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Havanese Mixes

With a soft coat and teddy bear-like appearance, it’s no surprise that the Havanese is beloved. Throw in her legendary lapdog status and sweet demeanor, and she’s just about the perfect small dog for many families. 

Havanese are delightful doggos, but countless Havanese mixes also deserve some attention.

Below, we’ll discuss basic facts surrounding Havanese, share some of the most popular Havanese mixes, and detail the particulars of each to help determine if any are suitable for your lifestyle. 

Havanese Breed Basics 

A black havanese puppy

The Havanese is one of today’s “it” dog breeds. The once obscure canine is within the Top 25 most popular breeds in the U.S. according to the AKC’s 2022 survey. This is probably due to their cute factor and peppy personality trending on social media. 

As with any doggo, understanding the breed’s ins and outs is vital before welcoming one into your family. Let’s get to know the Havanese a little better before we meet Havanese mixes.


A cute havanese pup looking up

Havanese are native to Cuba, where the breed dates back more than 300 years. European explorers first introduced her descendants to the island when they sailed in with furry crew members of the bichon and Maltese families. As the nation grew, the wealthy began to favor the small, fluffy lap dogs that were a novelty at the time, viewing them as status symbols.

Over the years, it’s believed that poodles and poodles mixes were bred into the line, forming the blanquito de la Habana (little white dog of Havana) and, eventually, the Havanese we’re familiar with today. The breed spread rapidly beyond the island after Cubans fled the communist party and came to America with their beloved fur babies, including Havanese.

The breed comes in a rainbow of colors, with a whopping 16 unique shades recognized by the AKC, such as red, fawn, and black. Eight markings are also AKC-approved, including parti-color and silver points. 


A small and black havanese puppy

The Havanese is a member of the AKC’s Toy Group, standing between 8.5 and 11.5 inches tall at the shoulder. This petite pup weighs up to 13 pounds, with the smallest Havanese weighing around 7 pounds.


A havanese dog in front of potted plant

The Havanese thrives in social settings, putting on a show with her playful, sweet nature. Her affectionate ways and patience make her one of the best small dogs with kids, as long as they understand she’s not a toy. Her people-loving personality means she may fall into Velcro dog breed territory, so this little lady may not be the best fit if you value personal space.


A havanese on the beach

An eagerness to please makes the Havanese a pretty easy breed to train. However, be mindful of your tone, as she’s also exceptionally sensitive. Harsh corrections and other aversive methods can set her back considerably and damage the bond between hound and handler. Keep treats handy and an upbeat mood, and she’ll reward you by sailing through lessons.


A havanese looking away

The Havanese is a relatively long-lived breed, with many capable of enjoying 14 to 16 years at your side. Health issues are typically joint-related, including patellar luxation and a hip disorder called Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. Eye diseases and heart murmurs also occur in the breed.

How do you avoid these issues? Purchase your pup from a good dog breeder who health tests dogs before any breeding and seeks to improve the breed and stick to the AKC standard. You’ll also want to keep her at a healthy weight, schedule regular vet exams, and feed your Havanese a high-quality diet for lifelong wellness.


A black havanese sitting in corner

Unfortunately, grooming the Havanese is no walk in the park. Her long, luxurious coat requires daily brushing to prevent mats. Many owners have their Havanese clipped short every few weeks for easier maintenance. This is highly recommended if your pup isn’t entering the show ring. At a bare minimum, consider a sanitary trim to ensure cleanliness.

Like any doggo, you’ll want to brush her teeth frequently to keep them healthy and strong. Regular nail trims and ear cleanings are also necessary. 

31 Great Havanese Mixes

A havanese lying on flowers

Now that we know the Havanese better, we can jump into Havanese mixes. Check out these adorable Havanese combo pups and learn more about what to expect from them.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Every dog is an individual. While most Havanese are sweet and affectionate, some may be more independent. This is important to remember with Havanese mixes, too, as a puppy isn’t guaranteed to have the traits of either parent’s breed. Some can be totally unique!

