Dog CarrierS, CRATES & Kennels

The gear and info you need for keeping your canine contained - whether at home or on the go!

dog carriers for vehicles


Check out the safest, crash-tested dog crates for automobile adventuring.


The best bicycle carriers to let you pooch cycle alongside you!

trailer icon

For bigger canines, these bike trailer can be hitched behind you for canine cruisin'.

motorcycle icon

Road-worthy carriers so your dog can sit on your hog!


The comfiest airline-approved carries for your dog to fly the friendly skies!

cage icon

Airline-approved dog crates for checking into the cargo section of an aircraft.

carries for kickin' around town


Backpack carriers are perfect for toting around small pooches (and your laptop) discretely.

purse icon

Purse carriers let your canine companion ride on your arm in style!


Stroller carriers are just the thing for mommy's little fur baby!

crates & carriers for specific needs


Wire dog crates are a popular style of traditional crate. They're collapsable, affordable, and let your dog see what's going on around him. 

soft carrier

Soft-sides crates are light, collapsable, and portable. They're great for short trips or temporary set ups at hotels, camping, or at the family's house.


Does your Houdini-hound escape traditional crates with ease? Try these heavy-duty crates instead!


These crates are designed to calm down stressed-out canines and prevent them from obtaining self-inflicted injuries.


End table crates are the perfect melding of decor style and canine creature comforts! Check out this functional furniture.


These are great for dogs who don't have a fenced in backyard but still want a safe outdoor area to call their own.

crate accessories & relevant items


Crate covers can be handy for darkening a crate and calming down anxious dogs with a den-like setting.


These dog crate beds and mats are great for adding extra comfort and cushioning to your dog's crate.


Dog x-pens are great for giving your dog a small enclosed area to play that's larger than a crate but smaller than the entire house!

crate training


Does your dog whine in the crate non-stop? Learn how to put a stop to it!


Crate training ain't easy - we'll show you how it's done!