfrey (“God peace”)
  • Govert (“God’s peace”)
  • Hidekazu (“Peace, harmony, beauty”)
  • Hilm (“Calmness”) 
  • Humphrey (“Peaceful warrior”)
  • Jaromir (“Strong, peace”)
  • Jeffrey (“Pledge of peace” name of German origins) 
  • Jonah (“Dove”)
  • Kafu (African name meaning “quiet”) 
  • Kazou (“Harmony, man”)
  • Kazuhito (“Peaceful harmony”)
  • Kazuaki (“Peace and harmony”)
  • Kazushige (“Harmony” or “growth”)
  • Kazutaka (“Peace and calm”)
  • Kazuya (“Peace and harmony”)
  • Kazuyuki (“Peace, harmony, calm”)
  • Kenji (“Peace, wisdom”)
  • Kouta (“Peace, large”)
  • Kulbert (Name of German origins meaning “calm”)
  • Masakazu (“Peace, harmony, prosper”)
  • Melvin (“Gentle lord”) 
  • Mirko (“Peace and glory”)
  • Miroslav (“Peaceful glory”)
  • Nagisa (“Calm beach”)
  • Naim (“Tranquil”)
  • Pace (“Peaceful one”)
  • Paciano (Spanish origin name meaning “peaceful”)
  • Pacifico (“Peaceful, calm”)
  • Paz (“Peace”)
  • Placido (“Quiet, calm”) 
  • Prashant (“Calm, quiet”)
  • Ryohei (“Peaceful, nobility”)
  • Ryoji (“Peaceful, splendid”)
  • Sereno (“Serene”)
  • Shalev (“Calm, tranquil”)
  • Shalom (“Peace”)
  • Sheehan (“Descendant of the peaceful one”)
  • Shlomo (“His peace”)
  • Sigfried (Name of German origins meaning “peace, victory”)
  • Solomon (“Peace”) 
  • Süleyman (“Man of peace”)
  • Toshiharu (“Peace, benefit”)
  • Wadi (“Calm”) 
  • Wilfred (“Desiring peace”) 
  • Yasuo (“Peaceful one”)
  • Yasushi (“Quiet, calm, peace”)
  • Yoshikazu (“Fine, peace, harmony”)
  • Yuji (“Peace, healing”)
  • Zalman (“Peaceful”)
  • Željko (“Desire for peace”)

Female Dog Names Meaning Calm 

Female dog names meaning calm

Is your sweetheart super serene and deserving of a peaceful meaning behind her moniker? If so, one of these girl dog names meaning calm may make the perfect pick for your pooch. 

  • Amity (“Harmony”) 
  • An (Chinese name meaning “peace”) 
  • Chessa (“At peace”)
  • Concordia (“Harmony, peace”)
  • Damir (“To give peace”)
  • Ekanta (“Peaceful, solitude”) 
  • Evania (“Tranquil”)
  • Farica (“Peace ruler”)
  • Fen (“Peace”) 
  • Frida (“Peace”) 
  • Galina (“Calm”) 
  • Galini (“Calm”)
  • Gzifa (“Peaceful one”)
  • Halina (“Serene”)
  • Hilja (Name of Finnish/Slavic origin meaning “silence, quiet”) 
  • Hokona (“Harmony, flower”)
  • Ildri (“Fire and peace”)
  • Irene (“Peace”) 
  • Irka (“Czech name meaning “peace”)
  • Loma (“Peaceful”)
  • Lulling (“Quieting, calm”)
  • Malana (“Calming”)
  • Mālie (Hawaiian name meaning “calm) 
  • Malu (“Peace”) 
  • Milani (“Gentle touch”) 
  • Min-Seo (“Calm, clever”)
  • Miwa (“Beautiful harmony”)
  • Nacala (“Peace and tranquility”)
  • Naime (“Happy and tranquil”)
  • Naomi (“Pleasant one”) 
  • Ning (Japanese name meaning “serene”) 
  • Noxolo (Name of African origin meaning “peaceful”)
  • Paloma (“Dove”) 
  • Rike (“Peaceful ruler”)
  • Sakina (“Calm, comfort”)
  • Shanta (“Tranquility”) 
  • Sakeena (“Peaceful, tranquil”)
  • Salama (“Peace, serenity”)
  • Salma (“Peace”)
  • Seija (“Tranquil, serene”)
  • Serena (“Serene, calm”)
  • Serene (English origin word name meaning “serenity, peace”)
  • Sorina (“Peaceful, serene”) 
  • Tihana (“Quiet”) 
  • Tikshya (“Patience”) 
  • Tulia (“Calm, quiet”)
  • Tranquilla (“Tranquil”)
  • Tyyne (“Calm, serene”)
  • Urara (“Serene, beautiful”)
  • Vaike (“Silence, calm”)
  • Wakako (“Youthful harmony”)
  • Wakana (“Peace, complete”)
  • Xola (“Stay in peace”)
  • Xolani (African name meaning “peace, forgiveness”)
  • Yasuko (“Peaceful daughter”)
  • Yên (“Calm, peaceful”)
  • Zulema (“Peace”)