1. Havapoo (Poodle x Havanese)

The Havapoo or Poovanese is as plush as she is pretty with her coat of curls or straight hair, depending on which parent dog ‘do she inherits. Either way, it’s safe to say you’ll have to learn your way around dog grooming or find a professional in your area for routine visits. You don’t look this cute without some work!

Poodles are known to be brainiacs, and Havanese are eager to please – traits that may make training a Havapoo easier than most canines. That said, she may bore easily, so make your lessons exciting with dog training toys and plenty of variety.

2. Havachon (Bichon Frise x Havanese)

This bichon mix has the potential to be a ball of sunshine, as bichons and Havanese are upbeat and playful. Both breeds are affectionate, so this sniffer can be a top-notch family dog or lap-warming companion for older adults. Best of all, her exercise needs can be met with a daily walk and indoor play.

Like other dog breeds with curly hair, the Havachon needs a regular grooming schedule to maintain her high-maintenance coat. This doggy diva should start her barkin’ beauty routine in puppyhood to make her comfortable with the process. 

3. Cavanese (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Havanese)

Cuddly canines combine in the Cavanese. The Cavalier’s kind soul is a match made in heaven with the social butterfly side of the Havanese, potentially forming an all-star fur friend who’ll happily light up anyone’s day. Cavaliers are among the calmest dog breeds, and neither parent breeds require much exercise, so this cutie combo could thrive in city settings.

As with most Havanese mixes, you’ll want to set aside time and money for regular grooming, as her coat will likely be a handful if left long. If clipped short, you’ll still want to brush her every few days to avoid tangles.

4. Havamalt (Maltese x Havanese)

Pairing the quintessential small white dog breed of a Maltese with the fluffball Havanese is sure to produce one adorable doggo with a plush appearance. Unlike other Havanese mixes that can have a curl to their coat, this pup’s likely to have long, flowing strands requiring daily brushing.

The Havamalt’s personality may make her one of the best lap dogs, as both parent puppers are known to be affectionate and loyal. She may be slightly smaller than your everyday Havanese, so she’d be best suited for an adults-only home or one with older kiddos who can treat her with care.

5. Havaton (Coton de Tulear x Havanese)

A powderpuff in every sense of the word, the Havaton is positively huggable with her fluffy coat and puppy dog eyes. While all that hair can be a hassle to maintain, loads of fur tumbleweeds around the house aren’t likely to be a concern, as both parent pooches are low-shedding dog breeds.

Looks aside, the true goldmine of this cute combination is likely to be her personality. Pairing two outgoing, sweet breeds can create a well-adjusted woofer who shines brightest in social settings with her favorite people, whether making her rounds for rubs at your next family gathering or greeting passersby during an afternoon stroll. 

6. Cheenese (Chihuahua x Havanese)

As precious as she is petite, this adorable doggo could be the perfect travel buddy for van life or long-distance trucking since her exercise needs are easily met with a daily walk and some one-on-one play. Your only major concern would be grooming, with particular attention paid to her teeth because Chihuahuas are notorious for dental issues. 

Of all the Havanese mixes listed, this one is most at risk of developing small dog syndrome, a canine complex that can lead to nuisance barking and aggression. While this mutt is most likely going to be tiny enough to fit in a dog carrier purse, remember to put her through basic obedience training and insist that she respect your house rules.

7. Havashire (Yorkshire Terrier x Havanese)

Yorkie mixes are common, but the Havashire might be the cutest in the bunch. Beyond her appearance, her personality is a hoot, as she may inherit the zesty temperament of her terrier side, leading to a big-dog persona in a small package. Loyalty can be another high point, as both parent breeds are known to be gaga for their owners.

Grooming this gorgeous girl isn’t easy, but you can make things more manageable by scheduling her to be clipped short. Your at-home routine should include brushing her coat and teeth several times weekly, as this dainty diva may be prone to dental trouble.

8. Schnese (Miniature Schnauzer x Havanese)

Combining two intelligent, playful breeds will likely produce one awesome doggo. Great at home and on adventures, the Schnese is more inclined to have confidence from her schnauzer side, making her a good choice for a hiking buddy or traveling with you in an RV. Just keep her leashed, as she may chase small animals.

