Bichon Breeds: Best Bichon Mixes That Will Be Your New Best Friend!

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There are dozens of reasons to love Bichon dogs; they are fluffy, velvety, and hypoallergenic. These sweethearts can be even sweeter when mixed with another pup.

Here’s a list of fifteen fantastic mixed Bichon breeds to hike up the fluff factor, so get ready for some pretty snuggly pups!

1. Bichon Frise + Beagle (Glechon)

Such a funny sounding name is a good fit for this dorky pup. These sweeties are a scattered mix of colors, fur lengths, and attitude. Though their looks can be kind of a toss up, one thing’s for certain: they’re always cute!

2. Bichon Frise + Afghan Hound (Afghan Chon)

This pup is a mixture of sweet and sassy. Afghan Chons are generally charming, yet vocal. They like to voice their opinions and have their needs met!

3. Bichon Frise + Boston Terrier (Bostchon)

The Bostchon looks just as one would imagine him–a striking image of both parent pups. These pooches are generally big on chewing and digging, and get sweeter the more tired they are!

4. Bichon Frise + Cairn Terrier (Kashon)

The Bichon Frise and Cairn Terrier mix is loved for its individuality. These dogs’ hair is shorter, though still velveteen, and they have curious eyes that are incredibly hard to say no to.

5. Bichon Frise + Chihuahua (Chi Chon)

Bichon + Chihuahua
Source: Pinterest

The Bichon Frise and Chihuahua mix looks significantly different than most Bichon mixes. These sweet pups have longer snouts, and their legs are generally less furry.

6. Bichon Frise + Corgi (The Corgi Frise)

The mix between a Corgi and a Bichon Frise results in a charismatic, energetic, and determined pup. These dogs don’t shed and love to entertain themselves!

7. Bichon Frise + Yorkie (Yorkie Bichon)

The Yorkie Bichon resembles an Ewok from Star Wars with its patterned coat and vaguely judgmental look. Don’t mind the perpetual judging though, these fluffy pooches truly are sweethearts.

8. Bichon Frise + Shih Tzu (Zuchon)

Sporting the wizard-like nickname of “Zuchon”, it’s easy to tell this pooch is going to be a keeper. These fur babies own their puffy coats, and are often called “teddy bear dogs” as a result. If you’re a big fan of shih tzus, make sure to check out our shih tzu mixed breed list too!

9. Bichon Frise + Shetland Sheepdog (Shelchon)

Bichon + Shetland Sheepdog
Source: Pinterest

The Shelchon is a fluffy salt and pepper mix of Sheepdog and Bichon, and is a very playful pup! These pooches have a lot of energy and a lot of love!

10. Bichon Frise + Schnauzer (Chonzer)

bichon schnauzer mix
source: Pinterest

The Chonzer is a low maintenance pup who will love you with all of his furry little heart. They are loyal and devoted, and can charm their way out of any sticky situation.

11. Bichon Frise + Pug (The Pushon)

Anything mixed with a pug will turn out cute; it’s a guarantee. This little pooch ended up pretty fluffy, but we’re still laughing over the teeth!

12. Bichon Frise + Poodle (Bichpoo)

Although this sweet poodle mix has a slightly naughty sounding name, it just doesn’t get much fluffier than this sweetheart. Mixing a Bichon Frise and a Poodle results in a hypoallergenic pooch with fuzzy fur and big black eyes. What’s not to love?

Make sure to also check out our list of poodle mixes for more curly breed masterpieces!

13. Bichon Frise + Maltese

If pure white and velvet is the combination you’re after, then a Bichon Frise and Maltese pup may be what you’re after. This small white dog breed sports a furry coat year-round, and generally retain their peppy puppy attitude for most of their lives! See more marvelous Maltese mixes here!

14. Bichon Frise + Golden Retriever (Goldichon)

Bichon Frise and Golden Retriever mix shows off a lot of their golden traits and are generally a lot darker in color compared to their fluffy counterparts.

