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mini schnauzer mixed breeds

Miniature schnauzers are unique dogs who blend charm, intelligence, and positive energy into one delightful package. With their distinctive wiry coats, bushy eyebrows, and expressive eyes, they’re quick to capture the hearts of those who meet them.

These small but robust dogs possess a special ability to develop deep bonds with their owners, and express loyalty and affection in every interaction. Their playful manner and endless curiosity make them exceptional companions.

But remember, there are many mini schnauzer mixes that are just as lovely as their purebred counterparts, and many of these share similar (irresistible, if you ask us) traits. We’ll share a few of our favorite mini schnauzer mixes below, so you can see for yourself!

Pet-Care Pro Tip: Mixed-Breed Dogs Are a Bit Mysterious

We’re sharing some of the most common traits displayed by some common mini schnauzer mixes, but remember that you can’t always predict which traits mixed breed dogs will inherit.

Miniature Schnauzer Basics

mini schnauzer basics

Before jumping into some of our favorite mini mixes, let’s get into the basics of what mini schnauzers are all about.


The miniature schnauzer is a pint-sized version of the standard schnauzer, a breed developed for hunting rats and performing other jobs on the farm.

No one knows exactly how this small buy mighty breed was developed, but most authorities believe the mini schnauzer lineage was created by breeding standard schnauzers with poodles and affenpinschers. This was done, in part, to make an even more efficient rat hunter than their larger cousins are. 

What sets the mini schnauzer apart from other mini terrier breeds is its lack of English roots. All other terriers either come from the British Isles or were crossed with breeds that do. This gives the mini schnauzer a distinctive personality along with superior abilities on the farm.


mini schnauzer appearance

Mini schnauzers have small but sturdy bodies, standing at 12 to 14 inches tall and weighing between 10 and 20 pounds.

They have a double coat that’s soft on the bottom, and coarse and wiry on top. It comes in three color patterns: black and silver, salt and pepper (light and dark grey), and all black.

They have a look that makes them appear wise beyond their years, thanks to their large, charismatic eyebrows. Their small, dark eyes make them look alert and focused, and their bushy beards give them an intellectual vibe.

Some even say their facial expressions are surprisingly human-like.


Mini schnauzers are smart and outgoing little dogs who love to be active and have fun. They’re social dogs, who usually enjoy meeting new people, but they may not be happy around unfamiliar dogs.

Eager to please, these quick learners are often easy and rewarding to train. Their idea of a good time might be agility classes or obedience competitions because of their high trainability and need for mental stimulation.

Mini schnauzers are keen watchdogs who can be depended on to alert you of any suspicious sightings (or package deliveries). They are very affectionate with their families, so they don’t do well when left alone, and they’re best matched with owners who can give them a lot of attention.


grooming schnauzer

Since mini schnauzers have a thick, multi-textured coat, they require regular brushing and combing. They typically need a nail trim, ear cleaning, and a bath once a month, or sooner if they get especially dirty.

Many owners take their dogs to the groomers to get a professional cut. If you choose this option, seeing a groomer once every month or two keeps your dog looking sharp.

Health Concerns

Generally speaking, mini schnauzers are healthy little doggos. However, there are a handful of health issues owners need to be aware of, so they can spot the first signs of a problem (and initiate treatment).

For example, mini schnauzers often suffer from hyperlipidemia – a condition in which the blood contains high lipid (fat) levels. They’re also susceptible to pancreas inflammation (pancreatitis), liver shunts (a condition affecting the blood flow to the liver), and urinary stones. These issues are part of the reason it is so important to select a good food for your mini schnauzer.

Additionally, mini schnauzers often suffer from cataracts, which can leave the little waggers completely blind. In fact, the National Breed Club recommends regular ophthalmologist evaluations to make sure their eyes are in good shape.

15 Great Mini Schnauzer Mixes!

mini schnauzer mixed breeds

Now that you know some of the things that make mini schnauzers tick, let’s take a look at 15 awesome mini mixes you’re sure to love.