Training is where the Schnese may shine the most. Both schnauzers and Havanese are known to be obedient and eager to please, so treats and a positive attitude will go a long way toward molding this mutt into her best self. Start obedience training and socialization early to see how far this girl can go!

9. Miniature Pinscher x Havanese

We love a confident queen, and that’s a good possibility with this mutt mashup. Miniature pinschers are known to be fierce, perhaps creating a bolder version of the Havanese, a breed that leans toward the timid side. While courage may make for an excellent watchdog, it can be problematic if left unchecked. Ensure she knows boundaries for barking and practice obedience with her regularly. 

The ultimate look of this mixed breed varies, with some growing the longer locks of the Havanese and others maintaining a shorter coat like the min pin. Her ear type is another unknown, as she can have pricked ears or floppier features. However she looks, we’re sure she’ll be adorable!  

10. Havapeke (Pekingese x Havanese)

Cuteness overload in 3…2…1. Seriously, how can you not fall for the forever puppy look of this sweet sniffer? With her fluffy coat and expressive face, this loyal lady can easily con cuddles out of anyone. Both parent breeds are treasure lap dogs, so this puffball will likely be no different.  

Training this petite princess may be challenging, as the Pekingese is one of the more independent dog breeds. Many times with Pekes, commands are more like suggestions. The secret is to keep sessions short and to have high-value treats like bits of meat on hand.

11. Havapom (Pomeranian x Havanese) 

Also known as the Ewokian because of her Ewok-like appearance, the Havapom is one cute critter. Considering she’s a mix of two fluffy dog breeds, it’s no surprise that this glamorous girl has quite the coat to maintain. Many owners opt to shear it short for convenience, leaving a few longer patches around the head to adorn with bows.

The Pom is a little dog with a big personality, something that this fluffball may inherit. You’re OK as long as all that sass is directed into something positive. Canine sports are a great idea, with agility and obedience just two of the many activities this Rover can rock.

12. Crested Havanese (Chinese Crested x Havanese)

What a unique woofer! While many think of the Chinese crested and automatically picture a hairless dog, that isn’t always the case. The breed also comes in a powderpuff variety, triggered by a recessive gene. If coated, doggo’s hair’s likely to mat easily, requiring daily combing.  

With her parent breeds known for playfulness, this is likely to be a lively, affectionate friend. Daily walks and indoor play satisfy her exercise needs, but her emotional requirements are the tricky part since she can be clingy. This isn’t an issue for every owner, but if you prefer an independent canine, this mix probably isn’t a good match.

13. Beaglenese (Beagle x Havanese)

With puppy-dog eyes that could melt the Grinch’s heart, the Beaglenese is easily one of the cutest Havanese mixes. She’s also probably going to be one of the best with kids since her parent breeds are playful and gentle. It’s a good thing, too, as she’ll need lots of attention from everyone in the family to stay content.

Volume might be an issue with this canine cross, as beagles are infamously talkative, producing a loud bark-like sound called baying. In rural settings, this isn’t an issue, but for the city and suburbs, it can upset the neighbors. Not all Beaglenese will make the sound, but it’s something to know about before bringing one of these hound dog mixes home.

14. Border Collie x Havanese

It’s rare to see a large breed mixed with a smaller one, but it happens, as seen in this bonkers blend of barkers. Pairing the high-energy herder with a playful pocket pup can create quite the handful but also a dog that works well in a family setting or as a compact hiking buddy. 

Border collies are clever and active, so this pooch is likely to need more physical and mental exercise than most Havanese mixes. Set her up for success with daily enrichment activities, like long walks, backyard play sessions, and training. This lady should love to learn!

15. Dachvanese (Dachshund x Havanese)

Likely built long and low, this mutt can be loaded with character in appearance and personality. She may get her dachshund side’s curious and courageous ways, or she may be ultra playful and gentle like the Havanese. Either way, make socialization and training your first order of business to prevent scrappiness with other pups, as dachshunds can be persnickety!