Unisex/Gender-Neutral Dog Names Meaning Calm 

Gender neutral names for calm dogs

Whether your peace-loving pooch is a boy or a girl, any mutt moniker from this list of unisex names should work wonderfully. Here are some gender-neutral dog names for your canine cutie. 

  • Columba (“Dove”) 
  • Concord (“Calm, peaceful”) 
  • Clementine (“Mild, merciful”) 
  • Dembe (“Peace”)
  • Eir (Norse name meaning “peaceful”)
  • Fritzi (“Peace ruler”)
  • Genjo (“Calm serenity”) 
  • Jonas (“Dove”) 
  • Kazu (“Peace, friend of peace”)
  • Kazuma (“Peace and harmony”)
  • Kazumi (Harmony, peace)
  • Kazuno (“Peace, harmony, you”)
  • Kazuto (“Peace, harmony”) 
  • Koji (“Peace, healing”)
  • Miran (“World peace”) 
  • Pax (Roman goddess of peace) 
  • Rikki (“Peaceful chief, ruler”)
  • Seiji (Name of Japanese origin meaning “Peace”)
  • Shoji (“Peace”) 
  • Susu (“Quiet”) 
  • Tully (“Peaceful”) 
  • Yasu (“Calm”)
  • Yen (“Peaceful, calm”)

Calm-Inspired Dog Names 

calm-inspired dog names

While picking out the perfect name for your furry friend,  be sure to consider as many options as possible. While these canine boy and girl names don’t all necessarily mean “calm,” they certainly evoke a similar sentiment. 

Here are some calm-inspired words that may make the perfect name for your furry friend. 

  • Ally
  • Aura 
  • Bliss
  • Blue
  • Breeze
  • Breezy
  • Brook
  • Butterfly
  • Calmo (“Calm” in Portuguese)
  • Chamomile
  • Cuddles 
  • Daisy
  • Dawn
  • Dove (Symbol of peace)
  • Eirene (Greek goddess of peace)
  • Eiríni (“Peace” in Greek)
  • Feather
  • Forest
  • Glory
  • Halcyon
  • Happy
  • Harmony 
  • Hush
  • Hypnos (Greek god of sleep)
  • Iremía (“Calm” in Greek)
  • Joy
  • Lassie 
  • Lamb 
  • Lavender 
  • Light
  • Love
  • Lullaby
  • Meadow
  • Mellow 
  • Melody
  • Ocean 
  • Olive (An olive branch is a symbol of peace)
  • Pasithea (The personification of relaxation in Greek mythology)
  • Patience 
  • Pumpkin
  • Peace 
  • Prudence
  • Rainbow (Symbol of peace)
  • Rauhaa (“Peace” in Finnish) 
  • River
  • Ruhe (“Calm” in German)
  • Sage
  • Sea
  • Shaant (“Calm” in Hindi)
  • Sloth
  • Serenity 
  • Serenidad (“Serenity” in Spanish”)
  • Sky
  • Snuggles 
  • Spokiynyy (“Calm” in Ukrainian)
  • Sunshine 
  • Teddy (As in a cuddly teddy bear)
  • Temperance
  • Tranquility
  • Tranquillitas (Roman goddess of calm)
  • Tranquilo (“Calm” in Spanish”)
  • Treaty
  • Truce
  • Unity
  • Vrede (“Peace” in Dutch)
  • Wave
  • Willow 
  • Yoda 

Calm Canines: Laid Back Dog Breeds

Are you seeking an even-tempered pooch to balance out your family? Here are some calm canines worth considering. 

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are a calm breed

These low-energy dogs are total lovebugs that will keep your entire household feeling very zen.

Basset hounds are total couch potatoes, who do exceptionally well with children due to their naturally patient personalities. Just note that these hounds can be stubborn at times, so you’ll want to be patient with these pups. Basset hounds can also drool quite a bit, though these charming furry friends are definitely worth the need for some occasional clean up. 

English Bulldog

bulldogs are calm dogs

The English bulldog is a calm, laid-back furry friend who is sure to make you laugh.

Now simply called “bulldogs,” these canine comedians are known for their hilarious antics and loyal personalities. Bulldogs are a fairly adaptable breed that that has a gentle, sometimes lazy nature. Bulldogs can be a bit on the messy side, but they make up for it with their serene and friendly demeanors. 

Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan spaniels are pretty calm dogs

Tibetan spaniels are small sweethearts, who make great watchdogs and love spending time with the kids, adults, and other pets they love. They can, however, be a bit aloof around strangers, so you’ll want to make sure these furry friends are properly socialized.

In most cases, these compact canines are calm, loving companions, who are sure to add a bit of spice into your life. 


Pekingese are calm

These distinct doggos have distinct, voluminous coats that cover their surprisingly muscular but petite frames. Known for their charming, opinionated personalities, Pekingese tend to bond closely with one special human rather than everyone in the family.

These regal dogs are surprisingly confident and independent, and you’ll find that they have big-dog energy in an adorably small package. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are calm

These beautiful big buddies make fantastic furry friends that fit in well with many families.

Known for their sweet, affectionate natures, Bernese Mountain dogs and Bernese Mountain dog mixes tend to get along well with kids and other dogs alike. While the breed may be somewhat aloof around strangers, they’re experts at maintaining their calm sensibilities in most scenarios. Note that these pups are notorious for shedding a lot, so you’ll need to be ready to clean up after these caring canines. 


greyhound dogs are calm

Greyhounds make amazing low-maintenance dogs, who are sure to fit in with your family. Friendly and gentle, these speedy sweethearts do appreciate homes with large, fenced-in yards, but they’ll spend a lot of their time just chilling next to you on the couch.

These quiet canines rarely ever bark, making them potential canine candidates for apartment living, so long as you can still provide them with opportunities for exercise.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Cavaliers are calm dogs

The happy-go-lucky cavalier King Charles spaniel is a favorite for many dog lovers due to the breed’s sweet yet gentle temperament. These dogs make excellent furry friends for families as they are patient with children and incredibly loving dogs. You’ll find that they are up for just about anything, so long as they can be with their families.

Do note that the cavalier King Charles spaniels thrive best in families in which someone is usually home to keep them company throughout the day. 

Biewer Terrier 

Biewer terriers are calm

These pups are relatively new to the AKC, but they’re sure to leave their tiny pawprints on your heart. Despite the breed’s name, the Biewer (sounds like “beaver”) terrier is actually a member of the toy group, which is appropriate, given it’s lapdog-like personality.

Biewer terriers are pint-sized pups that carry a calm yet playful demeanor that’s sure to keep you entertained. Intelligent dogs, Biewer terriers are fairly easy to train and charm their owners with their unique, loving personalities. They do, however, require a fair bit of coat care and grooming to look their best.

You’ll find that these descendants of Yorkshire terriers are highly adaptable, so long as they get to spend time with their humans.   

Great Dane 

Great Danes are calm dogs

Despite their massive size, Great Danes are considered fairly adaptable and laid-back furry friends. You’ll need to start consistent training sessions early on with these gentle giants, since it’s much easier to manage a puppy (albeit, a large one) than a full-sized Great Dane.

But once these big best buddies have mastered their manners, they make patient, docile dogs, who make friends easily. While they are patient with kids, Great Danes may be best suited for homes without infants, given their gargantuan size.


Leonbergers are calm

The Leonberger is a patient family dog, who makes a world-class watchdog and guardian of peace. These big best buddies bond strongly with their families and get along well with children, they can, however, be somewhat protective around strangers.

Generally speaking, these dogs are gentle, large furry friends that are happy to curl up on the couch after a long day of hard work. They do need a home with plenty of space and activity to keep their bushy tails wagging, but in return, you’ll find an endlessly loyal and loving canine companion in the Leonberger. 

Golden Newfie

Not all calm canines are purebred dogs — several magnificent mutts are pretty chill too! The Golden Newfie, for example, is a calm cross between a Newfoundland and a golden retriever.

These patient mutts are known for their sweet yet sensitive personalities. You’ll find that these big best buddies are total teddy bears at heart that adore spending time with their humans.

You’ll want to have plenty of space and a reliable vacuum at home before bringing one of these pups home, as these dogs are quite large (sometimes reaching 100 pounds), and they shed pretty heavily.

So long as these delightful dogs are given proper socialization and master their mutt manners, they make lifelong canine companions that get along well with the entire family. 

Golden Newfies are calm


Many dogs have a natural tranquil demeanor that helps inspire the best in us. These calm canine cuties pair well with a name that highlights their peaceful personalities. Hopefully, this list narrows down your search so that you can find the perfect name for your pooch!

Want more dog name ideas? Make sure to also check out our articles on dog names that mean “happy” as well as our favorite one-syllable dog names.

Is your canine a calm customer? What’s your favorite name on the list? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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