1. Schnug (Pug x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

The Schnug (which is a great name, if you ask us) is a relatively new mix that typically carries the same smart, animated, and affectionate traits of the mini schnauzer. They tend to have a stubborn streak, which can make training challenging. But with a bit of patience from their owners, they can be very obedient dogs.

These attention-loving pups will probably like to follow you around and sit in your lap, but don’t be surprised if your Schnug’s focus shifts after seeing something move in the corner of his eye. This mix just loves to chase (so caution is warranted around small animals)!

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2. Carnauzer (Cairn Terrier x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

Both of Carnauzer’s parent breeds are lively, affectionate, smart, and playful, so you can count on these dogs to be sweet as pie. While they form close bonds with their family, Carnauzers can be reactive when meeting new people and other dogs, so you’ll want to socialize them from an early age. 

3. Miniboz (Boston Terrier x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

If you’re looking for a super friendly and playful breed, look no further than the Miniboz. This isn’t the type of dog to get jealous and protective. He’s more likely to cuddle up with your guests than try to keep them away. Don’t worry though — they bond closest with family members.

To these goofballs, playtime is more important than going for long walks, so plenty of toys are in order (but don’t be surprised if a few of them get destroyed).

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4. Snorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

Snorkies are small, but their personalities can be big and bold. Since Yorkies have relatively high energy levels for small dogs, Snorkies might seek longer and more frequent walks than some other mini schnauzer mixes. These are also pretty curious canines – a fact that can sometimes get them into trouble (so be sure to keep yours leashed when exploring!).

Their confident and independent nature can make training tricky, but patience, persistence, and tasty treats can make the process easier.

5. Papischnauz (Papillon x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

The Papischnauz is a lively and intelligent breed. Their parents share some similar traits (such as being playful, smart, and loyal), but their physical characteristics are very different.

While mini schnauzers are fairly small dogs, with sturdy, muscular bodies, and coarse, distinctive hair, papillons are known for their very small, dainty bodies and long silky hair. This means that it’s often hard to predict how a Papischnauz will look at maturity, but you can expect a loving dog who’s quick to learn tasks and is fun to play with.

6. Schneagle (Beagle x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

Scheagles are often clever dogs who love to explore with their noses and discover new things. They tend to be extremely loyal and love the attention they get from those they love. If they don’t get enough interaction, they’ll probably get bored and look for mischief.

If they learn doggy etiquette from a young age, they can get along with other pets. Early socialization makes all the difference.

Just be sure to keep a close eye on these explorers, because if they have an opportunity to wander, they probably will. Their beagle parent was bred for tracking and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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7. Mauzer (Maltese x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

Mauzers are a combination of two very distinctive-looking breeds. You’ve got the delicate elegance of the Maltese with the ruggedness of the mini schnauzer. But these two breeds are more alike than they look, and a Mauzer can have the charisma, cheerfulness, and magnetism that both parent breeds are known for.

If you make sure they have all of the attention, mental stimulation, and play time they need, they’ll be awesome companions.

8. Schnoxie (Dachshund x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

Schnoxies are lively and determined pups. They’re usually very curious and determined, so be sure you’re ready for a headstrong doggo before welcoming one of these into your home. They often do what they want rather than what you want them to do.

With any luck, the independent dachshund traits will be balanced by the mini schnauzers eagerness to please, and training won’t be an issue. In any case, positive-reinforcement training (and a handful of treats) will often go a long way.

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9. Pom-a-Nauze (Pomeranian x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

The Pom-a-Nauze beautifully captures the Pomeranian’s essence and the mini schnauzer’s sharp intellect. This delightful blend of playfulness and intelligence creates a breed that not only responds well to training sessions, but also keeps you on your toes during play.

And let’s not forget, the cuddles these canines like to dole out are an irresistible bonus!

10. Schnoodle (Poodle x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

Schoodles are typically highly adaptable dogs who are content to hang out wherever their family is.  They’re usually great around cats and children, and, with proper socialization, they can also form bonds with fellow dogs.

