140+ Awesome Alaskan Dog Names

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Dog Names from Alaska

Do you own a Siberian husky or an Alaskan malamute? An Alaskan Klee Kai? Or perhaps you live in Alaska and simply want a name that matches where you live or is based on the native languages of the region!

Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered with a variety of Alaskan dog names. Check them out and see what suits your pooch. Make sure to comment with your favorites below.

Dog Names Generally Associated With Alaska

Names for Alaskan dogs

Whether it’s beautiful sights or crazy cold winters, we have a lot to thank Alaska for. Here are some dog names inspired by all things Alaska or associated with the breathtaking state. 

  • Akira
  • Alaska
  • Alder
  • Alpha
  • Alpine
  • Arctic
  • Aspen
  • Aurora
  • Avalanche
  • Balto
  • Bandit
  • Bear
  • Beluga
  • Berry
  • Birch
  • Bison
  • Blazer
  • Blizzard
  • Borealis
  • Caribou
  • Cedar
  • Chill
  • Coho
  • Comet
  • Dakota
  • Dall
  • Eagle
  • Fisher
  • Flurry
  • Frontier
  • Frost
  • Galosh
  • Glacier
  • Granite
  • Grizzly
  • Hunter
  • Ice
  • Igloo
  • Jewel 
  • Kokanee
  • Lemming
  • Lonestar
  • Lynx
  • Malakai
  • Mammoth
  • Marmot
  • Maverick
  • Maya
  • Mink
  • Mittens
  • Moose
  • Mush
  • Nomad
  • North
  • Nova
  • Orca
  • Pika
  • Pine
  • Polar
  • Puffin
  • Quake
  • Raven
  • Reindeer
  • Ridge
  • River
  • Rock
  • Sei
  • Sierra
  • Sky
  • Sledge
  • Slush
  • Snow
  • Snowflake
  • Sockeye
  • Solstice
  • Sonya
  • Spirit
  • Spruce
  • Spur
  • Storm
  • Summit
  • Tank
  • Terra
  • Timber
  • Totem
  • Trout
  • Tundra
  • Willow
  • Winter
  • Wolf
  • Wolverine
  • Wooly
  • Zodiac

Male Inuit & Native Alaskan Dog Names

Alaskan boy dog names

Does your best buddy brave the cold with ease? If so, he’s earned one of these fantastic Alaskan names for male mutts. 

  • Aatag: Father
  • Aivik: Walrus
  • Amak: Playful
  • Amaqjuaq: The strong one
  • Ataneq: King dog
  • Atka: King
  • Chinook: Warm wind
  • Ikun: Match
  • Inuksuk: On the right path
  • Kanut: White geese
  • Kaskae: Chief
  • Kavik: Wolverine
  • Kayak: Seagull
  • Mannik: Egg
  • Miki: Little
  • Nanook: Cute
  • Nini: Porcupine
  • Nootaikok: God of icebergs
  • Pakak – One that gets into everything
  • Paluktak: Beaver
  • Panuk: Island
  • Pilip: Lover of horses
  • Pukak: Snow smart
  • Siksrik: Squirrel
  • Siku: Ice
  • Silla: God of sky
  • Tekkeitsertok: God of hunting
  • Tikaani: Wolf warrior
  • Toklo: Spontaneous
  • Tonraq: Tiny man
  • Tonrar: Devil
  • Tukkuttok: Generous
  • Tulok: Warrior
  • Tupit: Tattoo
  • Tuttu: Caribou
  • Ulva: Wolf
  • Yaktag: Cape
  • Yutu: Claw

Female Inuit & Native Alaskan Dog Names

Girl Alaskan dog names

If you have a sweet snow-lover at home, it may make sense to pick out a native Alaskan namesake. Here are some of the best Inuit dog names for female furry friends. 