15. Bichon Frise + French Bulldog (Frenchie Bichon)

If you’re looking for someone sweet to snuggle with, the Frenchie Bichon might be a taker. These pups are playful when it’s playtime and quiet when it’s quiet time. If you’re a frenchie fan, make sure to check out our list of french bulldog mixes as well!

Do you have a Bichon pup? Any mixes we missed? Please let us know in the comments!

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Abby Dole

Abby Dole is passionate about pooches, and is the owner of a sweet little Terrier Mix named Maggie. She is not only a lover of dogs, but also of poetry, baking, and the outdoors. You can usually find her drinking tea, listening to Norah Jones, and wishing it was raining.


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Susan P Kurcina

We are looking for Bichon mixes in our area. Can you help us??? Zip code is : 26037.

Ben Team

Sorry, Susan — you’ll just have to hunt around for available doggos in your area.
Best of luck, though!

Lynn Gagen

We are desperatly looking for a teacup maltese.and we have been on so many sites and was scammed on one. Since

Alexis Willard-Gore

Awesome I now know what the correct name for my new puppies I look forward to receiving your real on my breed


I have a bichon crossed with a German staffy, gorgeous playful puppy


I have a bichon mixed with an imperial pekineze. Dolly is a beauty and I love her!


The bichon frise + King Charles cavalier – Cavachon. They are beautiful.

Karen Murphy

Looking to adopt a Bichon mix. Please email.

Judy Weston

My daughter is getting a cabochon next month it’s has King cavalier spaniel and half bichon and just adorable

Jalen C.

I have a Beagle + Pug + Bichon mix! Adorable!!

Deb Guida

Can you tell me about aussichon or cavachon. I’d like to know about their personalities and othef specifics to those breeds.

Paul Gay

Very interested in a small breed Bichon Frise cross Retriever.
I have an older dog of 15 yrs a Collie , getting near his time.
I am Male 75 an very interested in a smaller dog to bring on with Chip.
A friend has a Bishon which I look after on a regular basis .
Any info re availability / price and suitability would be very helpful.
Thank you,
Paul Gay

Brenda Moxley

Gorgeous pops. I love it I have a Bichon he is just adorable I’ve had him since he was a baby he’s now 11 years old


Mine is a bichon-lowchen mix, and absolutely the best dog ever!!


Sorry Sandra but my miniature poodle x bichon mix is the best dog ever!!


We just lost our 9 year old rescue Lowchen to Diabetes. What a amazing breed who brought us nothing but joy. We are heartbroken . We are long time dog owners and rescuers as are are grown children and friends, some who own wonderful Bichons. We are looking for another Lowchen but are sure that a Lowchon would be a great mix as well if we were lucky enough to adopt or rescue one.

Ben Team

Hey, Jessie. Sorry to hear about the loss of your pooch — we certainly sympathize with how difficult it can be to lose a pooch.
Best of luck with the search for your new pupper though!


Mine was a rescued pup from a breeder. Accident litter between a Bichon and a Shiba Inu. All white cutie pie. Wish I could share a picture. Everyone comments on how adorable and friendly he is.

Maureen Wallace

I would like to know how much the Bichon Frise + Shih Tzu cost, or the Bichon Frise + Maltese

Linda Van Pelt

I have a Cavalier King Charles spaniel mix with Bichon. He is 5 months old.


I had a Bichon mix. He just passed away. He was a beautiful soul.

Mary Pudlin

Do you sale your puppies? I’m interested in the Bichon Frise and mixed with the Maltese.
Thank you,
Mary Pudlin


I’ve got West highland cross with a Bichon he’s gorgeous Louie is his name


I have a weechon too – best and cutest dog ever. I wish I could find another one


I’ve got West highland cross with a Bichon he’s gorgeous Louie is his name


You missed mine– a Bichon- Pomeranian. He looks like a Bichon, but with straight hair. Totally adorable!


You missed mine– a Bichon- Pomeranian. He looks like a Bichon, but with straight hair. Totally adorable!

Timmie Ann Korczyk

What would a bichon and golden doodle look like?


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