Schnoodles have a wide range of abilities and are great at lots of activities. One day, they might snag a gold medal at an agility event, and the next, they could be lending a helping paw in a therapeutic environment. When they’re given love and attention, the sky is the limit for this special mix.

Want more poodle mixes? We’ve got ya covered!

11. Chonzer (Bichon Frise x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

Chonzers are low-maintenance lapdogs, who are kind, energetic, and protective of the people they love. They need lots of walks to make good use of their energy – just make sure you hold the leash tight because these dogs have high prey drives, and they may chase any small animals they see.

These dogs are often considered “hypoallergenic,” as they shed very little. They’re also low-maintenance when it comes to grooming, so they usually only need to be brushed once a week. Overall, they’re a delight!

12. Schnocker (Cocker Spaniel x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

Owners of Schnookers often describe them as sweet, loving, and intelligent. They get a lot of attention and they love every second of it! But just go easy, as too much excitement can lead to bathroom accidents inside the house.

These dogs tend to become attached to people very quickly, so if you get along with a Schnocker, you’ll have a friend for life!

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13. Eskie (American Eskimo x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

One of the lesser-known mini schnauzer mixes, the Eskie is the performer of the bunch – largely a product of the American Eskimo dog influence.

In fact, the American Eskimo dog was the first four-footer to learn to walk a tightrope! Other dog breeds have done it since then, but they were the first.

Performing pooches aside, Eskies are typically social and even-tempered, so they’re generally good dogs with kids. Really, they can thrive in almost any home environment, thanks to both the versatility of the American Eskimo and the adaptability of the mini schnauzer.

14. Chizer (Chihuahua x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

Chizers are unique little dogs, who’re typically bold, sweet, and really fun to be around. They often inherit the small size of the Chihuahua parent and the wiry coat and expressive eyes of the mini schnauzer parent, giving them a uniquely adorable look.  

These dogs are also smart, so they can figure things out quickly, and they want to make you happy – all of which make them pretty easy to train.  

After a long day of learning and playing, a Chizer pup is more than happy to curl up in your lap for a much-needed nap.

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15. Mini Schnauzer Jack (Jack Russell Terrier x Mini Schnauzer Mix)

Energetic is one word that comes to mind when thinking about the canine cuties. These smart, scrappy dogs are highly active and have a lot of love to give, but they need lots of physical and mental exercise. They get bored easily so some special treats may be necessary for effective training.

If you love spunky dogs with a lot of personality, and can offer plenty of care and attention, these dogs may be perfect for you!

Mini Schnauzer Mixes: FAQ

Mini-schnauzer mix questions

Still have some questions about mini schnauzer mixes? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We’ll share some of the most common questions about these pups below!

Are mini schnauzer mixes good for families?

Yes, mini schnauzers can make excellent family dogs. They’re loyal, friendly, and affectionate four-footers who love to play and crave attention. Their intelligence, curiosity, and eagerness to please makes training a fun and easy activity, and if they’re socialized from a young age, their gentleness and goofy behavior can make them wonderful companions for children.

How much grooming do mini schnauzers require?

Grooming needs depend on the type of coat a dog has. Mini schnauzers have a double coat, with a soft undercoat and a coarse, wiry topcoat. This type of coat requires regular maintenance to keep it looking neat and to prevent matting.

A trip to the groomer every six to eight weeks is a popular choice among mini schnauzer owners. At home, a helpful maintenance schedule is a good brushing at least a few times a week, and a bath followed by a nail trim and ear cleaning once a month.

What is the typical size and appearance of mini schnauzer mixes?

The traits of any mixed-breed dog are hard to predict. Focus on what you can impact and make predictions about, like training and socialization, so that you’ll have a happy dog, no matter what he looks like.

Do you have a mini schnauzer mix at home? Does your dog share some of the traits we mentioned, or are they totally different? Do you have a mix that’s not on our list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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