It’s hard to say how this cutie’s coat will come in, as there are several types of dachshunds: smooth-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired. With her Havanese roots, you’ll likely be dealing with some hair, so you can expect to do some brushing in your canine care routine.

16. Havapug (Pug x Havanese)

Need a hug? Havapug. No, really. This mixed mutt is likely to be a world-class lap dog and snuggler, as both breeds are known to be sweet as pie with their favorite people. Just keep a lint roller handy, as pugs are heavy shedders, a trait she may inherit.

With the pug’s unique appearance, there’s a decent chance this mixed mutt may fall into the brachycephalic category. This condition requires special care in warmer temperatures and during exercise, as the shortened head shape makes breathing difficult. 

17. Cockanese (Cocker Spaniel Havanese)

Poised to be as sweet-natured as both parent pups, the Cockanese – go ahead and laugh, we’ll wait – is likely to be a wonderful addition to households looking for a playful dog with pep in her step. She may offer the sportiness of a spaniel with a slightly smaller Havanese frame, making her a compact exercise buddy, whether she’s a walking companion or backyard fetch fiend. 

As with other Havanese and cocker spaniel mixes, grooming this gorgeous gal can be tedious. If daily brushing isn’t your idea of practicality, consider clipping her short regularly. This doesn’t eliminate at-home grooming needs, but you can likely go a day or two between combings. Ear cleanings are important, too, as cockers have notoriously irritation-prone ears.

18. Corgi x Havanese

Coming to you straight from Planet Cuteness is this precious puppy. Her parent breeds are affectionate and playful, so she’s likely to follow in their furry footsteps as a prime pupper for kids and adults. This people-pleasing spirit means she’ll need daily attention, so she’s not the best option if you’re seeking a low-maintenance dog breed.

This blended barker’s potentially long and low build may be unique, but it also calls for special care to ensure she doesn’t hurt herself during play or everyday activities. Don’t let her jump off high furniture or zoom up and down stairs, as she can suffer a back injury.

19. Havaklee (Alaskan Klee Kai x Havanese)

Looking for an adventure pal with a little more fuzz? Check out the Havaklee, a cool-looking canine thirsty for fun in the sun. Clipping her coat short is a good idea if you plan on trail walks since leaves and other debris cling to her hair. Brushing her after each outing and checking for ticks is also recommended, as you’d do with any doggo.  

Likely to be peppy and playful, the Havaklee may be a great fit for active families since she’s happy to join you on the go. If you work long hours, a dog walker or doggy daycare is a must, as this gorgeous girl won’t do well spending long stints home alone.

20. Biewer Terrier x Havanese

The Biewer terrier is a newcomer to the dog breed scene, only recognized by the AKC in 2021. However, the newbie status hasn’t stopped the Yorkie cousin from popping up in countless mixes, like this sweet sniffer. Sure to be petite, this combo cutie isn’t likely to exceed a Havanese’s top weight of 13 pounds, making her ideal for those interested in a true lapdog.

Like many other Havanese mixes, grooming this fuzzy peach of a pup isn’t easy. Her coat will most probably be long and straight, requiring daily combing to prevent tangles. Professional clipping on a scheduled basis is recommended, as the daily grooming regimen can be stressful for all involved.

21. Golden Havanese (Golden Retriever x Havanese)

We don’t want to fathom how this pup came to be, but we can all agree this fluffy friend is cute with her stuffed toy appearance. It’s hard to predict how big she’ll be, as goldens can weigh up to 75 pounds – far larger than the Havanese. Keep this in mind if you’re considering her and live somewhere with size limits for dogs.

Temperament is where this doggo will likely shine the brightest since both goldens and Havanese are beloved for being sweet and happy-go-lucky. Together, this four-footer has the potential to be amazing with kids. You just need to be sure you have the time to give her the attention she needs to thrive.

22. Frenchnese (French Bulldog x Havanese)

The Frenchnese probably isn’t going to be the most popular of Havanese mixes, as Frenchies are one of the most expensive dog breeds and usually used for trendier French bulldog mixes like Frugs and Frenchtons. Still, the ones that do exist tend to be cute and downright comical, as both the Frenchie and Havanese are treasured canine comedians.