  • Aanguak: Charm
  • Aga: Mother
  • Agra: Ashes
  • Ahnah: A wise woman
  • Akiak: Brave (see other strong female dog name ideas)
  • Akna: The Inuit goddess of fertility and childbirth
  • Alasie: She who is honest and noble
  • Amka: Friendly
  • Anjij: Grace
  • Aqakuktuq: Fish catcher
  • Arnaaluk: Spirit of the woman under the sea
  • Arnakuagsak: Goddess of the hunters
  • Arnaq: Woman
  • Arrluk: Killer Whale
  • Asiaq: Goddess of good weather
  • Ataksak: Goddess of the ruler of the sky
  • Atiqtalik: Polar bear mother
  • Atuktuk: Sings
  • Elisapee: My God is an oath
  • Eska: Creek
  • Hitty: Hyena
  • Ilannak: Friend (see our other dog names that mean “friend”)
  • Imigluktuk: Earrings
  • Inuk: Person
  • Isapoinhkyaki: Singing crow woman
  • Jissika: Rich
  • Kaisha: Unknown
  • Kakkuayaak: Cookie 
  • Kaklu: Lips 
  • Kallan: Cup
  • Kanut: White Geese
  • Kima: Candy
  • Kireama: A hill
  • Kitaurak: Dress
  • Klee Kai: Little dog (Also an Alaskan dog breed)
  • Koko: Chocolate
  • Kugruich: Swans
  • Kulvich: Tears
  • Mauja: Deep, soft snow
  • Meriwa: Thorn
  • Miki: Little
  • Miluk: Milk
  • Miska: Little Bear
  • Nakuuruk: Good
  • Nanuq: Polar Bear
  • Nini: Porcupine
  • Nukka: Little Sister
  • Pakma: Heaven
  • Pikpaksriruk: Loves
  • Sakari: Sweet
  • Sesi: Snow
  • Shila: Flame
  • Suka: Fast
  • Tanana: Hills
  • Tapeesa: Artic flower
  • Ticasuk: Possessing knowledge
  • Tootega: A female deity who could walk on water
  • Uki: Survivor (check out our other dog names that mean “survivor”)
  • Ukpik: Willow
  • Uluak: Cheek

Gender-Neutral Inuit & Native Alaskan Dog Names

Alaskan Dog Names

Whether you have a boy or girl pooch at home, these gender-neutral Inuit names can serve as the perfect namesake for northern dog breeds. Consider these native Alaskan names to put some meaning behind your mutt’s moniker. 

  • Amaak: Root
  • Adlartok: Clear sky
  • Alornerk: Under feet
  • Amaruq: Grey wolf
  • Aput: Snow
  • Cupun: Coal
  • Ikiaq: Red spruce
  • Iñupiaq: A real or genuine person
  • Ilitkuaik: Spirit
  • Kalik: Lightning
  • Nanurjuk: The star
  • Natchik: Seal
  • Nukilik: One who is strong
  • Papik: Bird’s tail
  • Patik: Marrow
  • Puvaich: Lungs
  • Qimmiq: Dog
  • Sikinik: Sun
  • Siqiniq: The sun
  • Suluk: Wing feather
  • Umiaktorvik: River
  • Yuka: A bright star
  • Yura: Beautiful

Names Of Famous Sled Dogs

sled dog names

While all sled dogs traverse mighty landscapes, there are a couple that stand out from the pack. Here are some famous sled dogs that may make great inspiration for your furry friend’s name (a lot of these make especially great husky dog names). 

  • Balto. Balto is the famous lead dog who worked on the final leg of the Alaskan serum trip in 1925, bringing a diphtheria antitoxin that was in desperate need. Balto pulled the sled team through the night and through whiteout conditions to bring in the antitoxin. He is celebrated in a statue found in New York’s Central Park, and in an animated film of the same name – Balto.
  • Laika. Laika was a mixed-breed Husky, famous for being the first dog in space, outfitted aboard the Sputnik 2.
  • Togo. Togo is another famous Alaskan sled dog, traveling 170 miles in just 3 days while battling temperatures estimated at -30 degrees Fahrenheit (with a wind chill of -85 degrees Fahrenheit). Good thing he had a double coat!
  • White Fang. The name of the wolf dog in Jack London’s book of the same name. If your love the idea of a book-based name, make sure to also check out our other literary dog names!
  • Aro and Jiro. Two dogs who were the only survivors of a 1958 Japanese expedition to the Arctic. The crew of the expedition initially got stuck in an ice well, and the crew has to be evacuated by helicopter. Sadly, they were forced to leave their 15 sled dogs behind. A year later, another expedition found that 2 dogs has survived, somehow enduring the harsh conditions and learning to survive on their own.
  • Buck. Buck is a sled dog that stars in Jack London’s The Call of the Wild. He is stolen from his family to be used as a sled dog, and turns into a leader and survivor.

Interested in teaching your dog to pull a sled but you don’t live in Alaska? Check out our article on urban mushing! No snow required!

Alaskan Dog Names Based on Locations and Landmarks in Alaska

Alaska Landscape Dog Names

There’s nothing quite like the breathtaking sights of Alaska. Consider naming your precious pooch after one of these beautiful locations in the last frontier. Or, if you’re looking for more ideas, try looking at our list of nature dog names!

