100+ Dog Names That Mean “Lucky”

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Dog Names Meaning Lucky

Whether you’ve adopted a deserving doggo or have a furry family member with an incredible story, there are plenty of dogs that have earned a name meaning lucky. Your pooch has undoubtedly brought lots of luck into your life, so it’s easy to see why luck-related names might be perfectly fitting for your canine companion. 

We’ll share some of the best dog names that mean “lucky” below so that you can find a meaningful namesake for your furball. 

Male Dog Names Meaning Lucky

dogs that are lucky

If you feel lucky to have your best buddy in your life, one of these names might be the perfect pick for your darling dog. Here are some male dog names meaning lucky to consider. 

  • Asher — “Fortunate”
  • Ashling — “Dream” 
  • Aurelio — “Golden”
  • Barack — “Blessing” 
  • Bennett — “Blessed”
  • Brendan — “Prince” 
  • Boone — “Blessing”
  • Boniface — Latin for “lucky” 
  • Chauncey — “Fortunate” 
  • Dermot — Gaelic name for “undefeated”
  • Desmond — Gaelic name for “fortunate one” 
  • Deston — “Fate” 
  • Edmund — “Fortunate protector” 
  • Felix — Latin for “fortunate and happy”
  • Fynn — Gaelic name meaning “fair” 
  • Gad — Hebrew for “good fortune” 
  • Grady — Gaelic name meaning “lucky child” 
  • Kader — Turkish for “fortunate fate” 
  • Kevin — “Lucky at birth” 
  • Liam — German name meaning “lucky warrior”
  • Logan — Gaelic name for “full of riches” 
  • Luke — Greek for “lucky son” 
  • Madoc — Welsh for fortunate
  • Monroe — Gaelic name for “child destined to be lucky” 
  • Orion — Greek name meaning “Lucky son” 
  • Parvaiz — Persian for “lucky” 
  • Venturi — “Boy who deserves fortune” 
  • Walken — “Rainbow”

Female Dog Names Meaning Lucky

fortunate four-footers

Does your sweetheart have plenty of good fortune? If so, it’s worth considering these female dog names meaning lucky. 

  • Amber — “Jewel”
  • Amanda — Latin for “one who should be loved”
  • Ann — Hebrew for “lucky and grateful one” 
  • Beatrice — Latin for “she who brings happiness” 
  • Bracha — Hebrew name for “blessing” 
  • Brianna — “One with riches” 
  • Dalia — “Luck” 
  • Daw — “Lucky daughter” 
  • Eileen — “Fortunate one” 
  • Emma — German for “one who has it all” 
  • Evangeline — “One who brings lucky news”
  • Fayola — “Favorable luck” 
  • Felicity — “Good fortune” 
  • Gwyneth — “Blessed” 
  • Halona — “Happy fortune” 
  • Helen — Greek for “lucky one”
  • Heather — “Good fortune” 
  • Iris — “Rainbow”
  • Julie — Latin for “bringer of luck” 
  • Kiara — Japanese name for “fortune”
  • Lakshmi — Hindi goddess for prosperity
  • Lass — Irish for “young, fortunate girl” 
  • Moira — Greek for “fortunate fate” 
  • Rachel — “Bringer of luck”
  • Shreya — Indian name meaning “happy and lucky”
  • Trixie — “She who brings happiness” 
  • Winifred — Welsh for “blessed peacemaking” 
  • Zada — “Prosperous” 

Unisex/Gender-Neutral Dog Names Meaning Lucky

dogs with good fortune

Whether you have a good girl or boy at home, these names meaning lucky will fit the bill. Here are a couple of gender-neutral dog names meaning lucky. 

  • Boniface — Latin for “fortunate fate”
  • Faust — “Fortunate” 
  • Felice — Italian name meaning “lucky” 
  • Kismet — Arabic for “lucky fate” 
  • Lennon — “Lucky descendant” 
  • Lucky
  • Merritt — Latin for “deserving of fortune”
  • Nei — Gaelic for “champion” 
  • Prosper — “Fortunate” 
  • Sadah – Arabic name for “a fortunate one”
  • Urd — Norse for “fate”
  • Ventura — “Good fortune” 
  • Yuki — Japanese for “lucky” 

Famous Lucky Dogs

Benji was a lucky dog
Image from Wikipedia.

There are plenty of famous pups with inspiring tales of tremendous luck and strength. These notable dogs can serve as an excellent namesake for your four-footer. Here are a few famously lucky dogs and their stories. 

  1. Higgins from Benji: The famous Benji was actually named Higgins. Before making it to the famed movie, this sweet dog was adopted from the Burbank animal shelter.
  2. Toto from the “Wizard of Oz”: Toto, whose real name was Terry, was abandoned by his owners at a training session. The trainer, Carl Spitz, saw the potential in this pint-sized pooch and went on to help Terry get casted in “Bright Eyes” and “The Wizard of Oz”. 
  3. Rin Tin Tin: The original Rin Tin Tin was rescued from a battlefield kennel and went on to become a cultural icon. 
  4. Rudy from “Marley and Me”: One of the pups staring in “Marley and Me” (yes, there were several) was a rescue pup named Rudy that was about to be put to sleep by animal services. Luckily, he was adopted and later found his way to the major motion picture. 
  5. Weego from Bud Light: The sweet mutt “Nugget”, referred to as Weego in the commercial, inspired many to donate to animal rescue during 2012’s Super Bowl. This rescue pup was known for his line, “Here we go!” in the Bud Light commercial. 
  6. Spike from  “Old Yeller”: The original “Old Yeller” of literary fame was a shelter rescue. The Hollywood dog trainer Frank Weatherwax originally adopted this spectacular furry friend for $3. 
  7. Maui from “Mad About You”: The adorable collie-shepherd mix from the 90’s sitcom was originally found in an animal shelter in California. This precious and gentle pooch went on to become a mainstay character in the series. 
  8. Buddy from “Full House”: The sitcom’s ever-loving golden retriever was found as a stray dog before his owner helped him become Comet for the popular TV show. 
  9. Uggie from “The Artist”: Uggie is a rescue Jack Russell terrier that went on to star in blockbuster movies like “Water For Elephants” and “The Artist”. Who knew that this prosperous pooch was fit for prime time? 
  10. Bobby: One of Scotland’s most famed furry friends was a Skye terrier named Bobby. When his owner John passed away, this loyal pooch allegedly stayed by his owner’s grave as much as possible. It’s clear that John was lucky to have such a loving pooch in his life. This famous dog was memorialized as a statue at the corner of Edinburgh’s Candlemaker Row and George IV Bridge in Edinburgh. 

Luck-inspired Dog Names

dog names inspired by good luck

While these names don’t necessarily mean lucky, they’re certainly related to luck, so they might make the perfect pick for your pooch! Here are some dog names inspired by luck for your furry friend. 

  • Blessing
  • Chance
  • Charm
  • Clover
  • Destiny 
  • Diamond
  • Fate
  • Horseshoe 
  • Goldie 
  • Goldmine
  • Green
  • Jade 
  • Karma
  • Leprechaun
  • Miracle 
  • Poker
  • Rainbow 
  • Serendipity 
  • Seven
  • Star
  • Victory


We are so lucky to have our canine companions as such a pivotal part of our lives. Hopefully, this list makes it easier to find the perfect name for a lucky furry friend!

Which dog name meaning lucky was your favorite? Why are you lucky to have your furry friend? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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