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Regal Dog Names

Is your canine the king of the castle? Many dogs have a royal demeanor and expect to be treated like royalty. Regal dog names are a great choice for these pups! 

Below, we’ll share some of our favorite regal dog names so you can find the perfect name for your majestic mutt. 

Regal Dog Names for Male Pooches 

Regal dog names for male dogs

Does your pooch have a personality fit for a king? If so, it’s worth considering one of these regal male dog names for your four-footer. 

  • Albert
  • Alexander 
  • Alfred
  • Andrew 
  • Anthony
  • Apollo
  • Archibald 
  • Argos 
  • Arthur
  • Ashton 
  • Atlas 
  • Augusta
  • Baron
  • Bentley
  • Blake 
  • Caesar 
  • Carter 
  • Cedric
  • Charles 
  • Christian
  • Darius  
  • David 
  • Desmond 
  • Duke
  • Duncan 
  • Edmund
  • Edward
  • Elvis 
  • Ernest
  • Eric 
  • Gandalf
  • Gatsby
  • Gatsby
  • Geoffrey 
  • George 
  • Hamlet 
  • Harry 
  • Henry 
  • Hudson
  • Hunter 
  • Nicholas
  • James
  • Jefferson
  • John
  • Kaiser
  • King 
  • Leopold
  • Louis 
  • Michael
  • Monet
  • Mozart
  • Patrick 
  • Paxton 
  • Pharaoh 
  • Philip 
  • Reginald 
  • Richard 
  • Robert 
  • Simba 
  • William 
  • Winston 
  • Wolfgang
  • Zeus

Regal Dog Names for Female Pooches 

regal sounding dog names

If your pooch is a total queen, one of these regal dog names might be the perfect pick for your pooch. Here are some regal dog names for female furry friends. 

  • Adelaide
  • Adele
  • Alberta 
  • Alice
  • Alexandra
  • Alexia
  • Amelia 
  • Anastasia 
  • Anne
  • Arabella 
  • Athena
  • Aurora 
  • Beatrice
  • Belle 
  • Bianca
  • Blanche 
  • Cassandra 
  • Catherine 
  • Carolina  
  • Caroline
  • Cecilia
  • Charlotte
  • Diana
  • Eleanor
  • Elsa 
  • Elizabeth
  • Eloise
  • Emma 
  • Esmerelda 
  • Freya
  • Georgia
  • Guinevere
  • Grace
  • Gwen
  • Helena 
  • Jade
  • Jane
  • Josephine
  • Juno
  • Kinsley
  • Louisa
  • Matilda 
  • Margaret
  • Mary
  • Meirda 
  • Nala 
  • Natalia 
  • Octavia 
  • Paulina
  • Princess
  • Reina
  • Rose
  • Sadie 
  • Sarah 
  • Tiana
  • Victoria
  • Zara

Unisex/Gender-Neutral Regal Dog Names 

Whether you have a court jester or pristine princess at home, any of these gender-neutral regal dog names are perfect for any furry friend. 

  • Anax
  • Aubry
  • Augustus 
  • Avery
  • Brady
  • Carter 
  • Cleo 
  • Dash
  • Dylan
  • Eden
  • Kelly
  • Knight
  • Lord 
  • Gatsby
  • Majesty 
  • Max
  • Monarch 
  • Ramesses
  • Reagan
  • Ryan

Names Inspired By Famous Royal Dogs

famous dogs of royal owners
Image from Town & Country.

Has your pooch claimed your home as his own pooch palace? Here are some regal dog names inspired by famous furry family members. 

  • Bisto — Queen Elizabeth may be famous for her corgi and corgi mixes. That being said, she did have a cocker spaniel named “Bisto” growing up. 
  • Bluebell — The Duchess of Cornwall adopted two Jack Russell terriers named Bluebell and Beth. 
  • Dookie — While this may not seem like the most aristocratic name, “Dookie” was the namesake of King George VI’s corgi. Dookie was adopted from a local kennel in 1933. 
  • Mops — This was the name of Marie Antoinette’s pug. This dashing dog travelled with the queen from Austria to France. 
  • Lupo — Lupo was the Black cocker spaniel of Duke William and Duchess Kate. Lupo means “wolf”. 
  • Romeo — Romeo was the adorable French bulldog of Princess Caroline of Hanover. 
  • Peritas — This aristocratic dog served as Alexander The Great’s canine companion. The pair was inseparable in life and battle. 
  • Turi — Turi was the name of Queen Victoria’s Pomeranian. The Queen certainly loved dogs, housing 35 at one point in time, though Turi was her favorite. 
  • Zemira — Zemira was Catherine The Great’s Italian greyhound. The powerful female ruler had a porcelain statue of Zemira commissioned which is now housed at the Peterhof Palace. 
  • Ziggy — Ziggy was the beloved border collie of the crown princess of Denmark. 

Be sure to also check out our list of British dog names for some name inspiration derived from British royalty!

Non-English Words and Names Meaning Regal 

If you want to honor your cultural heritage with a name that fits your dog’s grand personality, here are a couple of words meaning “regal” to consider as a namesake for your pooch. 

  • Denali (Sanskrit word for “the great one”)
  • Elcid (Spanish word for “the lord”)
  • Eero (Finnish word for “eternal ruler”)
  • Karalius (Lithuanian word for “king)
  • Kwini (Swahili word for “queen”)
  • Othniel (Hebrew word for “lion of kings”)
  • Rex (Latin word for “king”) 
  • Rian (Gaelic word for “little king”) 
  • Satish (Indian word for “ruler”) 
  • Shah (Persian word for “he who rules”)
  • Zolten (Hungarian word for “ruler”) 

Regal Dog Breeds 

Afghans are regal dogs

Any pooch can be royal at heart. That being said, there are a handful of dog breeds that have an aristocratic history. Here are just a few regal dog breeds that may make amazing furry friends for you and your family. 

  • Afghan Hound — This striking dog has an aristocratic aurora inside and out, captured by the breed’s distinguished flowing locks. These distinct doggos were favored by English noblemen throughout the 1920s. 
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — These friendly four-footers were unsurprisingly loved by King Charles I, though they were also well loved by Charles II and Mary Queen of Scots. Today, these toy dogs make adaptable furry friends that are sure to bring a smile to your face with their happy-go-lucky demeanor. 
  • Great Pyrenees — One look at the majestic great Pyrenees and you’ll understand why these sturdy working dogs were loved by French nobility. These dogs were adopted as guardians for the Chateau of Lourdes and highly respected. Today, these calm canine protectors enjoy staying busy guarding livestock and relaxing with their family members. 
  • Pekingese — These pint-sized pups developed alongside the emperors of China. Pekingese pups were bred as small as 4 to 5 pounds so that they could fit in the sleeves of royal emperors. Today, these good-natured dogs are incredibly affectionate and loyal to those they love. 
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi — Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the iconic Pembroke Welsh corgi adored by Queen Elizabeth ll. Over her lifetime, the queen has owned more than 30 of these active pups. These affectionate, playful pups are super smart and always up for the next adventure. 
  • Shih Tzu — These fun furry companions were bred as royal lapdogs. The pint-sized pups were doted on by emperors of the Chinese imperial court for hundreds of years. With a name that translates to “lion dog”, it’s no surprise that these compact canines have a regal yet loving disposition. 


Hopefully, this list made it easier for you to find the perfect name for your dignified dog. Enjoy spending time with your magnificent mutt. 

Looking for other dog name inspiration? Check out our articles on famous dog names, Egyptian dog names, literary dog names, and rapper dog names!

Which regal dog name was your favorite? How did your dog earn a royal name? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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