As with other short-headed sniffers, Frenchies have a fair share of health problems. These may or may not be inherited by your Frenchnese, but it’s something to be aware of. Keep up on regular vet visits and help your sniffer maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight is tough on her joints and can make breathing more difficult.

23. Havashu (Shih Tzu x Havanese)

Havashu? How about two? This dog duo makes for one adorable pup, as plush as she is playful. Families with kids seeking a small dog may find her to be a perfect fit, provided kiddos understand to be gentle and respect her space. Keep toys handy, too, as this fun-loving floof needs lots of one-on-one bonding time with her people.

Like shih tzus and shih tzu mixes, certain aspects of training may be difficult, particularly housetraining. Remember to be patient, consistent, and most of all, kind. Harsh punishments can damage this delicate doggo’s spirit.

24. Havajack (Jack Russell Terrier x Havanese)

The Havajack will have your back in more ways than one. From helping you hit your daily step goal to alerting you to passing squirrels, this terrier mix can do just about anything she sets her mind to, provided her confidence is nurtured through training and socialization. Speaking of socialization, her terrier side has roots as a vermin catcher, so watch her around small pets.

Playtime will probably be the Havajack’s favorite activity. Keep a diverse set of toys in rotation to banish boredom. As a Jack Russell mix, she may be tough on playthings, too, so consider stronger options like KONG dog toys.

25. Hava-Apso (Lhasa Apso x Havanese)

Blending two of today’s top teddy bear dog breeds is a recipe for cuteness. That said, her personality can lean either uber sweet like the Havanese or sassier like the Lhasa. Of all Havanese mixes, she’s not as inclined to tolerate kiddos, and she’ll likely prefer an adults-only setting.

All of this mix’s hair takes time and patience to tame. Make it easier by having her shorn short every few weeks. Start the routine in puppyhood, as this lifelong task is far less stressful on your sniffer if she’s comfortable with it early on.

26. Havallon (Papillon x Havanese)

This twist of toy breeds sure is a looker! With big, soulful eyes and a fuzzy coat, she’s capable of convincing even the grumpiest of goats into giving her attention (or she’ll settle for a treat!) The papillon and Havanese are both clingy canines, so she’s best suited to households where she’ll be showered with daily attention.

Since this sniffer’s petite and relatively active indoors, you can meet her exercise needs through a daily walk and one-on-one play, from chasing a ball in the backyard to zooming around the house with her stash of soft dog toys. Be sure you’re part of the fun, too, as she needs all the bonding time you have to offer.

27. Havanestie (West Highland Terrier x Havanese)

Scrappy or sweet? Who knows how this terrier mix will be? More than likely, she’ll have a soft spot for kiddos, as her parent breeds are famously good with tiny humans. There’s a risk of some conflict with small animals, however, as Westies were originally used as vermin catchers on farms. Families with bunnies and cats may want to look elsewhere.

This canine’s coat is a tossup of possibilities, as it can be soft to the touch like the Havanese or harsher in texture, like the Westie. Regular clipping is recommended for both types since frequent brushing is difficult for most owners to keep up with. It’s also a good idea since her Westie side may enjoy off-trail romps, tangling leaves and other woodland debris in her tresses.

28. Bolognese x Havanese

Your lap will likely never be empty with this gentle gem, a mashup of two canine companions known for using people as thrones. This preference of being close makes her a great choice for pet parents seeking a clingier dog. She’s also well-suited for apartment life, needing only a daily walk and indoor play to meet her exercise requirements.

This breed blend will require the most coat care of all Havanese mixes if left long. Both breeds have fluffy coats, with the Bolo’s being cottony in texture and easily matted if not brushed daily. Clipping your canine short is highly recommended if you can’t commit to this near-constant care. Just be sure your budget can handle the added dog grooming cost.