  • Ambler: An Arctic village
  • Angel: Angel Rocks Trailhead
  • Atka: An island and town
  • Bona: An eastern mountain
  • Chandler: Chandler River
  • Cordova: An Alaskan city
  • Denali: The highest mountain in North America
  • Elias: Mt. Saint Elias mountain
  • Eska: An Alaskan creek
  • Fairbanks: The second-largest city in the state
  • Glennallen: A fishing town
  • Grayling: A tiny town
  • Hess: A mountain peak
  • Homer: An Alaskan city
  • Hubbard: A glacier
  • Iliamna: The largest Alaskan lake
  • Jago: Jago River
  • Junco: A southern lake
  • Juneau: Alaska’s capital city
  • Katmai: A national park
  • Kavik: A braided Alaskan river
  • Kenai: Kenai Fjords
  • Kiana: A remote northern town
  • Klondike: A Yukon region
  • Kodiak: An Alaskan city
  • Nome: A northern city
  • Nuka: A bay in Alaska
  • Sanford: A shield volcano
  • Sitka: A southeastern city
  • Skagway: A small city
  • Taku: A tidewater glacier
  • Tongass: A national forest
  • Unga: A ghost town and island
  • Vega: A Rat Islands’ bay
  • Whalen: A southern bay
  • Wrangell: Rugged mountains
  • Yakobi: A large island
  • Yasha: A tiny island
  • Yukon: An Alaskan river
  • Zenobia: A southern island

Alaskan Dog Names Based on Common Alaskan Words And Phrases 

Alaskan names for dogs

Alaskan natives have probably heard some of these unique slang words and phrases before, but for the rest of us, we’re new to Alaskan language. This Alaskan lexicon might serve as the perfect inspiration for your best buddy’s name. 

  • Alcan: A nickname for the Alaska and Canada highway
  • Alyeska: The archaic spelling of Alaska
  • Alpenglow: The pinkish hue on the mountains as sunset approaches
  • Baleen: Refers to the Baleen whale
  • Billiken: A mythical creature bearing good luck
  • Breakup: The Alaskan version of spring
  • Bush: The “bush” usually refers to rural Alaska 
  • Cache: A small shed
  • Calving: Large chunks of ice falling from a glacier 
  • Cheechako: A newcomer to Alaska
  • Eska: Creek
  • Flattop: The most climbed mountain in the state
  • Fireweed: A common herb 
  • Haida: A southeastern Alaskan tribe 
  • Hooligan: A small species of fish 
  • Iditarod: Word meaning “distant place” 
  • Kiska: Island
  • Kuspuk: A hooded overshirt worn by Alaskan natives 
  • Matanuska: Glacier 
  • Mudflats: A stretch of muddy land 
  • Muskeg: A swamp 
  • Musher: A person who directs a dog sled team 
  • Potlatch: An opulent ceremonial feast 
  • Taiga: A biome that is covered by cold forests
  • Qiviut: The undercoat of the musk ox 
  • Ulu: A native knife and tool 
  • Snowbird: A person who spends summers in Alaska and migrates south for the winter
  • Sourdough: A long-time Alaskan 
  • Xtratufs: A sturdy brown rubber boot


Any Alaskan dog names we missed? We’d love to hear your suggestions! Share your favorite Alaskan dog names in the comments below!

Also, if none of these names fit your four-footer, be sure to check out these other dog-naming articles that may be perfect for your malamute or husky:

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Hi thinking of a name for my northern inuit girl pup . Trying to find a name that means something in inuit.
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Nanook is the white man spelling for Nunuk which they both mean Polar bear which I should know I live here in Alaska

Bryn Pennington

A good name would be Kenai for a boy then McKinley for a girl

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one of my favorite names is tanahi


What does it mean?


Really shouldn’t name your dog eskimo. The landmark names are really nice for any dog!

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My siberian husky recently passed, his name was Savik. I love this name.

Ben Team

Sorry about your pup, Alison. I agree — Savik is a great name, and it is perfect for a husky.


I think kaisha is spelt keisha and it means her life


Love your names getting a Mal again have had 4 in my lifetime loved them all. Niccki Knu, Keeska, Kya, Moki. All girls. Sweet dogs raised them with my kids and grandkids. Its been 5 yrs since my last one passed.


That is wonderful – I have had one Mal from 8 wks to 11 yrs – he passed 13 years ago and we will be bringing a new Mal puppy home next week – I am over 60 now and very nervous about it – found this site and your story surfing the web for a name – Congratulations and best wishes to you and your new addition.


I had a female malamute named Kiana (rising sun) years ago and she was the best dig.

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I think Juneau is spelt different you wrote Juno

Meg Marrs

Thanks for the typo correction!



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You left out the American Eskimo. Wonderful white dogs. Good manners, very trainable, protective sometimes to s fault..

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