29. Cairnese (Cairn Terrier x Havanese)

Meshing the honey-tempered Havanese with a tireless terrier is sure to create a one-of-a-kind canine. She may get the rough-and-tumble attitude of a cairn or be mild-mannered like a Havanese, so owners must be prepared for either outcome. Begin her training early to lock in manners, and stock her toy basket with fun playthings and chews to burn off energy.

The Cairn terrier is tenacious at heart, getting her start as a ratter dog around the farm. While the sweetness of a Havanese may soften her a bit, it’s still something to be mindful of, as the Cairnese may be scrappy with other dogs and small pets.

30. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier x Havanese

What a darling doggo! We all know the Havanese has a heart of gold, but the soft coated wheaten is another sweetheart, known as one of the friendliest terrier breeds. This mix can be relatively high energy from her terrier side, enjoying nothing more than a good romp around the yard. Both of these make her a good choice among Havanese mixes for families with kids.

The hairiness of this combination cutie calls for everyday brushing if her coat is left long. You can clip her coat short, either professionally every six weeks or at home with a set of your own dog grooming clippers. It sounds tricky, but with practice, you and your pooch can lock in a DIY grooming routine. Just remember to start slow and be patient with yourself and your pup. 

31. Labrador Retriever x Havanese

Is this a weird mix? Yes. Is it adorable? Absolutely. Best of all, she’s inclined to be a natural in households with kiddos, as Labs and Havanese are playful and sweet. Her exercise needs can be a bit much for couch potatoes, however. Expect daily play together and walks.  

It’s hard to say how large this sniffer will be when she’s full grown, so she’s not one we’d recommend for living situations where you’re under strict size limits for dogs. Her hair is another uncertainty, but it’s safe to say you’ll be doing at least some brushing throughout the week. If you aren’t interested in what grooming entails, she’s not the dog for you.

Havanese Mixes: FAQ

A havanese sitting on grass

Havanese mixes come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s hard to know which, if any, are right for your pupper pack. Let’s explore the most frequently asked questions surrounding Havanese mixes and see if we can clear the air at all.

What is the best mix for Havanese?

The best Havanese mix for you depends on your lifestyle, as every dog has its own list of grooming, exercise, and health needs. The best mix for you should match your expectations of dog ownership, whether you’re committed to daily grooming or prefer a low-maintenance mutt.

For example, families with small kids need a dog that’s sweet, playful, and patient, would like the Beaglenese or Golden Havanese, while those who prefer an independent dog would be better matched with a Havapeke. Of course, no mixed breed (or purebred) is guaranteed to be a certain way. You can always find exceptions to the norm, like a shy Havapoo.

What is the smallest Havanese mix?

The smallest Havanese mixes are the Cheenese (Chihuahua x Havanese), Havashire (Yorkshire terrier x Havanese), and the Biewer terrier-Havanese mix. These tend to be the smallest because the secondary breeds are smaller than the standard Havanese.

What dog breed looks like a Havanese?

Many small furry dogs resemble the Havanese, including the Maltese, bichon frise, and Bolognese. Even pups with shorter muzzles like the Lhasa apso, shih tzu, and Pekingese are sometimes confused with Havanese.

How big do Havanese mixes get?

Havanese mixes come in tons of sizes, with the largest ones being those mixed with big barkers like Lab-Havanese mixes and the Golden Havanese. These pups may exceed 60 pounds, but it’s hard to accurately predict how large any individual pooch will be full grown.

What two dog breeds make a Havanese?

The Havanese descended from a now-extinct breed known as the Blanquito de la Habana. The Blanquito came from the bichon frise and Maltese, with poodle mixes believed to have been introduced into the lineage at some point.

Which is better, a Maltese or Havanese?

The right breed for you depends on your lifestyle and wants and needs in a dog. Both dogs are great lap dogs with tremendous grooming needs, but they’re also social butterflies and long-lived. A marked difference is that Maltese are smaller and more fragile, making them poor choices for families with small kids. Havanese also tend to be easier to train.

Do you own any of the Havanese mixes on our list? Is another the apple of your eye? Tell us about them in the comments. We’d love to get to know your combination cutie!

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